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Empire magazine

  2. 2. Empire Magazine Empire magazine is a British magazine; this magazine is published by Bauer Consumer media. This film features film news, previews, reviews, articles of other films etc. The magazine focuses on a mass media as they offer reviews around American blockbuster films. The magazine is aimed at more towards males than females. The magazine also gets sponsored by Barclays Bank, this shows that by collaborating with other companies this magazine is going to be successful. Audience profile: http://www.bauermedia.co.uk/uploads/Empire-MediaPack-20111.pdf
  3. 3. Analysis of Empire
  4. 4. Image This is an medium close up of Henry Cavill as his character ‘Superman’ in the film Man of Steel. This image of superman is very big. This shows that he is the main Protagonist in the film and the main feature of the magazine. Also the character looking directly to the audience creates this relationship between the two. In the background there are other intertextual references such as other superhero films and action films. This indicates that the target audience for this magazine is for younger generation as well as people who enjoy this genre. The title of the film is capitalised making it eye catching for the audience. the colour of the headline reflects to the steel colour which links with the film name. Also the steer colour has a sparkle element this gives a metallic effect. The empire magazine is very successful because they have many followers through their monthly subscriptions. They have 3.6% followers. The strapline This strap line will attract the audience attention MASTHEAD The masthead is very bold and uppercase. This shows this will draw the audience attention. The masthead of the magazine is capitalised in red front, this makes it eye catching for the audience. The colour red is ironic to film such as the red symbolises supermans logo also superman is known for red and blue colour scheme. The main character is bleeding to the masthead. This shows that they already have mass audience, so by the colour and the front the audience will essentially recognise the magazine brand. Buzz word using the word ‘exclusive’ attracts an audience telling them that they are missing out something. this will force the audience to buy the magazine This magazine also has references the director of the film so people who like the director are likely to buy this magazine
  5. 5. Empire magazine This is a empire magazine that I pick out from the library. This magazine also features the movie man of steel. This magazine is very different to the other magazine that I analysed. This magazine main focus is on Superman, whereas the other magazine focuses on Superman and other film. The difference between this magazine and the other magazine is that, this magazine has lots of air and the other with no air. The main feature of this magazine is on Superman. This implies that this is a further addition to the previous film, so people will easily recognise the film. Also it allows the audience to make assumptions that this film will be interesting and dangerous. This is emphasised by the background
  6. 6. Here are things that the magazine features inside: Inside the empire magazine you will find audiences tweet about the book of Mormon. This tweets are mostly positive.
  7. 7. The next two pages we find is about the main image which is about the film Man of steel. the writing is quite basic and legible so that it is easy for the target audience to read. In this article There's a quote by Zack Snyder, the quote is very big and bold. This is very interesting as it grabs the audience's attention, to encourage them to read the article to find out the content that the quote was used in. There is also a article about the old superman and the film.
  8. 8. Intertextual references to other films Les Miserables Django Unchained Oblivion The last stand There are other films but I choose these three in particular.
  9. 9. Advertisment There are many more advertising inside the magazine but I choose this two in particular. Advertising drink Advertising a Film on DVD
  10. 10. Audience interactivity
  11. 11. Empire Website
  12. 12. The empire website is very different to the magazine. As the website gets updated everyday, audience can find more information about their film then the magazine,such as they can find information about Cast, what’s the movie about, watch the trailer, and audiences reviews. The audience can navigate more in the website. For instance they can comment on the film, enter competitions etc. As well as your film you can find other films that interest you or the films that are coming out or released. The website delivering exclusive previews & trailers of highly anticipated films: ● Breaking daily movie news & stories ● Video diaries with behind-the-scenes, unseen footage from on-set locations ● Comprehensive archives of film reviews ● Blog spots and image galleries ● Celebrity interviews ● Competitions & quizzes ● Web chats with movie stars
  13. 13. Empire Magazine Overview Target audience The target audience for empire magazine is for male and female. However mostly aimed at middle class, aged between 1630 Empire Empire stated that they don’t intended to be gender specific, however the sales indicate that males are the predominant purchaser if this magazine and adverts. Price The magazine is around 3-4 pounds, this is quite expensive, therefore the buyers of this magazine will be people who love films Audience interactivity Audience interact through this magazine by competitions, twitter, writing reviews, social networking etc.