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Cover Letter

  1. 1. Why should you hire me? 1. I set goals and I work extremely hard to achieve them. Example: I wanted to move from Texas to Boston. I applied to schools in Boston, aggressively sought out scholarships, and got an on-campus job in order to go to Babson completely independently of non-financial aid assistance. I knew what I wanted and I achieved it and I successfully did everything in mypower to make sure I could reach my goal.Why does this matter for your agency? Because I will work hard for a company that does trulyinspiring work, and has a culture that embraces creativity and ideas.I want to be an advertising rock star.I’m the type of person that doesn’t dip their tip-toe into the water to check the temperature. I divein, I immerse myself, I surround myself. You can bet that I’ll be working tirelessly to learn allthere is to learn, to acquire the necessary skills, to apply my own education into my work, and toreach my goal. I will keep abreast of marketing news, Forrester and Gartner reports, andanything else to make sure that I bring a fresh, young, knowledgeable, hard-working perspectiveto you at all times.2. I am a self-starter. Give me a role and a little direction and I can run with it.Example: Last summer I was solely charged with increasing Babsons campus life to raise theirability to attract summer students. With that role I developed a summer student Facebookcommunity that received 80% membership of on-campus students, planned between 3-5events per week ranging from spontaneous barbecues and ice cream truck days to larger scalesevents such as an outing to the Blue Man Group and an event of 30 students going to themidnight showing of Harry Potter 7 Part 2.3. I’m creative. Im able to use that creativity to understand and twist and turnproblems around and around to attack them from different ways. I bring a freshperspective to problem solving.Example: In my Enterprise 2.0: Building Social Networks class, my four person team wascharged with creating a growth strategy for Whole Foods using social media. My keycontribution was an idea called cropSWAP. cropSWAP is an online resource that connects smallgardeners to each other in order to barter.
  2. 2. I identified that a key barrier to small-time gardening at home was:1. lack of space2. lack of variety due to this space.I surmised that if we could create a barter system, a person who could only grow tomatoes due tothe barriers would be more inclined if they could exchange some of those tomatoes for grapes orherbs through our system. Logistically, the system works through SWAPcredits. You offer up Xamount of tomatoes for people. For every tomato you give out to local users, you receive Xamount of credits (determined by time to harvest, amount of resources required, complexity ofcrop, etc.). These SWAPcredits act as currency. As you gain credits from producing your owncrops, you can use those credits to "purchase" others crops. This was a service I believed wouldselflessly further Whole Foods core identity of Sustainability and Living Locally while alsoproviding very little cannibalization(due to usage caps).The above example shows my ability to provide realistic and comprehensive recommendationswith a very close attention to detail.4. I have an analytical mind. I can dig deep into issues, learn all the ins and outs,and drag the pieces to the top-level to keep the big picture in mind. I can buildconnections between multitudes of content and put it all together.Example: In mock trial during high school I was a witness my first year. I understood virtuallyeverything about my witness as well as all of the other affidavits. Having prepared for 4 monthsfor my witness role, on the day of trial I was asked to take another witness role in addition to myown. I was able to be competition ready immediately due to understanding the connectionsbetween our strategies and the witness affidavits. Using this experience, I was given the role ofteam leader and lead attorney the next year. I put together a team that made it into the top threefor the first year since its inception and was nominated six times for Outstanding Advocate. Iwas able to do this not only on the strength of my leadership, but on my analytical skills thatallowed me to create cross-examinations that were extremely effective. This success continuedduring my senior year of high school.5. With all of the group work I’ve been a part of and the leadership positions Ivehad at Babson, I can hit the ground running. I can easily assimilate into a team andbegin producing from day one.Sincerely,Ross Andrew Simons