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wordsworth preface


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Published in: Education
  • Hi Rasila, this presentation is good. slide 3 to 6 is well constructed. there is some grammatical errors also. add some mark at the end of sentence. In the 1st slide U wrote 'important topic' instead of 'Topics' change it. and background of slide U should also change. add something more as ur imagination beyond material. otherwise It is good.
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wordsworth preface

  1. 1. Topic: Wordsworth preface (important point ) Name: Rasila Jambucha Roll no: 27 Paper: 27 Submitted by: smt.s.b. DEPARTMENT OF ENGLISH M.K. BHAVNAGAR UNIVERSITY
  2. 2.   he identified his own view related to poetry and poetry as a whole preface consider important for, scope of poetry role of poet language of poet
  3. 3. what is poetry ?     breath and finer spirit of all science instrument for the propagation of moral thoughts poetry of revolts against moral ideas is poetry of revolts against life poetry of indifference towards moral idea is poetry of towards against life
  4. 4. “ poetry is not imitation of an imitation but a a concrete and sensuous illustration of both a fact and a relationship , which provides pleasure and at the same way time shows the universal importance of pleasure.”
  5. 5. what is poet ?    greater knowledge of human nature, and more comprehensive soul man pleased with his own passion and volitions lively sensibility , more enthusiasm and tenderness
  6. 6. language of poetry     certain coloring of imagination poet gives the color of his imagination to the language language of poetry is heightened by feeling and emotion should be easy and simple – incident and situation from common man
  7. 7.       Preface to Lyrical Ballad selection of language is more closely connected “the primary laws of nature” Poet for him : “they convey their feelings and notion in simple and unelaborated expression.” words worth like simplicity and seeks to show human nature in a pure state Gave scope to poetry included person and situation of humble and rustic life idea of the poet „man speaking to man‟ who has a greater than average sensibility and knowledge of the human nature
  8. 8.       poet main qualification is not matter of technique but enter sympathetically into other lives & translate passion into words use the language of other man defines poetry as the , “spontaneous overflow of powerful feeling "and further elaborate “recollect in tranquility.” Poetic creation is an intense mental and emotional activity. Poetic creation needs calmness and tranquility wordsworth time poem mainly ment for monarch and The Elite class
  9. 9.     he wants that common man should not be deprived of this pleasure uses common man language eminent writer wrote code words, difficult lang. rhythm in meter he mock them because what is use of it it is not their fault , it common man is unable to understand