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Tubular Pregnancy Treatment in Bangalore | Laparoscopic Surgery In India


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Rashmi Hospital and Advanced Laparoscopic Centre offers the laparoscopic treatment for Tubular Pregnancy.For more details click :

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Tubular Pregnancy Treatment in Bangalore | Laparoscopic Surgery In India

  1. 1.
  2. 2. An ectopic pregnancy also known as tubular pregnancy occurs when a fertilized egg implants somewhere other than the main cavity of the uterus
  3. 3.
  4. 4. Vaginal bleeding, heavier or lighter than your normal period Weakness, dizziness, or fainting Nausea and vomiting with pain Shoulder pain Symptoms of Tubular Pregnancy
  5. 5. Maternal age of 35-44 years Several induced abortions Smoking Endometriosis Previous ectopic pregnancy Risk Factors
  6. 6. Ectopic pregnancy is an emergency condition that needs to be managed promptly. Surgical removal of ectopic growth or repair of fallopian tube are required in most of the cases where internal bleeding has occurred Laparoscopic management of Tubular Pregnancy Laparoscopic Surgery is the best option for treating tubular pregnancy
  7. 7. Smaller surgical scars Reduced blood loss during surgery Less pain following surgery Shorter hospital stay Faster return to normal activity Reduced risk of infection Why Laparoscopic Surgery?
  8. 8. Tubular Pregnancy Treatment In Bangalore For more details Visit Our Website