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59142853 dabur-ppt (1)

  1. 1. Dabur India limited Code of conduct Corporate governance Corporate social responsibilitySubmitted by:Rashmi Agrawala
  2. 2. Introduction Dabur India Limited was set up in the year 1884 in Kolkata by Dr. S. K. Burman and was renamed Dabur India Ltd. in 1936. It is now one of the largest commercial undertakings in India. With an experience of more than 100 years Dabur India is now the 4th largest company pertaining to the FMCG sector. The products of Dabur are marketed in more than 50 countries worldwide. Some of the well-known brands of Dabur are: Amla Chyawanprash, Hajmola, Lal Dantmanjan, Nature Care, Pudin Hara, Babool Toothpaste, Hingoli, Dabur Honey, Lemoneez, Meswak, Odonil, Real, RealActiv and Vatika.
  3. 3. Code of ethics and conduct A commitment to ethical professional conduct from every employee of DaburContribute to society and human well-being. This principle concerning the quality of life of all peopleaffirms an obligation to protect fundamental human rights andto respect the diversity of all cultures. We must attempt toensure that the products of our efforts will be used in sociallyresponsible ways, will meet social needs and will avoid harmfuleffects to health and welfare of others.
  4. 4. Avoid harm to others.Harm" means injury or negative consequences, such as loss of property, property damage or unwanted health and environmental impacts. This principle prohibits use of men, material and technology in ways that result in harm to our consumers, employees and the general public.
  5. 5. Be honest and trustworthy.Honesty is an essential component of trust. Without trust an organization cannot function effectively. All of us are expected not to make deliberately false or deceptive claims about our products/ systems, but instead provide full disclosure of all pertinent limitations and problems
  6. 6. Be fair and take action not todiscriminate.The values of equality, tolerance, respect for others, and the principles of equal justice govern this imperative. Discrimination on the basis of race, sex, religion, age, disability, national origin, or other such factors is an explicit violation of this code
  7. 7. Practice integrity in our inter-personalrelationships.In our relationships with colleagues, we should treat them with respect and in good faith; in the same way. we ourselves would expect them to treat us. The principle to be adopted to guard against loose talk or in its worst form- character assassination- is not to say anything behind one’s back and never utter something, which cannot be put in writing.
  8. 8. Honor confidentiality.The principle of honesty extends to issues of confidentiality of information. The ethical concern is to respect all obligations of confidentiality to all stakeholders unless discharged from such obligations by requirements of the law or other principles of this code. We, therefore, will maintain the confidentiality of all material non- public information about Dabur’s business and affairs
  9. 9. Live the Dabur values- each day Passion for winning Ownership People development Consumer focus Teamwork Innovation Integrity
  10. 10. Corporate governance (key to strong bond of trust with shareholders) Corporate governance is the system by which companies are directed and controlled. . Corporate governance also includes the relationships among the many stakeholders involved and the goals for which the corporation is governed.
  11. 11. Companies initiatives Professionalisation of the board. Lean and active Board (reduced from 16 to 10 members). Less number of promoters on the Board. More professionals and independent Directors for better management. Governed through Board committees for Audit, Remuneration, Shareholder Grievances, Compensation and Nominations. Meets all Corporate Governance Code requirements of SEBI
  12. 12. Corporate social responsibility What is that life worth which cannot bring comfort toothers For growth to be responsible, it should go beyond numbers... It should do good to the society, create a better world. Dabur India Ltd. believes in this kind of growth, and constantly strives for. At Dabur, commitment to good governance, ethical conduct and social responsibility is core way of doing business, and is strongly aligned with its drive to create and increase value for all stakeholders. Company define CSR as conducting business in ways that provide social environmental and economic benefits for the communities and geographies where they operate. Karmayog 2008 CSR Rating: 3/ 5
  13. 13. Initiatives in the Social sectorEstablishment of the Sustainable Development Society, or Sundesh Sundesh is the resource centre that works towards the development and upliftment of the rural populace. It offers a range of facilities from health posts to skill development for the rural community. It also acts as an in house training and information centre for farmers . Sundesh has several programmes such as Adult literacy, diagnostic and healthcare facilities, organising health camps, cutting and tailoring , training, bee keeping , animal husbandry and self help groups for farm development and reducing poverty. One of the key programmes is promotion of SHGs through NABARD. The mission of this group is to promote sustainable and equitable agriculture and rural prosperity through effective credit support , related services, institution development and other innovative initiatives
  14. 14. Medicinal Plant Project – An initiativeby Dabur Nepal Pvt. Ltd. ‘Dehi me dadami te’ (As you give me, I give you in return). This quote from an ancient text sums up dabur’s commitment towards nature. With a strong foundation in the Himlayan Kingdom, Nepal, Dabur has taken many strong -- but quiet -- initiatives in last one and half decade towards corporate social responsibility.
  15. 15. commitment to Environment Ancient wisdom of conservationFrom times immemorial, Indian sages and men of wisdom have understood and appreciated the value of nature and its conservation. That is why nature was sanctified and worshipped in the form of gods and goddesses.
  16. 16. Dabur upholds the tradition Dabur also value natures bounty. Without the fruits of nature, the vision of Dabur would never have been fulfilled. And that is the reason for unfailing commitment to ecological conservation and regeneration. "Dehi me dadami te" - "you give me, and I give you".
  17. 17. Back to Nature Rare herbs and medicinal plants are their most valuable resource, from which all products are derived. Due to overexploitation of these resources and unsustainable practices, these plants and herbs are fast reaching the point of extinction. In view of this critical situation, Dabur has initiated some significant programmes for ecological regeneration and protection of endangered plant species.
  18. 18. Plants for Life Company have set up the "Plants for Life" project in the mountainous regions of the Himalayas. Under the project, a high-tech greenhouse facility has been set up for developing saplings of rare and endangered medicinal plants. Fully computer- controlled and monitored, this greenhouse maintains the highly critical environmental parameters required for their survival. They are also developing quality saplings of more than 20 herbs, 8 of them endangered, through micro propagation.
  19. 19. THANK YOU