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Meet  Sarah
Sarah went to     school  at
She loves…
And starts her   mornings with a…
[Luna bar]
After graduation, Sarah  traveled  the world
She came back and interviewed at  Bear Stearns
and landed a job in the  Client Services  dept
But then…
Markets  collapsed
All went  down…
Now  Client Services…
Had neither   clients
nor  services! Need a pic
Sarah was  last hired …
…  and  first fired   :-(
She started  looking  for jobs…
searched  everywhere …
but only found temp work
Job hunting  is  hard   during…
Sarah felt like…
… giving up
she remembered  who  could help her…
<ul><li>her  145 connections  on </li></ul>
a text resume seemed too  ordinary
Sarah wanted a profile that   caught the eye
and stood  out …
But how?
She saw  something new   on LinkedIn…
How about a   slide resume ?
Meet  Sarah that  catches  the eye…
The day she uploaded to  SlideShare , she got  10 responses
A mentor   forwarded   it on. A friend sent to   his boss .  Her   connections   came to life.
She landed some good interviews
<ul><li>Sarah is  happy </li></ul>
<ul><li>Are  you   looking for a job, employees, or business contacts? </li></ul>
<ul><li>Upload your latest presentation to SlideShare on LinkedIn… </li></ul>
Slides to  market  your business Your  resume  as a presentation Conference  talks Sales presentations A  digital portfolio
<ul><li>What happened to Sarah could happen to  you ! </li></ul>
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Meet Sarah on LinkedIn


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Meet Sarah - an introduction to what YOU can do with SlideShare on LinkedIn.

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