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This presentation comprises of some of my creative work made during leisure time, letting the chain of thought simply flow.

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  • Rashi Vijan - The Portfolio

    1. 1. Rashi Vijan rashivijan@gmail.comThis Portfolio can also be viewed on: rashivijan.foliohd.com
    3. 3. SKETCHING
    4. 4. Name: Simplistic Housing Nature: 2-D IsometricDescription: My first authentic design for simplistic housing; made while practicing perspective drawings.
    5. 5. Name: The Clean Up Description: This piece represents the metaphorical dirt that needs to be cleaned off of our environment. The brushesrepresent how an artist tries to do the same with their art.
    6. 6. Name: Pointe Nature: 2-D, Still Life Sketching Description: My passion for dance is never ending, thus the neverending need to attain perfection in my pointe drove me to sketch out what I do, to achieve what I desire.
    7. 7. Name: Sagrada Famillia Nature: Live SketchingDescription: Out of the thousands of sculptures on the exteriors ofGaudi’s Sagrada Famillia, this sculpture caught my eye because of the history behind it… And I sketched it.
    8. 8. Name: Trafalgar Nature: Livesketching Description: Trafalgar Square is where I spend at least a few peaceful hours every time I visitLondon. Last year, I simply sat and sketched.
    9. 9. Name: B-E-A-U-Tiful, Like Mom. Nature: Perspective painting, nature Description: My mother, being an artist has an eye for the aesthetics.On her 35th birthday, I wanted to gift her something she would really appreciate, so I made her the following three paintings.
    10. 10. PAINTING
    11. 11. ABSTRACT
    12. 12. Name: Opposite Connection Nature: Abstract, acrylic painting Description: This was mere abstract work where I wanted tofocus on the two opposing color schemes interacting with each other and reflecting the parallel complexities in our worlds.
    13. 13. Name: The Burning Forest Nature: Abstract poster paintingDescription: This piece, was created for an awareness campaign on global warming.
    14. 14. TYPOGRAPHY Name: ‘SKYLINER’ Description: I believe, that after a point,infrastructure will grow vertically instead of horizontally due to lack of space, where Skylines will be the most likely form of infrastructure.
    15. 15. Graphics Name: Bleed Blue Description: Thisgraphic was createdwhen India won the Cricket World Cup in 2011, aftertwenty-three years.It was a moment of pride and joy that led to the creation of this piece.
    16. 16. SCULPTURES
    17. 17. Name: Perspective SkyLine Nature: 3-D Model, card-board, silicon, waste paperDescription: These pictures showed an orange wash with white patches, perhaps some letters, none of which makes sense.But as one looks at the entire model, one notices a skyline, a cityscape, although with random shapes and letters with no meaning.But when we look at it from a certain angle, we see:
    18. 18. The word ‘Amateur’ forms
    19. 19. Then, when we rotate it 90 degrees clockwise, we see the word ‘Expert’ forming:
    20. 20. This piece represents how One piece of work, when viewed by an amateur and when viewed by an expert, will have such different thoughts and understanding. It represents difference in perspective.
    21. 21. PHOTOGRAPHY
    22. 22. Name: The Unique Rupee Nature: Photography Description: This picture is very intriguing as itshows how one is so unique and is valued so much more than all the others around.
    23. 23. Name: Nature is Everywhere Nature: Photography Description: The picture shows how nature issimply complex, it is everywhere and is always influencing us.
    24. 24. Name: Peace and Culture. Nature: Photography Description: I admire exploring different cultures andperspectives and this picture is a representation of my admiration.
    26. 26. Name: Monocles Nature: PhotographyDescription: These snaps represent how muchstructures and monocles of geniuses inspire me wherever I go.
    27. 27. I am a traveler.
    28. 28. Name:StarbucksDescription:Andeverywhere Itravel,Starbucks iswhere I grabmy cup ofmorningcoffee from,the bestlatté of all.
    29. 29. PHOTOSHOP
    30. 30. Name: Beautification Description: Enhancing an otherwise dull picture byediting various parameters and adding natural-looking rainbows using brushes and hue.
    31. 31. Name: Stairway toHeavenDescription: The picturerepresents hecontinuous hopesome people have,that there is still along way to go, evenwhen the route tothe destinationdoesn’t seem to existanymore.
    32. 32. Name: Left LoveDescription: “Whatif that person you left behind is till waiting for you, right where you left them? With their heart in their hands, waiting to be loved?” This quote inspired me to create this image on Photoshop.
    33. 33. ‘The Disintegration Effect’, created on a still from a Movie.
    35. 35. Name: Scarf-lace Nature: Jewelry, Urban fashion Description: I have used a variety of materials suchas cloth, plastic, beads, rope and threads to make this ornament. It was designed to be used as a scarf or a necklace.
    36. 36. Thank You.