India%20 tour%202009%20 %20invitation%20for%20local%20sponsorship%20rights


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India%20 tour%202009%20 %20invitation%20for%20local%20sponsorship%20rights

  1. 1. INVITATIONODIs & Twenty 20 Series (January / February 2009) Sri Lanka Cricket #35, Maitland Place, Colombo 07. 1
  2. 2. Invitation for Local Sponsorship Rights INDIA TOUR OF SRI LANKA January / February 20091. INTRODUCTION The India Tour of Sri Lanka in January/ February 2009 is an International Cricket Tournament arranged between the two cricket boards of the two countries, which would be conducted by Sri Lanka Cricket. The Tour comprises of Five (5) One Day Internationals and a Twenty 20 Match between India and Sri Lanka. In view of the popularity of this event, Sri Lanka Cricket is now undertaking several activities which are expected to create healthy competition between the teams, to ensure a high standard of International Cricket whilst the increasing local and international spectators who are expected, to follow and support individual players and teams are also looked after at every venue.2. MEDIA COVERAGE Sri Lanka Cricket’s International TV Broadcaster will cover the series with play being described by a popular and competent International commentary team. These matches would also be seen live on TV by cricket fans around the world and also the public of Sri Lanka who are passionate about cricket. Sri Lanka Cricket would also be making elaborate arrangements to cater to the many foreign journalists who are expected to cover the series from each venue. The local media would also enjoy the same benefits thus ensuring wide coverage of this tour in both local and International media.3. INVITATION FOR SPONSORSHIP Sri Lanka Cricket at 35, Maitland Place, Colombo 7, Sri Lanka invites offers from reputed companies to secure the undermentioned rights offered for both series at each venue. a.) Selling Rights - Food & Beverage b.) Advertising/ Promotions/ Sponsorships i. Within venue ii. Out side venue iii. Services The Sponsorship packages and various opportunities and benefits being offered are outlined in the sections to follow. Sponsors are requested to submit their offers observing the general guidelines given herein.4. TOURNAMENT ITINERARY The tour commences with the One Day International Series commencing 28th January 2009 and concluding with the Twenty 20 Match on 10th February 2009. The confirmed itinerary of the series is attached as Annexure 1.5. SCOPE OF SPONSORSHIP Sponsorship Package on offer is listed under section 6 and the opportunities, benefits and expectations for each/ both categories of sponsorship are listed in section 6.1. Sri Lanka Cricket reserves the right to reject any offer not complying with ICC Regulations and/or conflicts with Title Sponsors entitlements. Offers may be submitted to acquire the selling / sponsorship rights of this International Series. Subject to fulfillment of the basic requirements, Sri Lanka Cricket shall reserve the right to accept offers as an individual bid for each category or as a package for more than one category. 2
  3. 3. 6. SPONSORSHIP PACKAGE AND BENEFITS/ RIGHTS The following sponsorship package is offered. The sponsorship period of the Series ends with the final match. Number of Sponsorship Sponsorship Rights PACKAGES 1 5 ODI Matches & 1 Twenty 20 Match Series6.1 SPONSORSHIP BENEFITS/ RIGHTS AND SRI LANKA CRICKET EXPECTATIONS The following benefits/ rights are offered to each category of sponsorship. 1. Selling Rights – Food and Beverages – At venues/ On Ground Opportunities Benefits Expectations § Soft Drinks - On ground selling rights - Royalty fee per product category. § Ice Cream § Milk / Yogurt - Rights to setting up branded booths/ - Providing complementary allocation for Players/ § Mineral Water Stands Officials/ media. § Food – Fast & Speciality - Use of sales men in branded clothing - Sufficient salesmen to cater to vast spectators. § Snacks/ Confectionaries - Possible TV exposure - Secure own licenses, power supply..etc where etc. necessary. § Beer - Additional sales volumes - Refrain from selling in Glass Bottles and Cans as per ICC regulations. 2. Advertising/ Promotions/ Sponsorships (a.) Within venue Opportunities Benefits Expectations Mini Cricket - Branded school boy player clothing & - Royalty payment for branding rights equipment for 6 teams, 3 matches at each - Cost of clothing, equipment, food and transport for venue during interval. 100 children + officials - Placement of 5 Branded ‘A Boards’/ ground - Management of ground runners/ equipment runners for each match around boundary. - Enter grounds only after players leave the field and - TV exposure/ PR with schools stop 10 minutes before restart of match 4’s x 6’s Boards - Production of items required (Fours & Sixes Boards) - Product branding on rear - Royalty payment for branding rights for cheering - International/ local TV exposure - Handing over to spectators before entering venue 3
  4. 4. (b.) Promotions - Out side venue Opportunities Benefits Expectations § Lamp post boards - Minimum specified quantity of each item per - Fabrication cost in agreed sizes tour/ venue - Royalty fee for branding/ sampling rights § City Hoardings - Branding on items/ vehicles in specified area - Installation/ removal at agreed locations - Permit agreed message to be advertised. - Prior approval of advert/ brand markings § Posters - Regular exposure to spectators/ traffic - Local authority approvals/ payments around venue § Banners/ Pennants § Sampling/ Sales of product (c.) Sponsorship of Goods and Services Opportunities Benefits Expectations - TV’s, Coolers, Fans, - ‘Official Status’ - Providing the required number free of charge Washing Machines at match - Branding on Electronic item and stand - Install and maintain at each venue venues for Media / Dressing Rooms / Spectator Stands & players.7. GENERAL CONDITIONS (a.) Applicable to Selling Rights of Food and Beverages I. The Offer should specifically indicate the Product Category and the intended range of products to be sold at each venue. II. The Complementary offer of your product for the Team, Umpires, Officials etc. during matches and also for official functions should be separately indicated and supplied to the requested location. III. The special price/ discount being offered for purchases by Sri Lanka Cricket for use over and above complementary offer at matches and official functions should be indicated separately. IV. All costs to obtain local licenses, electricity, water etc., to conduct sales at each venue will have to be arranged and met by rights holder. V. The selling rights are being offered for the particular product category only. The intended selling price of each item to the public should also be indicated for agreement / approval by Sri Lanka Cricket and strictly adhered to by the rights holder. VI. Only the Brand advertisements that do not conflict with the event sponsors would be permitted on the sales booths at every venue. No separate advertising hoardings or banners are permissible at all. VII. No rights holder could refrain / withdraw from conducting sales for any reason without the prior knowledge and consent of SLC. 4
  5. 5. (b.) Applicable to Advertising/ Promotions/ Sponsorships I. The Brand/ Product being associated cannot conflict with the Event and/ or Title Sponsor. II. No Liquor, Cigarettes or Gambling products could be advertised or associated with any activity III. All production/ management costs should be met in addition to the sponsorship fee. IV. No music that would disturb the players and / or spectators would be permitted during play. (c.) Applicable to both Food and Beverages Selling Rights & Advertising / Promotions/ Sponsorships I. The number of official / helper / vehicle passes and the personnel required per venue should be indicated. The final number and their allocation would be decided by Sri Lanka Cricket based on the type of product / activity anticipated demand, facilities of each venue etc. II. Any request for conducting promotions / free offers etc., should to be detailed and the additional fee being offered for same should also be indicated separately for prior approval by SLC. III. No complementary tickets are being offered but may be considered depending on the sponsorship fee. IV. The payment of 100% of the Royalty Fee for the rights granted must be made on being awarded the contract and not later than 5 days before the first match of the series. No compensation would be offered in the event of play being abandoned, lack of spectators or match ending early. V. The Official / Helper passes should be strictly used by the sales staff within the venue to conduct sales. Misuse of passes or violation of the terms and conditions applicable may result in the organisation being prohibited from conducting sales/ promotions thereafter without any compensation.8. SUBMISSION OF BIDS/ PROPOSALS a) Bidder Formal written offers submitted by the Organization / Company / Firm on letterheads would only be accepted. Two officers of the Organization / Company / Firm who has the necessary authority must sign the offer. Offers submitted via E-Mail or by third parties will not be entertained. b) Submission of Offers/ Final Date of Acceptance All offers / bids / proposals shall be submitted/ delivered in sealed envelops marked “BID FOR LOCAL SPONSORSHIP / SELLING RIGHTS - India Tour 2009” addressed to the Chief Executive , Sri Lanka Cricket, No 35, Maitland Place, Colombo 7 and should reach not later than 3.00 p.m. on 20th January 2009. c) Sponsorship Value Bidders are requested to indicate clearly the value of their offer for each tcategory of sponsorship. All sponsorship fees would also be subject to VAT being added and payable which is subsequently recoverable for which Sri Lanka Cricket would issue a tax invoice. d) Currency All bids shall be made in Sri Lanka Rupees. e) Terms of Contract Payment The successful bidder will be required to be fully conversant with the general conditions applicable in the section 7 above and to make payment of the sponsorship / royalty fee upon selection / on the date of signing / confirming acceptance of their offer and the balance as stipulated. 5
  6. 6. f) Period of Validity All offers/ bids/ proposals shall be valid for a period of two weeks from the final date for submission of bids. g) Statement of Compliance The bidder upon submission of the offer agrees to adhere and comply with all clauses, sub-clauses specifications etc., indicated in this “Invitation for Local Sponsorship / Selling Rights’ document unless specifically stating the terms agreeable. h) Alternative Offers The bidder may propose alternative offers/ additional benefits to secure sponsorship of any category. However, any additional benefits would only be considered in the evaluation of bids subject to the bid complying with minimum requirement specified herein. Sri Lanka Cricket also reserves the right to accept or reject offers without adducing any reason whatsoever.09. AWARD OF SPONSORSHIP CONTRACT a) Upon evaluation of bids received, Sri Lanka Cricket will award the sponsorship to the highest bidder, subject to their fulfilling the conditions stipulated herein. b) The successful sponsor is required to enter into a formal contract with Sri Lanka Cricket or agree to the sponsorship as per letters exchanged in acceptance. Chief Executive Sri Lanka Cricket, #35, Maitland Place, Colombo 7 Tel : 268601 - 4 Fax : 2697405 15th January 2009 6
  7. 7. Annexure 1 INDIA TOUR OF SRI LANKA 2009 – TOUR ITINERARY Dates Match / Venue 28th January 1st ODI at RDICS, Dambulla ( Day / Night) 30th January 2nd ODI at RDICS, Dambulla ( Day / Night ) 2nd February 3rd ODI at RPICS, Khettarama ( Day / Night ) 5th February 4th ODI at RPICS, Khettarama ( Day / Night ) 8th February 5th ODI at S.S.C. Grounds, Colombo -7 ( Day ) 10th February Twenty 20 Match at RPICS, Khettarama ( Night ) ********** 7