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  1. 1. The Ultim ateMacSpeechDictate 1.5GlobalCommandsList Copyright © ATMac 2010
  2. 2. This list includes all global MacSpeech Dictate commands available in MacSpeech Dictate version 1.5.8 and which are mentioned ineither the documentation or the included AppleScript commands list. I have explained commands only where necessary, and tried togroup the commands roughly by function.In general, the more dictation-focussed commands are listed first, the ones which control how the operation of MacSpeech Dictateitself, and the application-focussed commands afterwards but because of the way dictation works, the distinction between the twosets is fuzzy at best.This document includes only Global commands - ones you can use in any application. It does not include Application Specificcommands which exist for Mail, Finder, Safari, iChat, iCal, and TextEdit. These can be viewed in the Tools > Commands windowwithin MacSpeech Dictate if you are interested.Understanding This DocumentThis is a commandMost commands are written like that, just say exactly whatʼs written. Where the output is not obvious, explanatory text is in italics likethis. Things in italics are never commands.This is a command [with an optional section]Commands set out like this will work with or without the section in square brackets, say either one. Sometimes the command has adifferent effect with the optional section, which should be obvious from the command itself.This is a command with one/two/three optionsWith commands set like this you select the appropriate option from the “one/two/three” section, so the command here could be “Thisis a command with one options”, “This is a command with two options”, and “This is a command with three options”.NoteThis list is produced by Ricky Buchanan of ATMac Itʼs not an official MacSpeech document and all errors are mine,not theirs! Please be nice.The Ultimate MacSpeech Dictate 1.5 Global Commands List Copyright © ATMac 2010
  3. 3. Controlling MacSpeech Dictate Itself Edit 1/2/3/etc.[Switch to] Command Mode Cancel Edit[Switch to] Dictation Mode Edit (or cancel edit) of the numbered item in the recognition[Switch to] Spelling Mode window.Bring Dictate to the Front Dictation Cache DocumentShow/Hide Available Commands Window Cache SelectionShow/Hide Recognition Window Purge CacheShow/Hide Status Window Refer to the manual if youʼre not clear on the cache. Itʼs vital for mixed verbal and keyboard/mouse editing of dictated text.Microphone off Delete the Word[s] (text) [Through/to (text)]Sleeping and Waking[Switch to] Sleep Mode Insert After the Word[s] (text) [through/to (text)]Go To Sleep Insert before the Word[s] (text) [through/to (text)] Moves your insertion point before dictating.Turn [the] Microphone OnWake up Numeral Roman NumeralPhrase Training Tell MacSpeech to interpret the next phrase as a number orPress Play Roman numeral.Play The SelectionReplays the audio of you speaking the current or selected Undo Dictationphrase. Redo DictationTrain Vocabulary From Selection Scratch/Forget ThatTrain the Word[s] (text) [through/to (text)] Scratch/Forget WordPick/Choose 1/2/3/etc. Individual KeystrokesSelect the numbered item from the recognition window to re- Press The Key (keyname)place the recognised phrase. Press The Key Combo (modifiers) (keyname) Press The Keys (modifiers) (keyname)The Ultimate MacSpeech Dictate 1.5 Global Commands List Copyright © ATMac 2010
  4. 4. Spacing CapitalisationNo Leading Space All Caps All Caps OffNo Space All Caps OnNo Space Off Uppercase the Word(s) “text” (through/to “text”)No Space On CapNo-Break/Non-breaking/Unbreakable Space Caps Off Caps OnSmiliesFrowny [face] Capitalise the Word(s) “text” (through/to “text”)Laughing face No Caps No Caps OffSmiley [face] No Caps OnWinky [Face] Lowercase the Word(s) “text” (through/to “text”)Winky laughing face Application Control About this ApplicationMovementMove Backward (1-99) Words Access Find WindowMove Forward (1-99) Words Cancel This OperationGo to BeginningMove to Beginning of Document File Close File NewGo to End File OpenMove to End of Document Press CancelNext Field Press Donʼt SavePrevious Field Press OKFor moving within a spreadsheet or table. Press SaveThe Ultimate MacSpeech Dictate 1.5 Global Commands List Copyright © ATMac 2010
  5. 5. Save This Document Kill [Application] Quit [Application]Show Date and Time Next Application WindowUndo Last Action Previous Application WindowRedo Last Action Put Computer To SleepQuit This Application Restart The ComputerComputer ControlSwitch To Next Application Send/Create an Email/Note To/For [Name] (And [Name])Switch To Previous Application (Copying [Name]) (Blind Copying [Name])Activate/Launch/Open [Application] Special RestartStart or switch to the named application. Restart immediately with no prompting for confirmation.Capture Screen Special SleepCapture Selection Force the computer to sleepSelect All Switch To Space One/Two/Three/FourSelect the Word[s] (text) [through/to (text)] Turn Dock Hiding On/OffCopy SelectionCut Selection Common PunctuationPaste From Clipboard [Forward] SlashExpose All Windows At SignExpose Application WindowsExpose Desktop Close/End [double] quote[s]Hide All Applications Close/Right Bracket (Non-US Dialects)Hide Other Applications Close/Right Paren/Parenthesis (All Dialects)Hide This ApplicationShow All Applications CommaAccess Force Quit Window DashThe Ultimate MacSpeech Dictate 1.5 Global Commands List Copyright © ATMac 2010
  6. 6. Exclamation Mark (All Dialects) Spelling Alphabet The international spelling alphabet can be used in spellingExclamation Point (US Only) mode if Dictate is having trouble understanding individual let- ters. Usually spelling things out the regular way will be fine.Full Stop (all dialects) AlphaHyphen Bravo CharlieNew/Next Line Delta EchoNew/Next Paragraph FoxtrotOpen/Begin [Double] Quote[s] Golf HotelOpen/Begin Single Quote India JulietOpen/left Bracket (Non-US Dialects) Kilo LimaOpen/left Parenthesis (All Dialects) Mike NovemberOptional Ess OscarThis inserts ʻ(s)ʼ Papa QuebecPeriod (US only) Romeo SierraPeriod paragraph (US only) TangoQuestion Mark Uniform WhiskeySemicolon Xray YankeeSingle quote ZuluSpace BarTab KeyThe Ultimate MacSpeech Dictate 1.5 Global Commands List Copyright © ATMac 2010
  7. 7. Spelling Mode Keys Jump To DeliciousThese key names are recognised in spelling mode. Jump To Dictionary.Com Jump To DiggEnd Jump To DiscoveryEnter Jump To DisneyEscapeF1-F20 Jump To E*TradeForward Delete Jump To EBayHome Jump To Electric OpinionsLeft/Right/Up/Down Arrow Jump To Encyclopedia BritannicaPage Up/Down Jump To Entertainment WeeklyReturn Jump To EpicuriousSpace Jump To ESPN Jump To EtsyThe Web 100Jump To All Experts Jump To FacebookJump To Amazon Jump To FandangoJump To American Heart Association Jump To FedexJump To AOL Jump To FlickrJump To Apple Jump To Gadget BlogJump To Baby Center Jump To GawkerJump To Bartleby Jump To Geni Jump To Go Ask AliceJump To CafePress Jump To GoogleJump To Cars Jump To Great OutdoorJump To CBS SportsJump To CitySearch Jump To HealthFinderJump To Classic Gaming Jump To Hollywood Stock ExchangeJump To CNet Jump To Huffington PostJump To CNNJump To Comedy Central Jump To iLoungeJump To Consumer Reports Jump To InvitationsJump To Craigslist Jump To iVillageThe Ultimate MacSpeech Dictate 1.5 Global Commands List Copyright © ATMac 2010
  8. 8. Jump To Last Fm Jump To SciFiJump To Library Of Congress Jump To ShutterflyJump To LinkedIn Jump To SlateJump To MacSpeech Jump To TechnoratiJump To MeetUp Jump To The KnotJump To Monster Jump To The OnionJump To Motley Fool Jump To The Smoking GunJump To Movies Jump To The StreetJump To Jump To ThomasJump To MSNBC Jump To ThreadlessJump To MTV Jump To TravelocityJump To MySpace Jump To Tripod Jump To TumblrJump To National Geographic Jump To TwitterJump To NerveJump To Netflix Jump To Ultimate Band ListJump To Nolo Press Jump To US Postal ServiceJump To NPR Jump To USA TodayJump To Odio Jump To W3C Jump To Wall Street JournalJump To Pandora Jump To WebMDJump To PBS Jump To WhatIsJump To Pitchfork Jump To WikipediaJump To Poetry Daily Jump To WiredJump To Priceline Jump To YahooJump To Quote.Com Jump To YouTubeJump To Reddit Jump To Ziff DavisJump To Roadside America Jump To ZohoJump To Rock And Roll Hall Of FameJump To SalonJump To ScholasticThe Ultimate MacSpeech Dictate 1.5 Global Commands List Copyright © ATMac 2010
  9. 9. Full Character ListThis list contains all characters which can be output by MacSpeech Dictate, including those already listed in the “Punctuation” sectionfor completeness. The “modes” column tells you whether the specific pronunciation given will work in dictation mode, spelling mode,or both modes. Pronunciation Modes Output(letter) [accent] tilde Spelling Letter with a tilde, eg ñ, etc.(letter) accent acute Spelling Letter with an acute, eg á, é, etc.(letter) accent circumflex Spelling Letter with a circumflex, eg â, ê, etc.(letter) accent grave Spelling Letter with a grave, eg à, è, etc.(letter) accent umlaut Spelling Letter with an umlaut, eg ä, ë, etc.(letter) ring above Spelling Letter with a ring above it, eg å, ů, etc.(One) Half (Sign) Spelling One half sign(One) Quarter (Sign) Spelling One quarter sign[Forward] Slash Both /A E dipthong/ligature Dictation æAlternate Comma Spelling ‚ Unicode 8218, lowered single quoteAmpersand Both &Ampersand Sign Spelling &And Sign Both &Angstrom Spelling ÅApostrophe Straight apostrophe, no preceding spaceApostrophe Ess Straight apostrophe + “s”, no preceding spaceAsterisk Both *At Sign Both @Backquote Both `Backslash Both Backtick Dictation `The Ultimate MacSpeech Dictate 1.5 Global Commands List Copyright © ATMac 2010
  10. 10. Pronunciation Modes OutputBar Spelling |Broken Vertical Bar Spelling !Caret Both ^Cent Spelling ¢Center dot Both ·Cents Sign Both ¢Charlie accent cedilla Spelling çClose Euro Quote(s) Both »Close/End [double] quote[s] Dictation Straight double quote followed by a space.Close/End Angle Quote(s) Spelling »Close/End Single Quote Spelling Right single curly quote.Close/End Single Quote Dictation Single straight quote followed by a space.Close/Right [Curly] Brace Both }Close/Right Angle Bracket Dictation >Close/Right Angle Bracket Spelling › Right angle bracketClose/Right Bracket (Non-US Dialects) Both )Close/Right Bracket (US Only) Both ]Close/Right Curly Bracket Both }Close/Right Paren/Parenthesis (All Dia- Both )lects)Close/Right Square Bracket (All Dialects) Both ]Colon (Mark) :Comma ,Copyright Spelling ©Copyright Sign Both ©Cubed/Cube Spelling Superscript 3The Ultimate MacSpeech Dictate 1.5 Global Commands List Copyright © ATMac 2010
  11. 11. Pronunciation Modes OutputDagger Spelling †Dash Both --Degree Spelling °Degree Sign Both °Divide (Sign) Spelling ÷Division Sign Both ÷Dollar Spelling $Dollar Sign Both $Dot .Double Comma Both Unicode 8222, a lowered double quoteDouble Dagger Spelling ‡Double Dagger Sign Dictation ‡Ellipsis Spelling … A true ellipsis characterEllipsis/Dot-dot-dot Both ... Three separate periodsEm Dash Dictation ---Em Dash Spelling — True em-dashEn Dash Dictation --En Dash Spelling – True en-dashEquals Spelling =Equals Sign Both =Eszet/German Sharp S Dictation ßEuro Spelling "Euro Sign Both "Exclamation Mark (All Dialects) !Exclamation Point (US Only) !Feminine Ordinal Spelling ª Superscripted letter aThe Ultimate MacSpeech Dictate 1.5 Global Commands List Copyright © ATMac 2010
  12. 12. Pronunciation Modes OutputFeminine Ordinal Sign Dictation ª Superscripted letter aFull Stop (all dialects) .Greater Than Spelling >Greater Than Sign Both >Greek Mu Both μGuilder Spelling ƒGuilder sign Both ƒHash Sign (Non-US dialects) #Hat Spelling ^Hyphen Both - Note: in dictation mode, no space before or after the hyphen will be in- sertedIcelandic Eth Dictation #Icelandic Thorn Dictation $Inverted Exclamation Mark (US-only) ¡Inverted Exclamation Point (All dialects) ¡Inverted Question Mark ¿Large Center Dot Dictation • Bullet characterLeft Angle Bracket <Less Than Spelling <Less Than Sign Both <Logical And Dictation &&Logical Not Spelling ¬Logical Not Sign Both ¬Logical Or Dictation ||Macron Spelling ¯ Raised dashMacron Sign Both ¯ Raised dashThe Ultimate MacSpeech Dictate 1.5 Global Commands List Copyright © ATMac 2010
  13. 13. Pronunciation Modes OutputMasculine Ordinal Spelling º Superscript letter oMicro Spelling µMicro Sign Dictation µMicron Dictation µMiddle Dot Spelling ·Minus Sign -Multiplication Sign Dictation %Multiply/Times (Sign) Spelling %New/Next Line Dictation Presses the Return key once.New/Next Paragraph Dictation Presses the Return key twice.Not (Sign) Spelling ¬Number Sign (US Only) #O E Dipthong/Ligature Dictation œOne-Half Sign Both One half signOne-Quarter Sign Both One quarter signOpen Euro Quote(s) Both «Open Square Bracket (All Dialects) Both [Open/Begin [Double] Quote[s] Dictation Straight double quote, followed by a space.Open/Begin angle quote(s) Spelling «Open/Begin Single Quote Dictation Single straight quote preceded by a space.Open/Left (Curly) Brace Both {Open/Left Angle Bracket Dictation <Open/Left Angle Bracket Dictation ‹ Left angle quoteOpen/left Bracket (Non-US Dialects) Both (Open/Left Bracket (US Only) Both [Open/Left Curly Bracket Both {The Ultimate MacSpeech Dictate 1.5 Global Commands List Copyright © ATMac 2010
  14. 14. Pronunciation Modes OutputOpen/left Parenthesis (All Dialects) Both (Optional Ess Dictation (s)Oscar Oblique Stroke Spelling øParagraph Spelling ¶Paragraph Sign Both ¶Per Mille Sign Dictation ‰Per Thousanth/Mille Spelling ‰Percent Spelling %Percent Sign Both %Period (US only) .Period paragraph (US only) Inserts period followed by two newline charactersPlus (Or) Minus (Sign) Spelling ±Plus Or Minus Sign Both ±Plus Sign Both +Point Both .Pound Sign (non-US Dialects) Both £Pound Sign (US Only) #Pound Sterling Sign (US Only) Dictation £Question Mark ?Registered Spelling ®Registered Sign Both ®Right Angle Bracket >S With Caron Dictation &Section Spelling §Section Sign Both §Semicolon ;The Ultimate MacSpeech Dictate 1.5 Global Commands List Copyright © ATMac 2010
  15. 15. Pronunciation Modes OutputSharp Sign (Non-US Dialects) #Single dagger sign Both †Single quote Straight single quote.Soft Hyphen Spelling Unicode 173, optional hyphen (not every application interprets this correctly)Space Bar Both Space characterSquared/Square Spelling Superscript 2Star Spelling *Sterling (Sign) Spelling £Superscript One/Two/Three Both Superscripted 1/2/3 charactersTab Key Dictation Single tab character.Three Quarters Spelling Three quarters signThree Quarters Sign Both Three quarters signTilde Both ~Trademark Spelling ™Trademark Sign Both ™Underscore Both _Vertical Bar Both |Yen Spelling ¥Yen sign Both ¥The Ultimate MacSpeech Dictate 1.5 Global Commands List Copyright © ATMac 2010
  16. 16. Congratulations - youʼve now read every MacSpeech Dictate 1.5 global command that exists, to the best of myknowledge.For more information about using and getting the most from MacSpeech Dictate you can always visit ATMac or, of course, MacSpeechʼs own site hope you found this list useful. Feedback is always welcome - you can email me at or leavecomments on the ATMac site any time.The Ultimate MacSpeech Dictate 1.5 Global Commands List Copyright © ATMac 2010