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Strategic Plan 2012-2013

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KFDG Strategic Plan

  1. 1. KINGDOM FORTUNES DEVELOPMENT GROUP5 YEAR STRATEGIC PLAN Strategic partner for business and training development matters. Rashid Brown, Principal/Managing Member 2012-2013260 PEACHTREE ST NW ATLANTA GA 30303 | 404-855-0739 | SOLUTIONS@KINGDOMFORTUNES.COM
  2. 2. 5 YEAR STRATEGIC PLANExecutive OverviewThe KFDG TeamKingdom Fortunes Development Group (KFDG) is comprised of industry professionals in various aspects ofbusiness, government, technology, education and industry. Our KFDG consultants add value to ensure thecompletion of any project.Our PrincipalRashid Brown serves as KFDG’s Principal Agent and Senior Training and Development Consultant. He is aninstructional architect and human performance improvement strategist with emphasis in instructional systemsdesign, human performance improvement, workforce development, recruiting and sourcing and career development.He has over 20 years of experience with talent management and workforce development system where he is amember of the American Society of Training and Development, Society of Technical Writer, National CareerDevelopment Association, the National Association of Workforce Professionals, Association of CommunityRehabilitation Educators, and the Association of Career and Technical Educators. He conducts research for andprovides technical assistance to Job Readiness Programs and talent development initiatives. He assist programs inexamining workforce partnerships from around the country that have successfully promoted employment withfamily-sustaining wages for low-income, unemployed, or underemployed individuals while creating a skilled, highlyproductive, and stable workforce for employers. His work with regional workforce development efforts focuses onsupporting peer learning among community colleges committed to advancing low-literate, low-income adults intohigher education. Mr. Brown is the Managing Member of Kingdom Fortunes Development Group “KFDG”providing broad range of capacity development programs in Georgia, nationally and overseas. He has written anumber of guides for building the capacity of the workforce development system to address human resourcedevelopment needs, including Careergonomics: A Practical Guide for Mastering Personal Development andEmployment Success in the 21st Century Global World.Strategic VisionKFDG tested provider of training and business methodology will be the company of choice. KFDG will be theclearinghouse for business and training development solutions to grow productivity, profitability and efficiency.KFDG will be a global sourcing company for workforce solutions and talent development by 2014.Agency Background & MissionOur mission is to impact the quality of life of students, professionals, partners, supplier and businesses by providingsolid, evidence-based and research-based solutions.Kingdom Fortunes Development Group (KFDG) a MBE and LSBE for-profit education enterprise is a strategicprovider of affordable training and development solutions with a mission to accelerate the educational and economicadvancement of youth, adults, older and dislocated workers struggling in today’s economy.KFDG partners with leaders in education, business, government, and communities around the nation to: strengthenopportunities for students/workers to succeed in postsecondary learning and high-skill careers; increaseopportunities for low-moderate income individuals to move into family-supporting careers; and meet the growingeconomic demand for knowledgeable and skilled workers.KFDG design, implement and deploy training and development solutions. Our solutions integrate customized andmodified program to enhance profitability and service orientation of any company.All Rights Reserved Kingdom Fortunes Dev Group www.kingdomfortunes.com
  3. 3. 5 YEAR STRATEGIC PLANCorporate Values/Guiding Principles – Service Orientation • Know the business climateMonitor • Provide relevant, update information • Ensure high accountabilityEnforce • Promote respect for others • Dedicated to finding the issues, andStablize • Finding solutions • Provide top-notch resource planning/allocation systems andDeploy • On-Demand access to technical assistanceOrganizational Objectives Increase government contract relationships for subcontracting Increase chain supply diversity in India, China, Africa, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in education/trng Establish Us/International relationship in France, Dubai, Brazil, Australia, Africa, India, Kenya Expand product line strategy to Apps, Video Games, EBook, Audiobook, Paraphenelia, MerchandingSWOT AnalysisInternal strengths – Human capital(Leverage, capitalize, lead) • Strong brand recognition/Years of Services • Credentialing (HubZone, MBE, LSBE, etc) • Strategic Relationships • Broad management/Expertise • Low cost System/Business Operation • High deliverability rate • Compliance and constant track record • Scalable/Global presenceAll Rights Reserved Kingdom Fortunes Dev Group www.kingdomfortunes.com
  4. 4. 5 YEAR STRATEGIC PLAN • Payroll creditsInternal weaknesses - Systems(Minimize, eliminate, subjugate, resolve) • Staffing • Record management • Adverting/Marketing • Contract management systems • Enterprise resource planning • Client relationship managementExternal opportunities - Customer base(Position to take advantage, pursue, exploit) • Rise of technology/product diversification (virtual conferences, digital board, telecasts, webinar, etc) • SBA opportunities • Contract opportunities • Veterans svcs • Disability svcs • Talent migration • Capacity building • Global business opportunities e.g., India, China Brazil, Africa et alExternal threats - Securing funding(Fortify, diminish, good defense is a good offense, avoid) • Line of credit • Licensing/bonding • Sanctions/tariffs • Banking crisis • Demographic changesStrategies using strengths to address opportunities • Credentialing allows KFDG to capitalize on SBA, contract opportunities • Low cost system/operations allows KFDG leverage technology and diversify client service deliver model • Years of service, broad management/expertise allows KFDG to capitalize cross-industry oppty e.g., veterans, older worker, vocational rehabilitation, disability • Global presence/strategic relationships allows KFDG to leverage global business opportunitiesStrategies to reverse weaknesses to address opportunities • Staffing/human capital may impede growth and scalability • Need for tight record management to capture input, output and outcomes of KFDG • Need for deeper advertising/marketing to raise awareness of KFDG high deliverability rate, proven track record to growth business, make money and save money • Need for tight contract management systems, Enterprise resource planning and client relationship management systems to leverage SBA, supplier and contract opptyStrategies to counter threats with strengths • High deliverable rate/ proven track record of success aid KFDG with securing line/capitalization • Credentialing help KFDG to secure licensing/bonding qualifications • Strategic relationship in broad range industry esp., government will help with market penetration and segmentationStrategies to address vulnerabilities • Asset development/funding requires impeccable monitoring, tracking and reporting, KFDG needs better enterprise resource planning • Tight record & compliance systems supports KFDGs to better show outcomes to Convince funders WHY KFDG is an invested brand with staying powerAll Rights Reserved Kingdom Fortunes Dev Group www.kingdomfortunes.com
  5. 5. 5 YEAR STRATEGIC PLAN Internal strengths (Leverage, capitalize, lead) - Human capital Internal weaknesses - Systems Strong brand recognition/Years of (Minimize, eliminate, subjugate, Plan Services Credentailing (HubZone, MBE, LSBE, etc) Strategic Relatioships resolve) Staffing Record management Plan of Action: Priorities & forward Broad management/Expertise Low cost System/Business Operation High deliverability rate Adversing/Marketing Contract management syetms Enterprise resource planning Recommendation: 1. Establish financial Compliance and constant track record Client relationship management partners e.g. commmunty Scalable/Global presence devlp corporations, Payroll credits sposnsoring corps External opportunities - Customer Credentailing allows KFDG to Staffing/human capital may base capitalize on SBA, contract impede growth and scalability (Position to take advantage, opportunties pursue, exploit) Low cost system/operations allows Need for tight record management to capture input, ouput and 2. Establish banking Rise of technology/product KFDG leverage tehnology and outcomes of KFDG relationships e.g. CDC, Ist diversfication (virtual conferences, diversify client service deliver digital board, teleclass, webinar, etc model Need for deeper advertising/marketing to raise Choice, 53 Bank, Citizens SBA opportunities Years of service, broad awareness of KFDG high Trust, BBT management/expertise allows deliverability rate, proven track Contract opportunities KFDG to capitalize cross-industry record to growth business, make Veterans svcs oppty e.g., veterans, older worker, money and save money vocational rehabilitation, disability Disability svcs Need for tight contract management systems, Enterprise 3. Considering factoring to Talent migration Global presence/strategic relationships allows KFDG to resource planning and client secure upfront cash from Capacity building leverage global business relationship management systems Global business opprtunities e.g., opportunities to leverage SBA, supplier and account India, China Brazil, Africa et al contract oppty receivables/contracts 4. Contract leveraging with Assest development/funding dedicated/committed External threats - Securing High deliverable rate/ proven requires impeccable revenue funding monitoring, tracking and track record of success aid reporting, KFDG needs better (Fortify, diminish, good KFDG with securing enterprise resource planning defense is a good offense, line/capitalization avoid) Tight record & compliance Credentailing help KFDG to systems supports KFDGs to Line of credit secure licensing/bonding better show outcomes to Licensing/bonding qualifications Convince funders WHY KFDG Strategic relationship in broad is an invested brand with Sanctions/tariffs range industry esp., staying power Banking crisis government will help with Demographic changes market penetration and : segmentationAll Rights Reserved Kingdom Fortunes Dev Group www.kingdomfortunes.com