2009 Legacy of Excellence Award


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Named the 2009 Passing the Baton Award Recipient

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2009 Legacy of Excellence Award

  1. 1. AGBM INCORP ORATED Awards CelebrationRecognizing the contributions of: Official Souvenir Journal Aaron Terrell Our Better Halves Award Recipient Jabari Simmonds Our Future Award Recipient Rashid Brown Passing the Baton Award Recipient Otto Gross, 11 Optimal Achiever Award Recipient Kevin Chase Our Heroes Award Recipient Dr. Stanley E. Matthews, Sr. Keeper of the Flame Award RecipientA Good Black Man, Inc. Dedicated to enhancing the life options for African-American male youth P.O. Box 692 Randallstown, Maryland 21133 410-637-5451 A Good Black Man, Inc. is a non-profit organization honoring www.agoodblackman.org outstanding African-American males for their contributions to family info@agoodblackman.com and the community. 2009 AGBM Legacy of Excellence Awards Celebration Souvenir Journal Page
  2. 2. B & R BROOKS PROFESSIONAL TAX SERVICE 8419 Liberty Road l Baltimore, MD 21244-3133 Phone: 410-922-8808 Fax: 410-922-8819 B & R Brooks Professional Tax Services include accounting, payroll and financial planning services. Benjamin T. Brooks, Sr.— President DONT WAIT 6 WEEKS FOR A REFUND! GET YOUR  Individual Taxes  Corporate Taxes  Federal & All States  Electronic Filing FEDERAL REFUNDS (RAL’S) MARYLAND REFUNDS IN 1 OR 2 DAYS IN 5 OR 6 DAYS2009 AGBM Legacy of Excellence Awards Celebration Souvenir Journal Page 2
  3. 3. Welcome Message From The President Dear Friends and Supporters Welcome to the 8th Annual A Good Black Man, Inc. (AGBM) Legacy of Excellence Awards Celebration! It is always an honor for me to participate in the selection of the honorees and to do my part to help bring this wonderful event to you. For me and the AGBM Board of Directors, this is a highly anticipated gathering. It is our way of showing how much we love and appreciate African American males. And we look forward to every moment. The Legacy of Excellence Awards Celebration is a tribute to the many men of color who continually serve as fathers, husbands, teachers, mentors, counselors, advisors, leaders, activists, supporters, and positive contributors within the Black community. We have selected six outstanding individuals (from a multitude of potential award recipients) and nominated each on the basis of their community involvement and commitment. AGBM is resolved to do everything within its power to support and assist African American young men by providing them with the resources and the information they need to improve both their personal lives and their economic outcomes. This fundraising event helps us achieve that end. In addition, we have developed “Legacy of Excellence” Program Modules which are a combination of classroom activities and computer technologies designed to address issues created by the Digital Divide. Finally, we incor- porate our web site, www.agoodblackman.com as a vehicle for exploring, honoring, uplifting and cele- brating African American males. We invite you to join us by lending your support of this vital initiative. We hope that you will enjoy festivi- ties and be as inspired as we are by the work of the award recipients. Most importantly, we hope that when you leave this event it will be with a sense of resolve, purpose and commitment not only to AGBM, but to the African American community at-large. Peace and Blessings, D. Anne Browne President, A Good Black Man, Inc.2009 AGBM Legacy of Excellence Awards Celebration Souvenir Journal Page 3
  4. 4. Join The AGBM Revolution A GBM, Inc. is a non-profit organization whose ongoing mission is to enhance the life options for African American males and to provide a global forum to dispel the myths that demonize Black males by creating a safe haven void of the unkind criti- cism, persecution and degradation sadly too often seen in the media and society-at-large. Supporting AGBM is as simple as: • Becoming a sponsor of or mentor at our Legacy of Excellence (LOE) Summer Enrichment camp. • Placing an annual ad in our commemorative Legacy of Excellence Awards Celebration Souvenir Journal • Making a tax-deductible donation today online at www.agoodblackman.com • Buying (and wearing) AGBM, Inc. Pride Wear and other merchan- dise online now at www.agoodblackman.org. • Partnering today with AGBM in community outreach initiatives. • Including AGBM in your professional network. • JOINING THE AGBM FAMILY TODAY THROUGH YOUR MEMBERSHIP Membership Benefits A s an AGBM member, we will ensure that in our organization, African American men will be widely portrayed in ways that reflect their human- ity and that transcend the negative stereotypes offered by mainstream media. Our programs and community initiatives will uplift, support, and buttress against negative peer pressure faced by African-American boys and young men. Your AGBM membership includes: • Reduced rates on AGBM online advertising • FREE subscription to our electronic newsletter, VOICES • FREE listing and link back from our web site. • Reduced rates on promotional merchandise from AGBM. • Updates and information about our Networking Mixers BE A PART OF SOMETHING POWERFUL, POSITIVE AND EMPOWERING!2009 AGBM Legacy of Excellence Awards Celebration Souvenir Journal Page 4
  5. 5. What AGBM, Inc. is All About A goodblackman.com (AGBM) is an actual web site online at: www.agoodblackman.com. This web site was conceived, de- signed, created, launched and maintained by Baltimore web developer, author and entrepreneur, D. Anne Browne in re- sponse to the criticism: “There are no good Black men.” The motivation behind the construction of this site is to first, silence the critics. Second, it is to provide a place for Black males to go where they will not be criti- cized unkindly, persecuted unjustly or judged unfairly. The AGBM family places a great deal of emphasis on the history of people of African de- scent. We do this because we recognize how important it is to re- educate ourselves. We believe that we must reconcile ourselves with the past in order to understand the present and prepare for the future. AGBM Founder and President D. Anne Browne We created www.agoodblackman.org as a companion web site that pro- vides information and updates about our nonprofit organization, A Good Black Man, Inc. (AGBM, Inc.) With your support, since 2001 we have promoted the countless numbers of Black males out there who have devoted their lives to building strong communities, families and relation- ships. Together, we will continue to salute those Black males with positive messages to convey.AGBM, Inc. Membership Please check one: [ ] Renewal [ ] New Membership AGBM Membership is valid for 1 yearMEMBERSHIP TYPE[ ] individual ($50.00) [ ] professional ($75.00) [ ] corporate ($250.00) [ ] student ($25.00)[ ] community-based organizations ($100.00) [ ] other: _______________________________________________PLEASE PRINTName: _________________________________________________________ Application Date: _________________Address: _______________________________________________________________________________________Business Affiliation: _______________________________________________________________________________Business Address: ________________________________________________________________________________Home Phone: __________________________________ Work Phone: ______________________________________Cell Phone: ____________________________________ Fax: _____________________________________________Email: __________________________________________ Web Address: ___________________________________I prefer to have my mail sent: to my: [ ] home [ ] work [ ] email [ ] other: ________________________________ FOR INTERNAL USE ONLY Make checks payable to: A Good Black Man, Inc. Date: __________________ Amount: ____________________ P.O. Box 692 Baltimore, MD 21133 Method: ________________________ By: ________________ APPLY ONLINE AT WWW.AGOODBLACKMAN.ORG2009 AGBM Legacy of Excellence Awards Celebration Souvenir Journal Page 5
  6. 6. AGBM Board of Directors & Volunteer Board Members D. Anne Browne Derrell Owens Darlene Green-Connor President Vice-President Treasurer A Good Black Man, Inc. Volunteer Board of Directors A Good Black Man, Inc. Advisory Board Members Chenal Alford, II Benjamin Brooks Joe Ford • A Adar Ayira • Avon Bellamy • Carol Brooks • Vesta Jackson-Crute • De Lacy Davis • Chris Hardy • Stan Heuisler • Leon Purnell • Richard Rowe Carolyn Payton Terra R. Scott Stan Stovall • Vernon Simms JOIN THE REVOLUTION! APPLY FOR BOARD MEMBERSHIP TODAY! SEND YOUR INQUIRIES TO INFO@AGOODBLACKMAN.COM OR CALL US AT 410-637-54512009 AGBM Legacy of Excellence Awards Celebration Souvenir Journal Page 6
  7. 7. Previous Legacy of Excellence Award Recipients 2008 LEGACY OF EXCELLENCE (LOE) AWARD RECIPIENTS Lamont Carey Ben T. Brooks, Sr. Leon Purnell Kevin M. Carter Marcus Harris David Diongue Our Future Award Our Better Halves Award Keeper of the Flame Award Passing the Baton Award Our Heroes Award Optimal Achiever Award2007 LOE AWARD RECIPIENTS 2006 LOE AWARD RECIPIENTS Ray Davis Isaac J. Richardson Ernest M. Kromah Andrew Hall Our Better Halves Our Future Our Better Halves Our Future Louis C. Fields Glenard S. Middleton, Sr. Arnold Mitchell Dr. Edward Cornwell, 111 Keeper of the Flame Our Heroes Keeper of the Flame Our Heroes Manny Locke, Jr. Derek Dangerfield Mario Armstrong Devron Dickens, Sr. Passing the Baton Optimal Achiever Passing the Baton Optimal Achiever2009 AGBM Legacy of Excellence Awards Celebration Souvenir Journal Page 7
  8. 8. 2009 LOE Awards Celebration Event Program 11:30 to 12:15 …........................………………………………......………. Reception 12:30 to 12:40 …………......................................................……. Welcome Address 12:40 to 1:00 ..…..………...................................................…………. Guest Speakers 1:00 to 1:45 …....………….......................................……..... Presentation of Awards 1:45 to 2:00 ......................................……….……………………... Closing Remarks Thank You For Your Support This fundraiser will help AGBM, Inc. provide African American males between the ages of 11-14 with the resources needed to participate in the Legacy of Excellence Program modules. The program includes a combination of classroom activities and computer technologies designed as vehicle for self-exploration and to address some of the issues created by the Digital Divide. For more information, contact us at: A Good Black Man, Inc. (AGBM) P.O. Box 692 Randallstown, Maryland 21133-0692 410-637-5451 www.agoodblackman.org info@agoodblackman.com AGBM, Inc. is a non-profit 501(c) 3 organization2009 AGBM Legacy of Excellence Awards Celebration Souvenir Journal Page 8
  9. 9. Special Guest Speaker Dr. Reginald S. Avery D r. Reginald S. Avery officially assumed the presidency of 108- year-old Coppin State University, on January 14, 2008. Dr. Avery, who was serving as Executive Vice Chancellor for Aca- demic Affairs at the University of South Carolina Upstate, be- comes Coppin’s fifth president, succeeding Dr. Stanley Battle who re- signed last June to become Chancellor of North Carolina A&T State Uni- versity. He brings more than 35-years of experience in higher education to Coppin State and vows a strong allegiance to its mission and a pledge to advance excellence and effectiveness. Dr. Avery served as Executive Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and Professor at the University of South Carolina Upstate (USC) since 2003. In 2006-07, he served as the institution’s Acting Chancellor while the Chancellor was on sabbatical. Previously, he was Provost at Alma College in Michigan, Vice President for Academic Affairs at Kentucky State University and Founding Dean of the School of Professional Pro- grams at Benedict College in South Carolina. He served on the faculty of the University of Tennessee and the University of Arkansas at Little Rock. While holding leading posts at USC Upstate, Dr. Avery served on several boards, including those of the Spartanburg Area Chamber of Commerce, Urban League of the Upstate, and 100 Black Men. Dr. Avery holds a Ph.D. from the Florence Heller School of Social Policy and Management at Brandeis University, an M.S.W. from the George Williams College of Aurora University, and a B.S. in sociology from North Carolina A&T State University. He and his wife Esther have three adult children and two grandchildren.2009 AGBM Legacy of Excellence Awards Celebration Souvenir Journal Page 9
  10. 10. Special Guest Speaker Shawn Z. Tarrant S hawn Z. Tarrant is Delegate Elect for Maryland House of Dele- gates representing the 40th District of Baltimore City. Tarrant won a seat, by stressing the need to improve public schools, neighborhoods and greater availability of affordable health care for all. Delegate Tarrant’s first (2007) session in the Maryland House of Dele- gates was a winning one—as he was lead sponsor of three bills that be- came law; and he co-sponsor of numerous pieces of legislation that be- came new laws. Delegate Tarrant is also a valued member of the Health and Government Operations Committee, and the Legislative State Black Caucus of Maryland; and he is as a member of the Work Group on Cultural Competency and Workforce Development for Mental Health Professionals. He is a 1989 graduate of Norfolk State University (NSU) with a B.S in Finance/Marketing. Tarrant is a proud Life Member of The Norfolk State Alumni Association—since 1989. He is member of the NSU Prince Georges Alumni Association and served as emcee for the last two Maggie F. Watts Scholarship Banquets. In 1985, Tarrant was initiated into the Epsilon Zeta Chapter (NSU) of Kappa Alpha Psi. He is a member of the Baltimore Alumni Kappa Chapter; and he has been a life member since 1992. Tarrant has been employed for the past 14 years by Bristol-Myers Squibb Company as a Region Direc- tor of State Government Operations. In this role, he ensures that the insurance plans of Medicaid recipi- ents insurance have access to the entire portfolio of life medications sold by Bristol-Myers Squibb. In previous positions, he has helped municipalities and cities conduct HIV/AIDS testing and awareness programs. Shawn was president of the Neighbor Organization Ashburton Area Association from 1999-2006,. Prior to his tenure as president, he served as the organization’s vice president from 1994. He created several long-standing programs and is most proud of success achieved in rezoning Ashburton to an R-1 zone status (i.e., allowing single family only dwellings). He is a frequent speaker on improving housing and zoning codes. Alumnus Tarrant is very committed to public school education serving 5 terms a PTO (Parent Teacher Organization) board member and vice president of the PTO at his children’s public ele- mentary school. He is the founder of “Tiger Pa’s,” a fathers’ group at his son’s school that encourages male parental involvement by having fathers coordinate and host special activities at the school. Tarrant is a dedicated member of Union Baptist Church in Baltimore, Rev. Alvin Hathaway, pastor. There, he has served on the Deacon Board for over 10 years. Tarrant is a native of Long Island, New York and has been married to Brenda McDaniels Tarrant, a chemistry teacher at City College High School in Baltimore. They are proud parents of two children: Kayla, and Shawn, Jr.2009 AGBM Legacy of Excellence Awards Celebration Souvenir Journal Page 10
  11. 11. 2009 OUR BETTER HALVES AWARD Aaron B. Terrell A aron Terrell is not only a good Black man, but he is also a GREAT husband and father. This young, easy-going man has already mastered so much of what makes a great husband and a great father: a supportive nature; willingness to compro- mise; endless patience; and most of all, commitment - to his wife, to his son, and to his responsibilities as the head of their home. Each day, Aaron blesses his wife Tanya and his son Justin with the essential understanding that hearth, home and the family within are at the heart of being a successful man. Aaron Benjamin Terrell was born and raised in Catonsville, Maryland, the second of three sons born to Gwendolyn and Barry Terrell. After finishing Catonsville High School in 1989, Aaron went to school to pursue a degree in political science at Hampton University. Ulti- mately he finished his college career at Coppin State University by earning a bachelor of science de- gree. His professional experiences include work in the insurance industry. From there, he transitioned into human resources. Currently, Aaron is a Human Resource Specialist with the U.S. Government and was recently appointed to an international assignment in Europe where he will move this fall with his family. Aaron Terrell is a dedicated professional, but he lives for his family. Aaron has been married to his wife Tanya for five years and welcomed son Justin 2 years ago. His interests are broad and varied. When he is not working, he loves to read and learn history, spend time with family and friends and play with his son Justin. Aaron lives his life in a way that provides the example and reinforces for the rest of us what the "Our Better Halves" award really means.2009 AGBM Legacy of Excellence Awards Celebration Souvenir Journal Page 11
  12. 12. 2009 OUR FUTURE AWARD Jabari Simmonds J abari Simmonds is known to many who love him as “a young man with an ‘old soul’.” Jabari was born to Mr. Peter Simmonds and Ms. Thais Darway on July 18, 1990 in Durham, North Carolina and came to Baltimore to live with his mother at the age of 2. While attending St. Ignatius Loyola Academy, a catholic middle school located in Baltimore city for students of academic talent and humble means, he developed an interest for music. This interest would encom- pass such diverse genres as hip hop, jazz, rock, flamenco, bossa nova, reggae, and many more, and would inspire him to learn to play both the guitar and piano. During his high school years – at an age when many young African American men are negotiating the dangers of the mean streets and their own youthful passions -- he stayed focused while playing in the music ensemble and winning an award for musical achievement. A turning point in Jabari’s life came when a “master musician”, Tazz – an acclaimed acoustic guitarist - recognized his talent and became his mentor, not only in music but in all aspects of life. Together they formed a group called “Grand Ages” with a highly charismatic singer and talented lyricist named Amos Drummond. This group was occasionally joined by Adar Ayira, a very profound poet who is unafraid to speak her mind and allow powerful words to emanate from her spirit. Although the group played together for less than a year, the music that created was from four people who have known each other for a life- time. They would always agree that “God was in the room” each and every time they played. “Grand Ages” continues to nurture Jabari’s talents and to be supportive of his growth as a musician and as a good Black man. A second year college student at Essex Community College living in Northeast Baltimore, MD, Jabari continues to grow his talents as a musician as he perfects the soulful and haunting compositions for which he is known. He continues to explore and “grow” his style across musical genres and is currently considering studying music in England. Jabari is proud to be the recipient of the “Our Future” Award; is thankful to all of those who continue to wrap arms around him as he makes his way in the world, especially his mother and father; and dedicates this award to the memory of his mentor and friend, Tazz.2009 AGBM Legacy of Excellence Awards Celebration Souvenir Journal Page 12
  13. 13. 2009 PASSING THE BATON AWARD Rashid Brown W ith more than 20 years of service as a management pro- fessional, Rashid Brown is recognized as a Education Professional with the National Registry of CPE Sponsors of the National Association of the State Board of Accoun- tancy. He is a registered and certified Management Professional in the National Restaurant Association Foundation and a certified trainer. He has lead diversified Hospitality portfolios for Forbes and Fortune 500 companies. Rashid has held several leadership positions such as Operations Direc- tor, District Manager, Regional and District Training/ Development Man- ager, Corporate Trainer, Training Manager and General Manager in World Class Organizations and Multinational Corporations such as YUM! Brands, the world largest food retailer, RTM Restaurant Group, the world largest franchise group and the world largest franchiser of the Arbys brand, and Concessions International, the world largest airport foodservice provider. He presently holds a leadership position in Brinker International, the world’s leader in casual dining. Rashid is also is an active member of Delta Iota Epsilon Academy Honors Society, The National Schol- ars Honors Society, The American Management Association, and The National Career Development As- sociation and Junior Achievement as well as recipient of The Congressional Merit of Honor and Madison Whos Who Among Executives and Professionals. Further, he is a professional member of the STEM Education Caucus, STEM Coalition, American Society of Training and Development, Future Business Leaders of America, Business Professional of America, and the Association for Career and Technical Education, and the Georgia Writers Association. Rashid Brown also is an Author/Lecturer, Presenter, and Clinician, and Success Speaker on the 21st Century Economy, Education, and Employment, Mixed-Used, Urban Policy & Administration, the New Directions of Higher Education, CTE and STEM Education, Professional Leadership Development, and Child & Family Policy. Presently, he is the Founding President and Chief Learning Officer of Kingdom Fortunes Development Group (KFDG): The Center for Community Capacity Building located in Atlanta, Georgia. KFDG is a minority, privately-held Community Development & Training Corporation, which pro- vides Human Development, Mentoring, and Self-Sufficiency Programs and Services in Educational Lead- ership, Instructional Design Systems, Human Performance Improvement, Student Development, Youth Leadership, Youth Entrepreneurship, Workforce Readiness, Work-Based Learning, Professional Devel- opment, Career Development, Talent Management, Lifelong Learning, Low-Income Mixed-Used Devel- opment, and Urban Learning Policy to urban youths, families, schools/ educational institutions, organiza- tions, industry, and labor. In addition to these accomplishments, Rashid is a Program Advisory Mentor Coach for Big Brothers Big Sister, YMCA, Boys & Girls Club, American Inter-Continental University, ITT Technical Institute, South Cobb High School, Redan High School, Stephenson High School, North Cobb High School, Miller Grove High School where he provides Student Leadership Coaching, Youth Development, Life Skills Coaching, Job Coaching, Education Coaching, CTAE and GREEN Coaching. To this end, Mr. Brown has dedi- cated his life to preparing urban youths, families, and communities for success in today’s 21st century global economy.2009 AGBM Legacy of Excellence Awards Celebration Souvenir Journal Page 13
  14. 14. 2009 OPTIMAL ACHIEVER AWARD Otto L. Gross, 11 O tto La Monte Gross, II is a twenty one-year-old honor roll gradu- ate from Calvert Hall College High School and has been recog- nized by the Maryland Higher Education Commission as a Dis- tinguished Scholar. He now attends the Berklee College of Mu- sic in Boston, MA where he is a Deans List Student and his private in- structor, Francisco Mela, teaches Otto the art of drumming. Otto plays the vibraphone, percussion, drums, organ, keyboard, marimba, piano and bass. He is the recipient of 1 bronze, 2 silver and 3 gold medals for the NAACP ACT-SO competition for Piano, Drums and Poetry. At Prayer Mission COGIC, Otto serves as a, director of music, Sunday school teacher and Christian peer mentor. He has been honored for demonstrating Christian leadership at school, church and the commu- nity. His academic experiences and community service include serving as a student ambassador, peer educator, tutor, Virginia Habitat for Humanity carpenter volunteer, horticultural assistant at the Cylburn Aboreturim, and percussion instructor at the Friends School Music Summer Camp. At the age of twelve, Otto won 3rd place at the national Kids Showtime at the Apollo Talent competition for drums. Otto plays keyboards, per- cussion, upright bass and piano with Calvert Hall’s concert, jazz, marching and competitive bands. He has performed at the East Coast Jazz festival, The International Association of Jazz Education (IAJE) festival, the American Music festival in PA and at the last 4 Mid-Atlantic Coast Championships, school musicals, citywide parades and local and national colleges. Otto debuted as a solo percussionist at the 2002-2005 Turkey Bowls at the Baltimore Ravens’ stadium for 15,000 attendees. Otto has also provided musical accompaniment at the New Jersey Performing Arts Center, the Manhattan Dunlevy Children’s Society, Maryland All State Jazz band, the Church of God in Christ, Inc., the Baltimore Museum of Art and the talent showcase winner at Westgate Resorts in Palm Desert, California while attending the 2005 COGIC AIMS, the Berklee Performance Center and Washing- ton D.C.’s infamous “Twins” jazz club. In May 2006, he performed with the Berklee College of Music All-star students. Otto has played with art- ists such as Lincoln Center trombonist Vincent Gardner, Duke Ellington orchestra saxophonist Mark Gross, world renown jazz trombonist (and Berklee alum) Delpheayo Marsalis, Dave Holland Big Band Saxophonist Antonio Hart, Francisco Mela, Bassist Esperanza Spalding, Saxophonist George Garzone, Organist and Professor of Music Dennis Montgomery III, Bassist Justin Raines (Berklee alum), Presiden- tial Scholars Victor Gould (pianist), Alex Han (saxophonist), Ayeisha Mathis (drummer) and Casimir Liber- ski (pianist) just to name a small few. During the summers of 2007 and 2008 , Otto served as pianist and drummer for the “Soda Pops” at Hershey Park in Hershey, PA and is now an underscorer at the famous “Improv Asylum” in Boston Mass where he creates musical extemporizations in comedic atmospheres in- cluding improvisation and sketch comedy. Otto has also earned and was awarded the 2006 Calvert Hall College for the Highest Achievement in Jazz musicality and performance, the 2006 Louie Armstrong Award and 2005 Woody Herman Award. While home, Otto continues to send praises at the New Prayer Mission Church of God in Christ, where his father, Elder Otto LaMonte Gross Sr. is the very fine pastor.2009 AGBM Legacy of Excellence Awards Celebration Souvenir Journal Page 14
  15. 15. 2009 OUR HEROES AWARD Kevin Chase K evin Chase has always been involved in his community in Oxen Hills, MD., and as a student at University of Maryland Eastern Shore (UMES). Having graduated from the Univer- sity of Maryland Eastern Shore, a Historically Black College and University (HBCU), Kevin admired the determination of many stu- dents who faced many financial challenges to complete their educa- tion. Working for eight years at Howard University’s accounting de- partment, Kevin envisioned a way to celebrate the death of his child- hood friend and high school teammate, Andre Gist, and honor his friend’s legacy while helping other students pursue their educational goals at HBCUs. In 2003, Kevin founded the Andre Gist Memorial Foundation. This not-for-profit 501(c)3 organization provides financial assistance for tuition and school materials and mentoring to eligible students. Often times the students that are selected for the scholarship come from sin- gle family homes and are first time college students within their family’s history. It is safe to say that without Kevin Chase and The Foundation, many recipients might not have attended college. The recipients of this scholarship are given $8,000 ($1,000 per semester for four years). In return, they must meet the Foundation’s criteria of at least a 3.0 GPA. In addition they must make a strong com- mitment to helping others in the same manner that the Andre Gist Memorial Foundation has assisted them. The Foundation’s goal is not only to provide financial assistance to these students, but to also help mentor them and after their graduation, they can provide mentoring to current recipients. As “ambassadors” of the Foundation, we would like to foster the ideal of giving back to the community through giving of ourselves. The Foundation receives its funding primarily from two annual fundraisers: a black tie dinner/dance/silent auction and a golf tournament (Andre Gist Memorial Golf Tournament). It is no surprise that Kevin spends an inordinate amount of his free time visiting the recipients on cam- pus, chatting with them on the phone or via e-mail. They look at him as someone they can rely on for support, encouragement and advice – a role model. It’s no wonder Kevin has followed this path. His parents have supported their sons throughout their childhood. His father coaching Little League foot- ball, basketball and baseball; his mother supporting the PTA, bake sales and retired nurse. Kevin’s modesty and humility prevent many people from knowing his generosity. Through the Foundation, do- nors are touched by its purpose as well as by the man who is behind it.2009 AGBM Legacy of Excellence Awards Celebration Souvenir Journal Page 15
  16. 16. 2009 KEEPER OF THE FLAME AWARD Dr. Stanley E. Matthews, Sr., DDS S tanley Edward Matthews has always strived to be the best. Though experiencing a variety of challenges through-out his life Stanley has always persevered and maintained faith in God, himself and his abilities to accomplish his goals. As a scholar throughout the years Stanley has received a variety of academic schol- arships and has been recognized with community service awards. He lives for uplifting and improving his personal community and the African American Community. At the age of nine, he and his mother were involved in a car accident caused by a drunk driver. The impact of the drunk drivers car hit his mothers car hurling her body three houses down the street and left him pinned under the wheels of the car. The collision severed the lower half of his leg. His mother sustained numerous injuries and went through a long and difficult recovery process. The orthopedic and neurosurgeons at Johns Hopkins Hospital were successful at saving his life and his leg. The accident sparked his curiosity with pursuing a career in the sciences. During his undergraduate years Stanley volunteered as a Student Ambassador/Admissions Recruiter, pa- thology lab summer volunteer and chemistry and physics tutor; worked as an Assistant Athletic Trainer, Resident Assistant and Physical Therapy Assistant. As an employee of Johns Hopkins University, he ex- plored the impact of various diseases on numerous organ systems by working in the surgical pathological department as the Tissue Bank Coordinator. In this position, he was able to see how poor oral health care can lead to cancer and other health ailments if ignored. Working at Hopkins and other dental clinics helped him understand the reason why prevention and education are the only cure for many health disor- ders. Stanley earned a DDS from Howard University College of Dentistry, an MS in Medical Science from Hampton University, a BS in biology from Coppin State University, and a BS in rehabilitation from Univer- sity of Maryland Eastern Shore. He is a member of the National Dental Association, National Dental Asso- ciation, American Dental Association, Academy of General Dentistry, Oral Cancer Society and Kappa Al- pha Psi Fraternity Incorporated. Currently, Stanley is in a 1 year oral maxillofacial surgery fellowship program at Woodhull Medical Center in Brooklyn, New York. His responsibilities include managing and facilitating patient care at the oral sur- gery clinic while the senior residents are in surgery. He may treat as many as 20 patients a day. His last year of dental school was one of many challenges and tribulations. Many of Stanley’s colleagues referred patients to the Dental Clinic for treatment by him. His desire to help the community and its underserved population has deepened throughout his dental school career. As a result, he has received the Outstanding Community Service awards from Howard University College Of Dentistry. Ultimately, his goal is to design and maintain several clinics to serve underprivileged communi- ties. Stanley believes it is his calling and duty to give back to the community by promoting oral health through oral maxillofacial surgery.2009 AGBM Legacy of Excellence Awards Celebration Souvenir Journal Page 16
  17. 17. AGBM Optimal Achiever Award In Memory of Dr. John T. Chissell D uring his years of medical practice, Dr. John was a leader in the medical profession and an activist for access to quality health care for all, regardless of race or socio-economic status. He was a charter fellow and life member of the American Academy of Family Physicians, a life member of the National Medical Association, a member of the Medical and Chirurgical Faculty of Maryland. In 1971 he became the first African–American to serve as President of the Maryland Academy of Family Physicians. He served on the Medical Assistance Ad- visory Committee for Maryland’s Medical Assistance Program and was Chairman of its Physician’s Service Sub-Committee from 1965 to 1971. He served as Chief of the Department of Family Practice and Clinical Director of Ambulatory Care Services at Provident Hospital in Baltimore from 1973- 1976. Sought after for his wisdom, leadership, and integrity, Dr. John served on countless advisory committees (including AGBM), task forces and other health care governing bodies up until the time of his death. After 32 years of practicing what he called “sick care,” Dr. John retired from clinical practice to pursue full time his major purpose in life: “To study, model, motivate, and teach the principles and practices of opti- mal health.” He was the founder and Chief Consultant of the Positive Perceptions Group, an Optimal Health Education Network, and enjoyed working as a Consultant, Lecturer, Program Producer and Mod- erator, Writer, and life long student of Optimal Health, Natural and Universal Laws. He was the proud au- thor of Pyramids of Power: An Ancient African-Centered Approach to Optimal Health, inspired by his jour- ney through Egypt in late 1986. Based upon ancient African history and philosophy, the book is a compre- hensive, reader-friendly guide to attaining mental, physical, spiritual, emotional, and socio-economic well- being. The John T. Chissell Optimal Achiever Award was created to to honor, celebrate and preserve the ex- traordinary life and legacy of one of this nation’s most venerable health advocate and a true Black hero. Each year, during the AGBM Legacy of Excellence Award Celebration, this award will be presented to an outstanding African American high school senior, or college student who has demonstrated an apprecia- tion for and understanding of the best possible emotional, intellectual, physical, spiritual and socioeco- nomic aliveness, which was promoted and practiced by Dr. Chissell. This award will highlight his brilliant and committed life and the recipient will be asked to advance his legacy through academic excellence, community service and the promotion of the principles of “Optimal Health.” The John T. Chissell Optimal Achiever Award embodies the mission of AGBM and represents the highest levels of individual accom- plishment, personal courage and the empowerment of African American male youth and the communities in which they live. Criteria for recipients of the award are African American male: • High school seniors residing in and attending school in metropolitan Baltimore or college students attending an accredited four year college. • Students majoring in one of the following areas: physical/mental health, human services, law, busi- ness, economics, or religious studies with a cumulative GPA of at least 3.0. • Students exhibiting high standards of behavior and character • Students advancing the legacy of Dr. Chissell through academic excellence, community service and individual accomplishment.2009 AGBM Legacy of Excellence Awards Celebration Souvenir Journal Page 17
  18. 18. FEATURED ARTIST James E. Murphy, Jr. J ames E. Murphy, Jr., a native of Baltimore, developed a special interest in art while in his fourth year of grade school. It was then that he decided to be an artist. James was blessed with having the opportunity to nurture his talent through participation in vari- ous community art programs and workshops during his preteen years which prepared him for an academic art education at the Baltimore School For The Arts High School. After which he went on to receive a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in visual communication from the Mary- land Institute College of art. After college, James began a career in freelance commercial art. He has completed illustrations for various publications including Physical Therapy Today Magazine and Umoja Children Inc. Greeting Cards. His work has also been showcased in various art exhibitions throughout Maryland. Today in addition to freelance illustration, a major portion of Jamess time is devoted to the fine art mar- ket through which he makes available to clientele his original artwork and reproductions of his original artwork. James also offers such commercial services as website development and logo design. James believes that his art is a gift from God and thus a vehicle through which he can creatively ex- press his three convictions: cultural awareness, family values and his faith in God . It is these convic- tions that have led James to establish his own art company, Something For Your Soul (SFYS). Through SFYS it is Jamess goal to provide art that is more than merely cute wall decoration. He wishes to set a standard of art that penetrates the surface of ones admiration and ministers to the soul.2009 AGBM Legacy of Excellence Awards Celebration Souvenir Journal Page 18
  19. 19. 2009 AGBM Legacy of Excellence Awards Celebration Souvenir Journal Page 19
  20. 20. Maryland Health Care Resources, Inc. Community-Based Service Help us support our advocacy by saving lives. Purchase a Guardian Alert Maryland Medical Healthcare Resources, Inc. 2901 Druid Park Drive, Suite A102 Phone: 410- 523-7400 Fax: 410- 523-4034 Email: fburton@mdhcr.org Baltimore, Maryland 21215 Contact: Falesha Burton www.mdhcr.org The Men of Character World Wide bids you congratulations on your 2009 Legacy of Excellence Awards Celebration. Keep empowering our young boys to become men of character. May God Bless you2009 AGBM Legacy of Excellence Awards Celebration Souvenir Journal Page 20
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  26. 26. 2009 LOE AWARDS CELEBRATION What if Life? Life is a challenge. Meet it. Life is a gift. Accept it. Life is an adventure. Dare it. Life is a sorrow. Overcome it. Life is a tragedy. Face it. Life is a duty. Perform it. Life is a game. Play it. Life is a mystery. Unfold it. Life is a song. Sing it. Life is an opportunity. Take it. Life is a journey. Complete it. Life is a promise. Fulfill it. Life is a beauty. Praise it. Life is a struggle. Fight it. Life is a goal. Achieve it Life is a puzzle. Solve it. 2009 LOE Souvenir Journal design courtesy of D. Anne Browne and The Camera Ready Café2009 AGBM Legacy of Excellence Awards Celebration Souvenir Journal Page 26