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Ace Social Solutions


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Growing my own social media marketing setup. We especially cater to the small/medium business owners.

My work portfolio is inclusive of but not limited to:
* Consulting
* Training Management & Employees as potential Influencers
* Social Media Marketing
* Content Strategy & Content related services

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Ace Social Solutions

  1. 1. For your Social Media Marketing needs!
  2. 2. Social networks itself may be saturated but social media is an integrated part of our lives
  3. 3.  73% Of U.S. Adults Use Social Networks.The number of people on multiple networks is near 42%  Facebook &Twitter are among the best Social Networks for driving customer interaction & return users, closely followed byYouTube, LinkedIn, Flickr, & Google+  Average Number of page likes per FB fan: 40  Average Number of Followers perTwitter User: 208  Instagram Is BiggerThanTwitter On Smartphones Source:
  4. 4.  FB is the most effective SM site versus other social venues likeTwitter, LinkedIn andYouTube  Social influencers are playing a major role in brand engagement which directly affects brand perception and thus ROI  Target Millennials  High brand loyalty  Engage with brands  Have credible influence
  5. 5.  Social Media Marketing  Brand Consulting  Developing your “Social” presence  Social MediaTraining  Content  Content Strategy  Content Development & Services  Customized Solutions
  6. 6. To know how to make your business social, call : +1 (713) 280 8730 And/Or E-mail : Know More About Me: