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Microsoft vs google ppt for final


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Microsoft vs google ppt for final

  1. 1. WelcomeCase Analysis on Google vs.Microsoft -Clash of theTechnology Titans.Management InformationSystem (MIS 101)
  2. 2. Prepared for Md. Monzur Morshed Bhuiya Associate professor (Adjoin faculty)Department of Business Administration Prepared by Papon Saha(2010-1-10-047) Rashedul Amin(2010-2-10-134) Md. Sazzad Mollah(2010-2-10-152) Nazmul Hasan Akash(2010-1-10-223) Md. Sazzad Hossain Khan(2009-1-10-199)
  3. 3. Questions• Define and compare the business strategies and business models of Google and Microsoft.• Has the Internet taken over the PC desktop as the center of the action? Why or why not?• Why did Microsoft attempt to acquire Yahoo!? How did it affect its business model? Do you believe this was a good move?• What is the significance of Google Apps to Google’s future success?• Would you use Google Apps instead of Microsoft Office applications for computing tasks? Why or why not?• Which company and business model do you believe will prevail in this epic struggle? Justify your answer.
  4. 4. Google BusinessStrategy and ModelFocused on the Internet andthe Web.Popular Search Engine .Online advertising services.Provides inexpensive,flexible web based serviceand software tools. Offers cloud computing.
  5. 5. Microsoft Business Strategyand ModelFocused on the desktopcomputing Provides windows operatingsystem .Office and businessorientated products.Also provides internet basedproducts like MSN, Hotmail,windows live net scrape etc.
  6. 6. Microsoft attempt to acquire Yahoo
  7. 7. Microsoft attempt to acquire Yahoo Yahoo! owns 13.8% of the Internet search market. Microsoft owns 17.7% of the Internet search market. A merger between Microsoft and Yahoo would give the company 32.5% of the Internet search market Google currently owns 56.3% of the Internet search market. 95% of the computers use the Microsoft applications
  8. 8. The announced deal with Microsoft andyahoo on 2007
  9. 9. My recommendation17.7%, share Yahoo! hasbeen on a downward spiralin the Internet searchmarket.Buyer (Microsoft)+Target(Yahoo!)=$44.6Revenue from Microsoft +Yahoo! = $4.74.Revenue from Google =$6.12Difficult to integrateYahoo!’s culture.
  10. 10. GoogleBroadband Internetconnections provides morebandwidth for users.Computing more andmore computing tasks.Security Tool Warning.Sending Anonymous Datato Google.Integrating GoogleDesktop and the GoogleSearch Appliance or GoogleMini.
  11. 11. MicrosoftFeel comfortable to useInternet on PC desktopthrough Microsoft .Users are familiarwith Microsoft products .Windows Firewallsettings. Microsoft SecurityEssentials.
  12. 12. The significance ofGoogle Apps Series of web basedapplication.cheaper, simpler versionsof the application.creating collaborativeWeb sites tools.The applications aresmaller.
  13. 13. Google Application G-mailGoogle+(plus)G-talkGoogle CalendarGoogle Docs andspreadsheets .Google Chrome
  14. 14. Google Apps instead ofMicrosoft OfficeapplicationsPrice differentiation.Access ability.
  15. 15. Google Apps instead ofMicrosoft Office applicationsSecurity:Restriction of law:Existence platform:
  16. 16. Recommendation aboutGoogle VS Microsoft.Microsoft: Developcomputer base technologyindustry.Google: Develop web basetechnology industry.Microsoft: Develop Internetsearch capabilities.Google: Developing internetApps.Microsoft: Promoting theirown product through web.Google: Web-basedadvertising market.