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The Matrix of Leadership


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Today I would like to portray a good leader from my experience. Good or bad; I have the chance to work with several corporate so far and fortunately I have the delight to come across some of the great minds of our time. Most of them are awesome in management and leadership and shares some great qualities. So what is the matrix of a great and confident leader; today I want to find the answers…

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The Matrix of Leadership

  1. 1. The Matrix of LeadershipRashed Moslem
  2. 2. A good leader always havea firm stand with his viewnot because he is alwaysright but he has thecourage to be provedwrong.
  3. 3. A great leader is a goodlistener. He actually spendsmore time to listen to others.Bragging is nothing but amask for insecurity. A trueleader are quiet andunassuming. They alreadyknow what they think; theywant to knowwhat you think.
  4. 4. A confident leader is a goodmotivator. He never sucks outthe light from his teammates.He stands back and let othershine as well. He has a clearidea about his achievementsand can recognize andacknowledge otherscontribution.
  5. 5. A good leader can askhelp anytime. He knowswell about his limitationsand has the courage toaccept it. So he neverthinks twice to take aidfrom others which makeshim humble and easy toreach.
  6. 6. A confident and good leader isproactive in action. He neverstays back and wait for miracle.He has the attitude of “Why notMe?” He can connect withdifferent people very easily canact quickly and hence makedecisions spontaneously.
  7. 7. Generally speaking, the peoplewho like to gossip, who like tospeak badly of others, do sobecause they hope bycomparison to make themselveslook better.The only comparison a trulyconfident leader makes is to theperson s/he was yesterday –and to the person s/he hopes tosomeday become
  8. 8. A great leader neverregrets about his decisions.He doesn’t mindoccasionally being in asituation where he isnt athis best. (And oddlyenough, people tend torespect you more whenyou do – not less.)
  9. 9. A good leader neverblames others for hisblunders. That’s why trulyconfident leader admittheir mistakes. They dineout on their screw-ups.They don’t mind serving asa cautionary tale.
  10. 10. A true leader trusts histeam/followers andshows respect to the teamas well. That’s make himgreat and strong enoughto undertake hurdles. Histeam is his all muscle.Showing trust on eachother makes him moresuccessful.
  11. 11. THE END