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How to be creative


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Follow your dream... Stay tough and enjoy

Published in: Business, Technology
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How to be creative

  1. 1. How to becreativeThe value of hard work and authenticityrashed moslem
  2. 2. Ignore everyone. Anygood IDEA can alter thesystem that’s why goodideas are always initiallyresisted.
  3. 3. Idea don’t need to behuge, all you need to dois find something that willmake change… changeyou and your society
  4. 4. Put the hours in –keep trying and trying,involve more withyour idea and do it forlong enough &something magical willhappen eventually.
  5. 5. Follow your heart..No one can make ithappen for you. Itsyour plan your ideajust do it by yourselfdon’t let others tocontrol over you.
  6. 6. Everyone is borncreative . They’re onlycrayons you didn’t fearthem in playgroup whynow? Start explorenow.
  7. 7. Every one has their ownmount Everest they wereput on this earth to climb…So find it out your passionand work around it. Nodoubt creativity willshower upon you…
  8. 8. Being creative is great butyou need to pay your billsstill… So don’t quit your JOBnow.. Every creative personhas two jobs one is sexy andcreative another one is forpaying bills… So be surebefore relinquishing…
  9. 9. Don’t try to standout of the crowds;avoid crowdsaltogether. Dosomething which isfresh and new in themarket. Don’t makeanother instagram
  10. 10. Its very important to knowabout your limitations..The most valuable thing acreative person can learnprofessionally, is where todraw the red line betweenright and wrong. Allplans will not actaccordingly.. You need toknow when to change it.
  11. 11. Don’t try to followanother person… you areyour greatest inspiration.Every great one has it.Your passion will driveyou… No body cares, sobe creative and enjoyyour works…
  12. 12. Be firm, stay arrogantand selfish… creativityneeds selfishness.