Social business strategy


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This presentation offers an overview of the key elements to setting a social media strategy for social businesses

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Social business strategy

  1. 1. By Rasha Proctor
  2. 2. Before We StartRemember:1. Social media is about building relationships  It’s an ongoing program2. Facebook, Twitter, etc., are just tools  They are a means to an end3. Social media comes with authenticity and transparency4. You can’t completely control the message, you can however manage it5. Social media is about engagement not broadcasting
  3. 3. The approachFour key elements to become a socialbusiness:1. People2. Goals3. Metrics4. Tools
  4. 4. People of Social MediaThe People of a social business encompass yourcustomers, your competitor, your suppliers and youremployeesThe difference between social media and social businessis that social media program uses the digital tools toreach out to your audience, whereas social business isan organization that engages everyone to connect onevery aspect of the business.Always start by understanding your audience and yourresources.Keys to successful alignment of your audience with yourteam are:  Relevance  Engagement  GovernanceCheck out Forrester Technographic tool to understand your people social engagement
  5. 5. Goals of Social MediaIt is very important to be clear on the goals of your socialmedia program.Different company teams have different goals. Forinstance, your marketing team goals will includeawareness and lead generation campaigns, while yourcustomer service will be customer satisfaction.Align the social media tools with your goals and youraudience. For example, your Facebook Page will beused to exhibit your company culture while your blog willbe used to address your customers inquiriesEngagement is the key to successful implementationHave policies and processes in place to address youraudience, that circle back to your goals
  6. 6. Metrics of Social MediaMetrics are crucial to measuring the success of yourstrategy. They help you understand what worked andwhat didn’t.There are generally three buckets to social media efforts:  Awareness – Aware of you at specific instant  Consideration – You are in the top runners  Convergence – You are the chosen oneAligning your goals with the above buckets will help youassign the right metrics based on your organizationhistory or your industry standardsUnderstanding the analytics of the social media toolshelps in defining your success metrics
  7. 7. Tools of Social MediaEach social media tool has its own audience, its meansof usage and analytics, chose those that will meet youraudience and goals needsFocus on the tools that will give you the best ROI interms of time and effortNot sure where to start? Find how your competitor (oradjacent market peer) is deploying social media toolsand learn from their success and failure—it’s a goodplace to start!It’s important to keep up with the changes in the socialmedia tools as well as upcoming tools for their updatesmight alter their usageLearn engagement rules and the etiquette of your socialmedia tools to avoid unnecessary faux-pas
  8. 8. In a nutshellLearning about your people, your goals and your metricsis not new practice. Yet many marketers rush into usingthe tools social business without a clear plan or strategy.As in real life, building a community and establishingstrong relationships takes time. We are lucky to live in atime where there are tools to help us reach the globalcommunityRemember: Social media will help you optimize yourreach and efforts, but it won’t work magic on its own. Best of Luck!!!!
  9. 9. Questions?Contact me @rashaproctor