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  1. 1. Computer Skills Course - Tech130 1431-1432 H Instructor: Rasha Aleidan Topic Presentation Project grade: /10 Deadline: Two groups present their work in one week start from the next week 7 December -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ● Firstly, each group should select one of topics listed below from a to f: a. Blog Publishing ● WordPress, "my number one choice based on the features, plethora of free themes and plugins, and the ability to use it as an alternative to create or host a web site with static content." ● Blogger is popular and easy to use. You can post text, photos and videos to your blog, personalize it with many templates, add gadgets, get feedback from your readers and more. b. Social Networking ● Facebook, a popular website for you to share your personal profile with friends, add them to your list, send them messages, or join a network group organized by workplace. ● Twitter, a real-time information network and a micro blogging service allows you to share and discover what's happening now based on brief text messages sent by users via the Twitter website, SMS or external applications. c. Online Storage and Backup ● Dropbox allows you to back up files and access them online, or share folders with several people to work together easily. Its desktop program is only needed for syncing files across computers. ● Windows Live SkyDrive offers an amazing 25 GB of online storage as part of the Microsoft Windows Live suite of services. It requires a Microsoft Live ID to sign in and begin using. d. Best Free Image Editor
  2. 2. ● Pixlr Editor "an excellent set of tools that rival many image editors, including drawing, retouching, cropping, resizing, warping, adding text, basic and advanced lighting and color adjustments, numerous filters and layers with blending." ● Sumo Paint, a powerful tool for creating and editing images with more painting tools than other paint-oriented online image editing programs, supports for layers, blending modes, special filter effects, opacity levels, handy adjustment tools, etc. ● FotoFlexer creates dazzling photo effects in a simple interface with optional fullscreen editing. Supported features include one-click auto fix, red eye removal, resizing and cropping, rotating and flipping, 20 over filtering effects, decorations, animations, layers and more. ● AnyMaking Photo Editor helps you edit an image easily in a few seconds with a set of tools for you to choose: crop or resize image, flip or rotate, add frame, filters, drop shadow, reflection and round corners. e.Best Free Office Suite ● Google Docs offers a suite of Web-based productivity applications including documents, presentation, spreadsheet and form in a simple folder within a file organizational system. It allows for users to easily create, share and edit files in real time online, or upload an existing file into the system. ● Zoho Docs unites Writer, Sheet and Show and supports most file types with 1 GB of free storage. Sporting a useful toolbar menu for editing, it also features tabs for easy access to multiple documents, with various collaboration options available. ● Office Web Apps "offers free online versions of Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint and Microsoft OneNote. Even better they are giving users 25 GB of free online storage to store their documents on Microsoft’s SkyDrive service." f. Best Free Bookmark Manager ● Delicious allows you to keep your personal bookmarks online for access from anywhere, or share and discover web bookmarks. You can search bookmarks by tags, transfer bookmarks inside your browser to your Delicious account or download a copy of bookmarks for backup. ● Diigo gives you more powerful bookmark service with additional research tools featuring highlights, sticking notes, comments and more. You can also drag
  3. 3. its bookmarklet Diigolet to your bookmark bar for direct access to the service. ● Read It Later, never miss a page you want to read later, just one click to save it to your list, or after your are done reading a page, remove it from the list. A bookmarklet is supported. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ● The presentation should be done in accordance with the rules below: I. Technicalities ○ You will be allocated a total of 30 minutes ( 20 minutes for your presentations and 10 minutes for questions). ○ A projector will be provided. ○ Bring your own laptop to present slides and to demo your application. ○ You are expected to deliver: ■ A hard copy: print your presentation on A4 paper. ■ two soft copies: ● one is a (CD) that contains your Presentation. ● another one must be sent by the Group Leader to my mail. II. What to present ○ the presentation cover your whole topic in some detail. ○ You must have a visual aid. The visual aid could be a chart, an artifact that you collected, a screen shot, a demo, or anything else that you might use to help make the presentation concrete. ○ You must sign up at your web application and show that in presentation. III. How to Present ○ Clear and concise manner of speaking. ○ Professional-looking audio/visual material. ○ All members of the project group must participate in presenting. ○ The last slide of your presentation should contain a table that clearly show the kind of the tasks done by each member. An example is illustrated below: Member Name Tasks V. Recommendations ○ For each slide, know the points you want to make. Make them. Move to the next slide. ○ Give the name of your project and list everyone who is involved (team members, external stakeholder(s)). ○ At the beginning include a slide that gives an overview of what you are going to present. This prevents questions of the kind "Are you going to say something
  4. 4. about ...?". ○ Number your slides (bottom right footer: "1 out of 20", "2 out of 20", etc.). This will make it easier for your audience to refer to individual slides during the questions-and-answers session. ○ Include your project name in the footer of each slide. This will help people who show up late for your presentation.