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Sheet1 email


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Sheet1 email

  1. 1. Computer Skills Course - Tech130 1431-1432 H Instructor: Rasha Aleidan Sheet#1 Subject: Email Services grade: /10 Deadline: SAT 6 NOV 2010 ---------------------------------------------- ● Firstly, each group should use a certain mail website which is illustrated as follows: a. FastMail Guest Account ==> Snsd b. ==> Flowers c. ==> Butterfly d. GMX Mail ==> Butterflies e. AIM Mail ==> Salt life f. Zoho Mail ==> Group sweet girls ● The following six steps should be done in accordance with the rules below: ○ The solution must be sent as it has been arranged (i.e. 1- 6) on a word document .doc or Presentation .ppt ○ The first page of your solution should contain a table that clearly show the kind of the tasks done by each member. An example is illustrated below: Member Name Tasks ○ Due date is Next Saturday, each group will spend 10 minutes for discussion. You are expected to deliver: ■ A hard copy: print your solution on A4 paper. ■ two soft copies: ● one is a (CD) that contains Word or Presentation. ● another one must be sent by the Group Leader to my mail. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  2. 2. 1. Mail Website General information: a. URL : b. Home Page Print Screen : c. When the website has been created; i. Year : ii. In which place in the web you found the year : 2. Creating Email Account Steps: a. Sign Up Page URL: b. Print screen after completed all info : e.g. : c. What are the required fields (i.e. fields with star sign) ? d. Print Screen of successfully sign up page: e.g. : 3. E-Mail Count Page: a. Print screen of mail page: b. Control buttons [ Names + Print Screen] : e.g. : - Names:
  3. 3. Archive- report spam - Delete - move to - labels - more actions. - Print screen c. Mail Folders [ Names + Print screen] : 4. Sending/Receiving: a. First, create a new massage and determine which button has been used ? b. Write the massage content including the group members’ names, in a way which should be formatted ( Color : Blue , Bold ). c. Type an address : Cc : leader email , Bcc: Groups members’ mails. d. Type Subject of the message : your group name. e. Print screen of your message after completed all info f. Finally, send the message and determine which button has been used? 5. Attachments: a. Create a new message with subject : “ COPMUTER”; b. Attach .zip or .rar file that containS : 3 photoes, 1 word file. - Print screen: ....... c. Send the message to one of your group members’ mail. 6. Setting: a. Change Background/Theme color of your mail to the pink: - print screen: b. Mark unopened message as unread. - print screen: