DITEC - Expose yourself to Internet & E-mail


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Esoft Computer Studies - Diploma in Information Technology - (Module V) Expose yourself to Internet & E-mail

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DITEC - Expose yourself to Internet & E-mail

  1. 1. Diploma in Information Technology Module V: Expose yourself to Internet & E-mail By: Rasan Samarasinghe Esoft Computer Studies (pvt) Ltd. No 68/1, First Floor, Main Street, Pallegama, Embilipitiya.
  2. 2. Content • • • • • • • • • • • What is Internet? History of the Internet Facts about Internet… What are the services on Internet? What is WWW? How to browse Internet? What is Email? How to use Email? Getting an Internet Connection Security Concerns on Internet Privacy on Internet
  3. 3. What is Internet? The Internet is a global network connecting millions of computers. More than 100 countries are linked into exchanges of data, news and opinions!
  4. 4. What is Internet? A computer connected to a internet is know as a Host
  5. 5. What is Internet? Once you are connected to the internet, you can communicate and share Information with each other.
  6. 6. History of the Internet Year Milestone 1958 Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA) was founded. 1969 ARPANET was born It connected four universities. 1972 First ARPANET international connections to England and Norway. First basic e-mail programs written by Ray Tomlinson for ARPANET 1983 The TCP/IP protocol was introduced. 1984 domain name server (DNS) created. .edu, .gov, .com, .mil, .org, .net, and .int created. 1986 5000 hosts on ARPANET/Internet. 1989 100,000 hosts on Internet. 1990 ARPANET ends. Tim Berners-Lee creates the World Wide Web. 2000 20,000,000 websites on the Internet. 2006 There are an estimated 92 million Web sites online . 2007 1.114 billion people use the Internet according to Internet World Stats.
  7. 7. Facts about Internet… Internet users in 2012 as a percentage of a country's population
  8. 8. Facts about Internet… Mobile broadband Internet subscriptions in 2012
  9. 9. Facts about Internet… Website content languages
  10. 10. Facts about Internet… Internet censorship by country
  11. 11. Facts about Internet…
  12. 12. What are the services on Internet? • • • • • World Wide Web (www) Email FTP Telnet News Groups
  13. 13. What is WWW? www is a service on the internet www allowing users to view information on a remote computer called web server www can be know as a collection of web pages
  14. 14. How to browse Internet? Learning… Browsing internet using a web browser software Searching information
  15. 15. What is Email? Electronic Mail is an another service on the internet Electronic Mail is a messaging service
  16. 16. How to Use E-Mail? Learning… How to get an E-Mail Account How to use an E-Mail Account
  17. 17. Getting an Internet Connection There are several internet service providers in Sri Lanka
  18. 18. Security Concerns on Internet Virus Attacks!
  19. 19. Security Concerns on Internet Hacker Attacks!
  20. 20. Security Concerns on Internet Spyware!
  21. 21. Security Concerns on Internet Spam!
  22. 22. Privacy on Internet Know what you share with whom Know the genuine websites Use strong passwords
  23. 23. The End http://twitter.com/rasansmn