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Rasa Developer Summit - Praneeth Gubbala, NLP Engineer, Sam's Club at Walmart - Sam's Club Conversational AI


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Sam's Club at Walmart is helping works and customers through voice and text-based assistants. Find out what Walmart engineers are doing with technical working details, details of advantages of Rasa plus custom improvements made to Rasa, along with challenges faces in text classificiation and entity extraction issues.

The Conversational AI helping to solve in the area of the retail facility workers
Overview of the voice-based personal assistants with in-depth technical working details
Advantages of using Rasa along with the various number of improvements made on Rasa to customize based on the need
The Challenges resolved in the Text classification and entity extraction issues while implementing various entities.

Praneeth Gubbala works as an NLP Engineer at Sam's Club Technology (Walmart) developing chatbots and digital assistants that power one of the largest companies in the world. Praneeth previously worked with the Samsung Bixby NLU team for three years in the conversational AI field.

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Rasa Developer Summit - Praneeth Gubbala, NLP Engineer, Sam's Club at Walmart - Sam's Club Conversational AI

  1. 1. Sam’s Club Conversational AI Praneeth Gubbala NLP Engineer, Sam's Club at Walmart Rasa Developer Summit - 2019
  2. 2. Rasa Developer Summit September, 2019 Sam’s Club Confidential Praneeth Gubbala NLP Applied Scientist Walmart Inc.
  3. 3. “What is the phone number for the Sam’s Club in Concord?” “Do we have chicken bites in stock?” “Who is working the bakery tomorrow?” Sam’s Club’s 90K club associates need thousands of answers every day to run our $60 billion business “How many rotisserie chickens do I need to make right now?” “Where is the popcorn oil located?” “Who called in sick today?” “What is the item number for avocado salsa?” “Are we open on Thanksgiving?” “When is Maria coming to work in tonight?” “How do I cut a ribeye steak?” “What were my club sales yesterday?” “Print a price sign for plumcots” “Do we carry Diet Dr. Pepper?”
  4. 4. Sam’s Club Confidential3 Kevin Malone Robert Vance Robert California Gabriel Lewis David Wallace “Ask Sam” makes getting answers is as easy as asking a question
  5. 5. Sam’s Club Confidential4 “Ask Sam” makes getting answers is as easy as asking a question
  6. 6. Sam’s Club Confidential5 “Ask Sam” has been a game changer for Sam’s Club 4M questions answered 94% repeat usage weekly
  7. 7. Developer Console Interface to Label the utterances Intent and entities in it Sam’s Club Confidential 6
  8. 8. Developer Console has built-in 26 entities and training manager Sam’s Club Confidential 7
  9. 9. Models training: Developer Console Training Manager Sam’s Club Confidential 8
  10. 10. Serving Models : Ensemble of Machine Learning Models Sam’s Club Confidential 9 IC Model 1 IC Model 2 IC Ensemble Model
  11. 11. Active Learning: selects informative training data from logs Sam’s Club Confidential 10 .11 .13 .14 .19 Score Label
  12. 12. Future Plans Sam’s Club Confidential 11 • Question and Answering • Complex query understanding • Deep personalization to users • Seamless (dynamic) context switching.
  13. 13. Thank you! Questions? Sam’s Club Confidential12