Payment api basics


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Payment api basics

  1. 1. Payment API Basics Common use cases & payment provider tech This preso has been prepared as supplementary material to a 2014 SXSW Open Discussion on Payment APIs in the US
  2. 2. Common Payment Use Cases Payments are used by websites & mobile apps in a variety of ways: • Shopping Cart / Checkout • Recurring / Subscription Payments • P2P payments • Donations • Split or parallel payments • Chained payments • Mass payments • Crowdfunding: donor to platform, platform to campaigner
  3. 3. Payment providers tech Payment providers provide developers various technologies to integrate payments into sites and apps • Buttons, Widgets, Plugins, Web Hooks • APIs o REST o SOAP • SDKs / Libraries o variety of languages o mobile: Android, iPhone, Windows etc.
  4. 4. Key Payment API Providers in US Amazon: Authorize.Net: Balanced: BancBox: Braintree: Chirpify: Dwolla: PayPal: Stripe:
  5. 5. Amazon Integration Methods Cart Provider Plug-in Set up Amazon Payments using your own cart or an eCommerce provider’s tools and plug-ins. HTML Button The Checkout button is HTML code that sets up a button image and also describes the item, including its SKU, price, title, shipping and tax rates, and promotions. You generate the Checkout button automatically using the Create Checkout Button function, or you create the button yourself based on button creation requirements. API Integration Amazon Payments provides a set of widgets and APIs that you embed on your site and integrate with your back-end systems. Customers purchase on your website with the payment and shipping information stored in their Amazon accounts. Once the buyer completes the purchase, Amazon APIs provide you the customer’s name, email, and shipping address, so that you can fulfill the order and authorize, capture, and refund payments. The only information you pass to Amazon is a request to authorize payment of the order amount
  6. 6. Amazon Flexible Payments Service Multiple or recurring payments between a buyer and a seller for e-commerce, digital content, donations, or services. • Payment authorization—Buyers must authorize payments for you to be able to charge them. Buyers log in to Amazon Payments and agree to make the payment using a specified payment method. • Payments—Transfer money from the buyer's account to the seller's. • Recurring-use payment tokens—A buyer authorizes a recurring payment token once, and thereafter it is charged a specific amount at regular intervals until the token expires. • Multi-use payment tokens—A buyer authorizes a multi-use payment token once but it can be used repeatedly according to its constraints. • Seamless mobile payment support—Amazon FPS automatically supports payments within mobile web browsers. • Notifications—Get notified automatically when transactions succeed or fail. • Refunds—Refund the money from a successfully completed transaction. • Cancellation of payment tokens—Cancel any of your payment tokens at any time.
  7. 7. integration methods
  8. 8.
  9. 9. Balanced payment use cases
  10. 10. Braintree payment use cases • Shopping cart, billing, or ecommerce platform o Braintree only to accept payments to a single merchant account. • Recurring or subscription billing • Discounts and Add-ons to create promotional periods or rewards
  11. 11. Chirpify Use Cases Buy, sell, donate, fundraise and pay instream on Twitter, Instagram & Facebook
  12. 12. Dwolla payment integration methods
  13. 13. Stripe* Payment Use Cases • Charge Credit & Debit Cards • Subscriptions • Metered billing • Coupons • P2P • Donations
  14. 14. Stripe website payment
  15. 15. PayPal Payment Use Cases • Selling Physical or Digital Goods • Subscriptions • Metered billing • Coupons, Rebates • P2P • Donations • Affiliate Fees • Invoicing • Admission Fees • Group Dues • Virtual Currencies • Shared payments
  16. 16. Use Case Example
  17. 17. Balanced Braintree • PHP • Ruby • Java • C# • Android • iOS Amazon SDKs • PHP • .NET • Java • Android • iOS Stripe • .js (browser) • Python • Ruby • PHP • Java • iOS • PHP • Ruby • Java • Python • Node • Perl • iOS • .js (browser) Dwolla • PHP • Ruby • Java • Python • Node • Perl • iOS • Scala • Clojure • PHP • Ruby • Java • .Net • Python • Node • Perl • Android • iOS • Windows Phone • .js (browser) PayPal • PHP • Ruby • Java • Python • Node • .NET • iOS • Android
  18. 18. Appendix • Payment Business Positioning by IDATE • 2013 Mobile Payments & Banking by FirstPartner • UK & Global Payments Landscape by Juniper Research