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With mobile being top of mind in many of our projects, and organisations becoming more sophisticated with sharing knowledge and collaboration, this recent Mbug session presents how Telstra Delivered Competitive Advantage with Document Collaboration and Building a Mobile Solution with SharePoint 2010.
Sharon Brennan shares how Telstra achieved competitive advantage and accelerated delivery of quality proposals with SharePoint 2010. The Proposal Builder Tool has allows re-usable content and improvement of the Telstra Enterprise and Government Bid development, by not only making it easier to find the content but also ensuring the successful proposals are used. Sharon will run through the creation of the tool and it’s impact on the organisation.
Steve Berry, Solution Architect shared key examples for both applications and solutions optimised for mobile web based delivery. As an expert in User Interface development, Steve focused on the process for delivering mobile solutions with local case-studies.

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Mbug Delivering Competitive Advantage and Mobile

  1. 1. The AgendaEd SharonRichard Brennan TelstraSteveIatropolousDanielle RitaLorusso ArrigoThe EventfulGroup Oakton
  2. 2. MBUG A year old
  3. 3. The Mbug Today SharePoint on Mobile @Rachelbotsman The power of collaborative technologies to transform business, public services and the way we live.
  4. 4. Sharon BrennanManagerCollaboration & KnowledgeTelstra
  5. 5. Introduction to theProposal Builder Tool (PBT)
  6. 6. What is a proposal?•A document prepared for a Telstra customer, which outlines product and/or services offered fora particular price.•It could be as simple as a proposal to purchase mobile handsetsOr•As complex as the bid for whole of business products and services•It sometimes also involves the project management of network infrastructure installation andconfiguration•Simple proposals might just involve a Sales person and once signed, delivery and activation ofmobile handsets•Whole of customer bids often involve many internal staff including specialists, architects, legal,pricing, project management etc.Introduction to the Proposal Builder Tool (PBT) | SEPTEMBER 2012Page 7
  7. 7. Situation before PBT?•Proposals took too long to finalise•Sales staff had no central source for templates•Reused their own documents stored locally•Documents were emailed to team members and then updates manually merged•No collaboration space for those working together on a proposal•Bid Managers used a shared drive to manage bids with no version control and continual spaceissues•No central location for examples of successful proposal documents, staff had to ask around•New staff had no resource to refer to for guidanceIntroduction to the Proposal Builder Tool (PBT) | SEPTEMBER 2012Page 8
  8. 8. What was the requirement?The business wanted to:•focus on reducing the cost of sale and increasing the quality of proposals by reusing, sharingand collaborating on proposal information•shorten the time proposal teams spend researching answers to questions•enable proposals and responses to be created rapidly, easily and intuitively•provide a single source for historical and current proposal information to our bid team, who canwork collaboratively, as they move opportunities through the proposal process•make it easy to flag existing material to reuse•ensure compliance to templates and standards eg SLAs•enable content owners to be assigned•provide business processes that underpin the toolIntroduction to the Proposal Builder Tool (PBT) | SEPTEMBER 2012Page 9
  9. 9. What is the Proposal Builder Tool?The Proposal Builder Tool includes:A wizard to create Simple proposal documentsA wizard to create a collaborative workspace for bid teams creating Complex proposals,providing functionality such as;• Version control capability• Structured document libraries• Bid member task assignment• Announcement creation• WorkflowLibraries of approved reusable proposal content (Historical and Boilerplate)Marketing approved proposal template and image librariesA search engine to search trusted content:• stored within the PBT and;• Stored external to the PBT but on other site collections in the platformIntroduction to the Proposal Builder Tool (PBT) | SEPTEMBER 2012Page 10
  10. 10. Training for launchIn preparation for the rollout of the PBT, a numberof webinars were held in April with a facilitatorstepping through the tool.There were three specific webinars targeting thedifferent users of the tool:•Sales Lead – Staff who develop Standardcustomer proposals.•Sale Leads and Bid Managers – Staff who developnon-Standard customer proposals.•Bid Teams – Staff who contribute to any type ofproposal.Additionally there was also a corresponding seriesof Tutorial Videos available on the PBT.Introduction to the Proposal Builder Tool (PBT) | SEPTEMBER 2012Page 11
  11. 11. So what does it look likeOnce training is completed individuals gain further information from the Userguide and Quick reference cards. These reside in the tool itself and are alsoavailable via an Intranet site.Introduction to the Proposal Builder Tool (PBT) | SEPTEMBER 2012Page 12
  12. 12. Since deployment in May ...• Historical library will build organically as the tool is being used to develop proposals. The tool requires users to identify suitable material for inclusion.• Ongoing series of MasterClasses to ensure that further training and understanding of the tool occurs.• Showcased at major Sales event in July to demo to interested parties• Initially soft launched to stagger adoption, but site administrators have been approached to extend use and also make it available for our Australian-based Telstra International staff.Introduction to the Proposal Builder Tool (PBT) | SEPTEMBER 2012Page 13
  13. 13. So what have been the results• Over 400 users – not yet mandated as the only way to develop a proposal – still waiting for senior management to make it “the only way”• 30 proposals completed• Some detractors who just don’t like SharePointBUT• Lots of positive feedback“Love it, can’t understand why others don’t use it as it’s really easy”Introduction to the Proposal Builder Tool (PBT) | SEPTEMBER 2012Page 14
  14. 14. User ResourcesResources provided:Detailed user manualQuick Reference Guides (QRGs)• Simple proposal creation• Complex proposal creation• Complex Contributor• Legal ReviewerFrequently asked questions (FAQs)Glossary (PBT specific)eLearning module with video demonstrationsIntroduction to the Proposal Builder Tool (PBT) | SEPTEMBER 2012Page 15
  15. 15. Questions?Introduction to the Proposal Builder Tool (PBT) | SEPTEMBER 2012Page 16
  16. 16. Join us in LasVegas for Engage withSharePoint theConference2012! Ed will be community presentingGive yourself a Deliver Australiacompetitive edge with Richard Share insightsand get the insidescoop about SparreboomSharePoint 15 while Learn aboutlearning how to what’s coming next, from thebetter use people who built theSharePoint 2010 product
  17. 17. Consulting Technology Office 2013 Preview18 www.oakton.com.au
  18. 18. Consulting Technology19 www.oakton.com.au
  19. 19. Consulting Technology Documents and Tasks20 www.oakton.com.au
  20. 20. http://www.shareconference.com/auEarly bird rate closes 26-28 So Many Great this Friday 28th November Speakers! September Join us in Melbourne for Share @share4business
  21. 21. thinkConsulting Technology How you about a problem is more important than the problem itselfMobile for SharePointRita Arrigo Principal Consultant
  22. 22. Consulting Technology Mobile Solution Benefits Features Business Benefits Centralised management of information via One User Experience SharePoint 2010 Solution to be built, administrated and delivered Lower Software Set-up Costs through one platform. Lower complexity of Future Maintenance / Upgrade Path No change to system architecture. Becomes Minimises technical risk by using tried extension of SharePoint environment. and tested existing architecture. Lowers BAU management overheads. Use existing Security Model for Identity Reduce management overheads of Management. users and roles. Reduce security risk. Enterprise Web Content Management Out of the box functionality. No need for extensive testing. Lowers delivery risk as you only need No integration points. One application end-to-end. to manage one application end-to-end24 www.oakton.com.au
  23. 23. Consulting Technology Mobility Solution with SharePoint Benefits Web Solution reusable for Mobile devices, including business rules, workflow, validation and functional requirements utilise exact mechanisms as web solution One solution, multiple devices, Browser, Tablet, Phone. Doesn’t require any custom development other than interface and UI development against current Web Solution Utilises existing security models for data retrieval, management and user access through SharePoint security models. Fits within current infrastructure and systems Requires no management other than application itself25 www.oakton.com.au
  24. 24. Consulting Technology Why chose Web over Native Application — 1 framework targeted to multiple devices — 1 codebase to deliver content — Know your audience and its expansion — Deliver using standards framework HTML5, CSS3 — Build once, reuse often approach to code — Use RAD to deliver within timelines — Use mobility frameworks where possible to enrich application quickly (Phone Gap, Titanium, JQM etc.)26 www.oakton.com.au
  25. 25. Consulting Technology Internet & Intranet For QLD Rail Internet Intranet Trade Toolbox, Holiday Packages Various Custom Web parts Google Maps oCEO Blog Various Custom Web parts oself service team sites oNews Rotator ocustomisable workflows etc. oContact Forms etc. Customised search27 Integration with Thomson Reuters Integration with Thomson Reuters www.oakton.com.au
  26. 26. Consulting Technology Mobile Site - Enhancement City network Branding Most commonly viewed — Aligns to Queensland content —Train journey planner, fares, Rail’s brand guidelines timetables & service updates —Clean design, design easy link through to the TransLink to view across mobile website devices —Interactive Google map, including directions — What’s On content derived from the Queensland Rail website Travel network Most commonly viewed content —Fares, timetables & News and updates service updates Direct from Queensland Rail’s —Interactive Google map, media centre including directions —Provides the most up to date news items, as loaded by the Media Team28 www.oakton.com.au
  27. 27. Consulting Technology Mobile Site - Maps29 www.oakton.com.au
  28. 28. Consulting Technology Mobile Site - Content30 www.oakton.com.au
  29. 29. Consulting Technology Built on SharePoint 2010 SQL Server 2008 & jQuery Mobile Framework
  30. 30. Consulting Technology Ozone – Our Online Collaboration Platform on SP2010
  31. 31. Consulting Technology Ozone on Mobiles33 www.oakton.com.au
  32. 32. Consulting Technology34 www.oakton.com.au
  33. 33. Consulting Technology35 www.oakton.com.au
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