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Mdia5003 presentation

  1. 1. Social Media &Affective Cultures Ryo Arashima #3430234 August 29 2012
  2. 2. Comments & Questions Twitter #MDIA5003 Please post ANYTHING as I proceed We will go through the posts in discussion
  3. 3. Key ArgumentHow helpful are socialmedia in maintaining mobileintimacy in a crisis?
  4. 4. Mobile IntimacyCoexistence of material-geographic(physical) & electronic-social(emotional)Convergence of public & private spheres‘Co-presence’:being here(home) & yetthere(away)Intimacy & personal emotions arebecoming public (intimate publics)
  5. 5. Social Media & Mobile PhonesDriving factors of mobile intimacyNew spaces for networked,effectiveparticipation & affectiveinterpersonal responsesModes of co-presence:mobile phone asan extension of ‘mobileprivatization’-transformation of theprivate into the public
  6. 6. 3 Great EarthquakesIllustration on how social media expand onexisting practicesPicture postcards(1923 earthquake):prototypeof SMS/MMS, earlier deployment of visual mediaPC networks(1995 earthquake):early emergenceof affective culture.Internet as citizenjournalism mediumSocial media(3.11):twitter/mixi as a way ofcommunication(info exchange,emotional support)
  7. 7. In Summary...What social media does in a crisis isnothing new - it’s more immediate &networked than older media.Mobile phones(camera phones)& socialmedia are changing the way peopleexperience mobile intimacy:‘outside-in’Social media as a counseling vehicle &wake up call for need of older forms ofintimacy(face to face)
  8. 8. Mobile Intimacy in a Daily Life? Facebook check-in/status updates/tagging with GPS technology:notion of “staying in touch” instantly -extension of mob phones Instagram: function as 3Ss-Storing,Sharing and Saving Pray for Japan:Platform for an emotional relief Facebook Bullying:Extreme form of intimacy
  9. 9. DiscussionTwitter postsWas it easier to comment than tospeak directly?“I Disorder”