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Streamlining Joomla! Template Deployment and Updates across multiple Installations


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We will focus on how we implemented 12 sites over a 4 month period, of which 8 are currently live. Where we experienced challenges and also which tools we used to get these sites up and running.

This session will highlight how we formed concepts to streamline updating of template code and other elements of the sites.

What steps we took to make sure mobile development was as streamlined as possible for the African environment.
The selection process of choosing components for the project.
The go live process from our local environment to staging to live.
Some of the client & content challenges.
Advert management and code snippet implementation.
Feedback after 4-5 months of being online and how the sites are evolving.

Published in: Technology
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Streamlining Joomla! Template Deployment and Updates across multiple Installations

  1. 1.  Streamlining Joomla! Template Deployment  and Updates across multiple Installations
  2. 2.  Using technology within Africa to build world-class platforms that deliver content for Africa.
  3. 3. How on earth did we achieve this?
  4. 4. Joomla! Integration Decisions
  5. 5. To Clone or to Sync?
  6. 6. Unison file-synchronization tool
  7. 7. Experience the African Portals
  8. 8. Everyone is Talking Mobile, Mobile
  9. 9. Updating Templates in Production
  10. 10. Joomla! Updates are cool ;-)
  11. 11. Component Updates, a minefield you Cannot Ignore
  12. 12. What we Learnt
  13. 13. What could be Improved?
  14. 14. Thanks to the Joomla! Community  Louis Landry | Ronni K. G. Christiansen - redComponent@redwebdk | Virya Software @viryasoftware | Kyle Ledbetter @kyleledbetter | Eddy Chang @joomlataiwan | Ole Bang Ottosen @ot2sen | Ryan Demmer @jceeditor | Matias Aguirre @maguirre | @joomlaworks | Steve Burge @OSTraining | @CMSExpo | Sander @sanderpotjer | Ian Gibbins | Michael @mbabker | Amy @AmyStephen | Nikolas @nikosdion | Chris@shoreflyer | Peter @NoNumber_nlInspiration and awesome support Hils Cheyne | Marcos Peebles | Language additions from | Daniel Tapia Lehmann
  15. 15. Questions? / @raramuridesignPresentation will be available on slideshare.comAll images are copyright to their respective owners and were retrievedfrom an image search using