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Hawaii 1 a keith

  1. 1. The Great Seal of the State of Hawaii, in use from 1959 to the present day. Original design approved by Sanford B. Dole, the President of the Republic of Hawaii. Ka Hae Hawaii, or the Flag of Hawaii, is the official standard symbolizing Hawaii as a kingdom, protectorate, republic, territory and U.S. state. Ka Hae Hawaii is the only U.S. flag that was used by various forms of government and only highlights the Union Flag, the flag of the United Kingdom.
  2. 2. Hibiscus Flower Symbol of Hawaii In 1923, the flowers of the hibiscus were elected national symbol of Hawai eda Malaysia It is a symbol of grace and beauty; represent the beauty of the Hawaiian islands, its climate, its colorful.
  3. 3. They History The archipelago how Hawaii is historically known by the name of Sandwich Islands. The Hawaiian archipelago was inhabited by Polynesians, and the region was ruled by several local Polynesian chiefs, until 1810, when Kamehameha I centralized the government of the archipelago, and instituted a monarchy. Hawaii is the only U.S. state whose natives were used as the monarchy form of government. In 1894, the archipelago became a republic, and four years later, in 1898, was militarily invaded and annexed by the United States, becoming an American territory in 1900. Since then, large numbers of people with European ancestors, from other parts of the country, as well as Asian immigrants, settled in Hawaii, giving the local population highly multicultural aspect.
  4. 4. The U.S. naval base at Pearl Harbor was attacked by aircraft of the Imperial Japanese Navy on December 7, 1941. The attack caused the United States officially entered World War II. Over 2,400 people died in the attack. On August 21, 1959, Hawaii became the 50th. º and last U.S. state to enter the Union
  5. 5. Haleakala Volcano National Park (Maui) • The island of Maui is home to the Haleakala National Park, volcano 3055 meters high, one of the main attractions of the island.
  6. 6. The fantastic snorkeling at Molokini (Maui) For those who want to see the natural beauties of the island of Maui, can not fail to visit Molokini
  7. 7. Swimming with Dolphins in Kealakekua (Big Island) The bay known as Kealakekua Bay is one of the premier places to swim with dolphins around Hawaii. Located near the city of Kona near the coast of Big Island
  8. 8. The amazing Waipi'o Valley (Big Island) The Waipi'o Valley is a valley with fantastic landscapes north of Hilo, one of the main cities of the island of Big Island
  9. 9. Kilauea, the largest active volcano on Big Island Visit Kilauea volcano is an experience that should be present in the curriculum of all travelers
  10. 10. The war museum in Pearl Harbor (Oahu) Pearl Harbor is a great opportunity to meet some of the history of colonization of these islands, which were played by Japanese and Americans, ideal for those who plan to see the island of Oahu tour.
  11. 11. The crater of the volcano Diamond Head (Oahu) • On Oahu, Hawaii's main island, it is possible to make a trek to meet the crater of the volcano that formed the island. Diamond Head is right next to Waikiki, the main beach of the island, being obligatory stop for anyone planning to travel to Hawaii.
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