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Flórida 6 - 9 ano a


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Flórida 6 - 9 ano a

  1. 1. Flag of United Stats
  2. 2. Flag of Flórida
  3. 3. Map of Flórida
  4. 4. Flower Representative
  5. 5. History of capital of Flórida Tallahassee is the capital of flórida is a city with a population of over 150.000 in habitants and is located in of the state. This City is home to Flórida State inversy and Well as others it also hosts the headquarters of the largest companies in the state. It has an airport. This City has a name that comes from the native American and its capital, was named in 1821 when the Spanish surrendered city to the United States. The theater of young actors, Beach Shell point or Alfread Mactay Gardens are the most interesting places.
  6. 6. Tallahassee
  7. 7. Major milestone in the state of Florida In 1860, Abraham Lincoln, a supporter of abolitionism - was elected president of the United States.
  8. 8. Walt Disney World
  9. 9. Sea World
  10. 10. Roller Coaster of Sea World
  11. 11. Alunas: Ayumi, Milena e Lizandra 9º “A”