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  2. 2. The Wisconsin is one of 50 states in the United States, located in the central-western region of the country. The Wisconsin has one of the largest herds of cattle in the country.
  3. 3. Flower representing the Winsconsin Potato flower
  4. 4. Geographic The Wisconsin is limited to the north by Lake Superior and the state of Michigan, on the east by Lake Michigan, south to Illinois, and west to Iowa and Minnesota. With almost 170 000 km21, is the 23rd largest U.S. state in area of ​the country.
  5. 5. Climate • The Wisconsin has a temperate climate. The interior of the Wisconsin winters are harsh, and summers in interior, very hot. Have upcoming Great Lakes regions have less severe winters and warmer summers.
  6. 6. Economy
  7. 7. • The economy of Wisconsin is concentrated primarily and largely in the tertiary sector. In 2003, the gross state product was 157.761 billion dollars. The per capita income for the state was $ 29,412. The unemployment rate in Wisconsin is 4.9%. • The primary sector accounts for 2% of the GDP Wisconsin. Agriculture and livestock account for 1.95% of the state GDP and employ around 134 000 people. The Wisconsin has about 75,000 farms, covering 50% of the state. The main products grown or raised in the state are corn, wheat and soybeans, and cattle, milk and beef. Fishing and forestry together account for 0.05% of the state GDP and employ about ten thousand people. • The secondary sector accounts for 32% of the GDP Wisconsin. The industry
  8. 8. Tourism Wisconsin offer for rent in urban and rural areas. The city of Milwaukee is filled with art, museums (like the Harley-Davidson Museum) and outdoor activities such as music festival Summerfest galleries lake.
  9. 9. Races and ethnicities • Racial composition of the Wisconsin population according to the U.S. Census Bureau 2010: • 83.3% non-Hispanic white • 6.3% african-americnos • 5.9% Hispanic • 2.3% Asian • 1.0% Amerindian peoples • 1.8% two or more races
  10. 10. Religion • • • • • • • • • • • • • Percentage of the population of Wisconsin by religious affiliation: 7 Christianity - 88% Protestant - 55% Lutheran Church - 23% Methodist Church - 7% Baptist Church - 6% Presbyterian Church - 2% United Church of Christ - 2% Other affiliations Protestant - 15% Roman Catholic Church - 29% Other Christian affiliations - 1% Other religions - 1% Non-Religious - 14%
  11. 11. Trasport The first railway opened in Wisconsin, Waukesha and connecting Milkauwee, was founded in 1851. The Wisconsin, in 2002, had 5588 km of railways. In 2003, the state had 178,597 kilometers of public roads, of which 1199 kilometers interstate highways were considered part of the federal highway system in the United States. Currently, six railway companies provide freight transportation service in the state, and Amtrack offers passenger service between ten cities in Wisconsin.
  12. 12. Education The first public school in Wisconsin was founded in 1845 by Michael Frank, in Kenosha. Three years later, in 1848, the state government approved the establishment of a system of public education, anchored with funds provided by the state government. This law required all children and adolescents aged between four and twenty years of age to attend school. Wisconsin was the first American childhood garden was founded in 1856, in Watertown.
  13. 13. Students Alessandra 02 Gabriela Lucia 10 Isamara 12 Joedson Junior 15 Marinês 20 Willian 27 2B