King Christian X


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King Christian X

  1. 1. KING CHRISTIAN X Ana Pernía, Laura Hurtado, Lara Jorge, Irene Ávila, Sara Snopkowska
  2. 2. CHRISTIAN X’S EARLY LIFE  Christian was born on 26 September 1870 in Gentofte, near Copenhagen.  His parents were Prince Frederick of Denmark and his wife Louise of Sweden.  Christian married Alexandrine of Mecklenburg-Schwerin in Cannes on April 26, 1898.  They had two children:  Prince Frederick (1899–1972), later King Frederick IX of Denmark.  Prince Knud (1900–1976), later Hereditary Prince of Denmark.
  3. 3.  On 14 May 1912, Christian X knew about King Frederick VIII’s dead and ascended the throne.  EASTER CRISIS: The immediate cause was a conflict between the King and the cabinet over the reunification with Denmark of Schleswig.  Seventy-five percent voted for reunification with Denmark and twenty-five percent for remaining with Germany.  Finally they finished with a re-unification process.
  4. 4. CHRISTIAN X DURING THE WORLD WAR II  Christian X fought again to stop German occupation:  His brother’s withdrawal.  The symbol Chrisitan X used during the war.  Telegram’s crisis:  Hitler’s felicitation to Christian X.  Christian’s answer.  The King and Danish Jewry:  Jewry’s hero.  Chrisitan X detented and helped Jewish people.
  5. 5. CURIOSITIES ABOUT THE KING  On 22 November 1942, The Washington Post published a photograph of Christian X; calling him, facetiously, a victim of Hitler.  After that people invented a high number of stories to protect his king.  The most successful of these was the legend of the king wearing the yellow star in order to support the Jews.  King Christian X of Denmark chose to wear a yellow star in support of the Danish Jews during the German occupation of Denmark. In another version, the Danish people decided to wear yellow stars. Both of them are fictional.  Jews in Denmark never wore an identification mark such as a yellow star.  Both the King and the majority of the Danish people stood by their Jewish citizens and were instrumental in saving almost all of them from Nazi persecution and death.
  6. 6.  The reason why Danish people protect their king Christian X was used to ride daily through the streets of Copenhagen unaccompanied while the people stood and waved to him.  Now I am going to talk about about an interesting story related to a dialogue between a German soldier and a young boy who lives in Denmark.  This story was recounted in Nathaniel Benchley's bestselling book and it appears in our book too, so probably you can remember this.  The contemporary patriotic song "Der rider en Konge" (There Rides a King) centers on the king's rides.
  7. 7. CHRISTIAN X’S LEGEND  “ That German flag must be taken down”, said the King.  “This will not be done”, replied the German guard.  “If the flag is not taken down, I will send a Danish soldier to take it down”, said King Christian steadily.  “The soldier will be shot” answered the guard.  “The Danish soldier will be me”, replied the King.
  8. 8. “Kongemærket” “Small button with the Danish Flag and the insignia of the King to show patrotism and resistance, called Kongemærket.” “Hotel d’Anglaterre, it was used as the German military headquarters in Copenhagen”
  9. 9. RELATION WITH THE BOOK  In the second chapter we could see some things about the King:  Danish people loved Christian X.  Annemarie told her sister about what she knew about him.  The King needn’t a bodyguard, people did that.  The relation between the King and the Nazis.
  10. 10. END