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  1. 1. Alberto Lozano Alejandro Roda Héctor Muñoz Jorge Olmedilla
  2. 2.    Annemarie and Ellen were friends but in the war they became best friends. Annemarie wasn’t Jewish but Ellen was it so Annemarie helped her because German soldiers found Jewish people to took and kill them. Another example is when Annemarie took the Ellen’s necklace to hid it. When German soldiers came inside the Johansen’s house, Ellen was frightened and Annemarie calmed her.
  3. 3.     Annemarie’s family were very united to Rosen family because Johansen family were disappointed with the German’s ideas. They masked Rosen family like when Henrik helped Rosen family to be safe. When the German soldiers came into the Johansen family to investigated if there where some Jewish people. When Annemarie’s mom and Annemarie went to Henrik’s house to protect Ellen.
  4. 4.     For this people, the Second World War was something catastrophic because Nazi soldiers chased Jewish people to kill them. This people were very united and they helped among themselves. They were very identified because they were discriminated so they gave their lives to save other Jewish’ lives. All this community were like friends that they helped among themselves.
  5. 5.      They cured for free the people who fight with the Nazis. They created communities to survive. Some families hid together (like the Johansen and Rosen families) to avoid the German soldiers. Others, share their food to help others families. They supported each other.