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Gillette Creative Campaign Proposal


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Creative campaign for Gillette of North America to attract new consumers and reinforce brand loyalty with current Gillette customers.

Final project for the course Creative Thinking and Problem Solving at Emerson College in Boston.

Presented in December 2012.

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Gillette Creative Campaign Proposal

  1. 1. Sarah MackRaquel Tellado-DomenechYasar Zarea
  2. 2. About Minds on Fire• Our team creates effective campaigns that helpbrands pop in an over saturated market.• International backgrounds and ability to thinkoutside of the box.• Our ability to really get into the minds of thetarget audience.
  3. 3. Goals• To create an integrated marketing campaign usingtraditional, outdoor and social media to attract newconsumers and to reinforce brand loyalty with thecurrent Gillette consumers.• To create a flexible campaign that can be used fora specific razor (Gillette Fusion ProGlide) or forGillette’s brand image.• To maintain Gillette as the dominant brand in theMen’s Non-Disposable razor category.
  4. 4. Research• Men aged 18-34 are equally as likely astheir older counterparts to use non-disposable razor blades and electricshavers.• Gillette latest products are the mostpopular among younger men.
  5. 5. Research• Consumers tends to stay with theirexisting products because of their budgetsare tight and for the recession in the US.• Due to the recession, more consumers areopting for low cost disposable razorsrather than high cost permanent razors.
  6. 6. Target Audience• Average Joe– Ages 18-34– A man who is not where he wants to be in life.– Unemployed or stuck in a job he hasplateaued at.– Frugal, but will spend money on himself.– Would love a strong woman to whip him intoshape.– Embraces heterosexual roles and wants tofeel like a man.
  7. 7. Target Market• Graduated with a historyand political sciencedegree.• Currently working as asubstitute teacher.• Delayed his decision to goto law school many timesafter college.• He is stuck in a rut-help!Devan
  8. 8. Target Market• 26 year old Bostonian.• Bartender in the Fenwayarea and hates his work.• Floundering at themoment.• Sleeps too late everyday,drinks too much.• He doesn’t know what thenext step is.• He needs guidance.Jeremy
  9. 9. Creative BriefWhat are we selling?• We are selling a lifestyle transformation. We areselling upward mobility. We are selling a lifecoach/razor in one.What do we want to accomplish?• When our Average Joe is shopping in CVS,reaching for his generic brand disposable razor,we want him to feel a sense of empowermentwhen he decides to go for the pro-glide styler. Hewill feel confident knowing that good things lieahead. The razor will rekindle his optimism for thefuture.
  10. 10. Creative BriefWith whom do we want to connect?• We are connecting to the man who is stuck in life- he is notwhere he wants to be. He is unemployed, under-employed orworking a job he does not like. He is the average Joe, theguy’s guy.Why would they like the product?• This product will help this man change from a little lamb into atiger. He will have increased confidence and become the manhe wants to be.What is the brand fuel?• Gillette, known for decades as “the best a man can get” ismanly man’s brand. Our target audience believes in theyin/yang of masculinity and femininity.
  11. 11. Creative BriefWhat is the cultural fuel?• The economic recession has created a largepopulation of people that are hurting and notwhere they want to be. Young men are underincreasing pressure to make something ofthemselves.What is the tone?• It’s important to strike the right balance betweenattention grabbing absurdity and believability.
  12. 12. BIG IDEA
  13. 13. Why Eva Mendes?• InternationalHollywood figure.• Strong and influential.• Natural looks.
  14. 14. Campaign Overview andDetails• The creative execution is done to createthe initial buzz. (Supporting materials)• TV• Print• Bus station ad• Internet banner• Facebook fan page• Contest through Facebook
  15. 15. TV Ad Storyboard
  16. 16. Facebook
  17. 17. Facebook (Contest)
  18. 18. Internet Banner Ad
  19. 19. Other Recommendations• Co-branding with one of Eva Mendes’movie releases.• Give-away Pro-Glide Styler duringpremiere parties and in movie theaters.• Co-branding with New York Times best-selling books about self improvement suchas “7 Habits of Highly Successful People”.(Give-away with a book purchase.)