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Generalitat of catalonia


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Generalitat of catalonia

  1. 1. The president is chosen by the parliament ofCatalunya between his deputies and is appointedby the king.
  2. 2. The functions of the president are representingCatalonia and chair the regional government.The President informs the actions of thegovernment to the parliament of Catalonia.
  3. 3. GOVERN GENERALITAT.The Government or Executive Council comprises thepresident and the directors he appoints.Each minister heads a ministry that deals with thegovernance of an area, such as the economy,education and transport.Functions of the Government are:implement laws approved by the parliament ofCatalonia.
  4. 4. Work done by: Delfina Penzado and MartaMerino.Class 6Escola Les Acàcies (Barcelona)Teacher: Raquel Hernandez.