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  1. 1. Adjective
  2. 2. Definition• Adjectives are words that describe or modify another person or thing in the sentence.
  3. 3. For example:• A wooden chair
  4. 4. • A beautiful flower
  5. 5. • A new Lamborghini
  6. 6. • Some fresh vegetables
  7. 7. Your turn now(1)• Some/three thick books
  8. 8. Adjectives can be formed by adding:• able • ish• al • ive• ar • ful• ary • less• ate • ly• en • some• ible • ous• ic • y
  9. 9. For example:reasonable foolishnational talkativeregular carefulimaginary fearlesslegitimate lovelywooden quarrelsomeflexible cautiousenergetic healthy
  10. 10. Adjective patterns• Adjectives expressing emotion or desire are usually followed by an infinitive.Such as: sorry, glad, happy, anxious, eager, curious, (un)willing, reluctant.
  11. 11. • Present participles & past participles also follow the same pattern.• Present participles:delighting, interesting, surprising.• Past participles:pleased, delighted, shocked.
  12. 12. For example:• We are glad to know that you have recovered.• I am pleased to meet you.• The crying baby is my sister.
  13. 13. Personal qualities• kind, good, bad, nice, naughty, wise, foolish, cruelmay be used in any of these patterns:You were kind to help us.It was kind of you to help us.How kind of you to help us.
  14. 14. Impersonal Adjectives• Necessary, dangerous, easy, difficult, (im)possible, important, essential, etc are used in this pattern:It was easy (for him) to work out the problem.
  15. 15. Which of the following clauses are correct?1a. little brown house b. brown little house b2a. Italian red sports car bb. red Italian sports car
  16. 16. Order of Adjective:Ⅰ Determiners Ⅴ Color Ⅵ OriginⅡ Observation Ⅶ MaterialⅢ Size & shape Ⅷ QualifierⅣ Age
  17. 17. More examples:delicious Some deliciousThai Thai foodsomefood
  18. 18. Your turn now(2a)hair Her long, blackher hair.blacklong
  19. 19. Your turn now(2b)my My lazy,younger selfish, fat,lazy youngerselfish brother.fatbrother
  20. 20. Adjective clause• If a group of words containing a subject and verb acts as an adjective, it is called an Adjective Clause
  21. 21. For example:• My sister, who is much older than I am, is a computer engineer.
  22. 22. Adjective Phrase• If an adjective clause is stripped of its subject and verb, the resulting modifier becomes an Adjective Phrase
  23. 23. For example: • He is the man who is keeping my family in the poorhouse.
  24. 24. Position of Adjectives• In a sentence, adjectives nearly always appear immediately before the noun or noun phrase that they modify.
  25. 25. For example:• Stella is a careful girl.• It is a red book.
  26. 26. Degree of Adjective• Positive• Comparative than• The Superlative
  27. 27. For example:Positive Comparative Superlativerich richer richestlovely lovelier loveliestbeautiful more beautiful most beautiful
  28. 28. Irregular comparative & superlative formsPositive Comparative Superlativegood better bestbad worse worstfar further furthestlittle less least
  29. 29. Adjective & preposition about it?• Are you sure of his good at honesty?• She is tennis. fond of interested in
  30. 30. Adjective & prepositionabsent from different from independent ofbusy with excited about keen oncertain free from loyal toabout/ofcommon to hard on similar to
  31. 31. P re pa re d by M üne vve r Ç ELEB İ