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Connecting today by robert appino


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Connecting Today builds on my interest of socializing face-to-face and virtually and gives the audience an accessible way to think about how we connect today. Connecting Today was presented as a Learn2Talk (keynote) at the Learning 2.013 Conference at United World College East Campus, Singapore. For more information check out and see the full talk at

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Connecting today by robert appino

  1. 1. Connecting Today Robert Appino @rappin01
  2. 2. Then
  3. 3. Now
  4. 4. 808 Then
  5. 5. 8078 Then
  6. 6. Now
  7. 7. Then
  8. 8. “Brick” Phone Then
  9. 9. Then
  10. 10. Now
  11. 11. Then
  12. 12. Synchronous class Now
  13. 13. Now
  14. 14. Then
  15. 15. Now
  16. 16. “How we communicate today changes who we are” -Sherry Turkle
  17. 17. #learning2 Now
  18. 18. Attributions - Visual iPad Screen (1st and 18th slide) by cam flan    Back to the Future by garryknight  Phone by dno1967b  FaceTime by rappino Beeper by Hades2k  iMessage Discussion by rappino Cell Phone Head Start by jbcurio  Cell One by MRBECK  Zack Morris and AC Slater Phone screenshot from youtube by rappino   Smart Phone images Motorola and Apple University Classrooms by by velkr0 UKY Virtual Classroom screenshot by rappino Google Hangouts Discussion screenshot by rappino Radio by by A. Germain COETAILCast screenshot by @ rappino Learning 2 shot from thered1 @B_Sheridan Resources Download Presentation via Slideshare from Robert Appino