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Why Businesses Need to Invest in Mobile Marketing


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Do You think why am I investing in mobile marketing? Here we will discuss some key points Why Businesses Need to Invest in Mobile Marketing.

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Why Businesses Need to Invest in Mobile Marketing

  1. 1.
  2. 2. Mobile Marketing  World is full of technology  Businesses adapting mobile application technology  Period of online shopping  Time of e-commerce companies  Shopping becoming digital  People tending towards mobile application  Advertising on mobile is beneficial
  3. 3. Facts of Mobile users  7.22 billion smart gadgets  1593 million active monthly users out of which 823 million were mobile- only in 2015  In USA, 56% traffic from mobile devices  1.5 billion smart phones users in 2014  Expected to grow 2.5 billion smart phones users in 2019  By 2020, 70 % of population in world will own smart phones
  4. 4. Interesting Facts about Mobile  68 million searches are done every hour on mobile devices across the globe  More emails are opened on mobile devices than desktop  55% of total emails are accessed on mobile devices  Number of mobile email users are estimated to grow by 23% this year  Emails on mobile phones reflected 26.7% of sales as compared to 20.9% on desktops
  5. 5. Send notifications Promotional offers Emails to the customer Schedule notifications Tailored offers Text message Types of Mobile Marketing
  6. 6. Reasons to invest in Mobile Marketing  Instant results with call-to-actions  SMS service provides benefits  Provides Consumer Engagement  Acceleration growth in sale
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