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The best of the mobile-world information by Rapidsoft Technologies


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Published in: Mobile, Business, Technology
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The best of the mobile-world information by Rapidsoft Technologies

  1. 1. The best of the mobile-world information by Rapidsoft Technologies It matters that who is mobilizing your enterprise app. We shared that how a mobile application developer is responsible for making a project successful or unsuccessful. Explore more… Is your iPhone 5S getting slower? Here are ways to make it run faster. We informed our audience how an iPhone device can be sped up. And of course we received a lot of responses to. Explore more…
  2. 2. How a successful mobile app development project takes place? It has been our one of the most successful posts. When we were moderating reviews, we had to delete more than 1500 spams particular for this post. They all want us to allow their reviews with back links but sorry, we only like genuine reviews. Explore more… Can smartphones power satellites, become mobile labs, drive cars, screen health, detect metals and save rain-forest? This was an interesting post. We covered a lot of stuffs where mobile phone and mobile application are working in their core. We also received great response for this post. Explore More… Let me help you make your tablet as productive as a laptop.
  3. 3. We helped our audience converting a tablet as productive as laptop. In this post we suggested a number of ways that helped audience in using their tablets for most of the general purpose computing operations. Explore More… …and your app has crashed! We touched the day-t0-day problem of smart device users. App crash is really irritating, particularly in the middle of an operation. We suggested a number of tips to both mobile developers and users to avoid app-crash. Explore More Why do you need a mobile application development for real estate projects?
  4. 4. We researched on the scope of mobile application development in real estate market. This blog helped a lot of people, particularly property agents. We also received good comments. Explore More… Promote a movie through mobile game Not only real estate but we also searched the scope of mobile app development in film and television industries. In this blog we shared that how app can also help in promoting television and movie markets. Explore More…
  5. 5. How mobile application development helps healthcare industry? We researched and then posted blog on how mobile application development can help healthcare industry. We received great response for this blog too. Explore More… More information @ Rapidsoft Technologies