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Identifying challenges in_mobile_application_development


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Mobile application development is full of challenges. The article is an effort to make out some areas where companies need to pay extra attention before deploying developers on their projects.

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Identifying challenges in_mobile_application_development

  1. 1. Article Title:Identifying challenges in mobile application developmentArticle Summary :Mobile application development is full of challenges. The article is an effort to make out some areaswhere companies need to pay extra attention before deploying developers on their projects.=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=Article Body: The mobile application development industry has made computing-on-the-go possible.However, smart phones are equally entitled for brining a PC into palm, but they are incomplete withoutapps. They are merely containers in the absence of mobile software. Today’s phones have lots ofinteractive features, and apps are tools to interact with all of them. Mobile applications communicatewith both hardware and software to execute operations required by users.But mobile application development is a complex task, and companies have to face and resolvefollowing issues before beginning an app development project.ExpertiseAn application built without needed expertise will fail. Companies should not expect a functioning andperformance-driven app from unprofessional or amateur developers. While hiring mobile developers,companies need to evaluate their expertise in deepest manner. Inexperienced developers can ruin theproject and deliver a faulty app that can damage your brand-image among customers and evencompetitors.Multiple PlatformsThe mobile world has more than one operating system. The leading ones among them are Android, iOS,Windows, Blackberry and to some extent Symbian. It is not a good idea that you go for a single platform.Your app needs to be available on multiple platforms. An app for multiple platforms will naturallyexpose you to more opportunities.OS version compatibilityReports suggest that not all users do update the core software of their devices. Many continue to usethe same version of the OS with which they bought their devices. For example, there are millions ofAndroid powered devices that have not been updated to its latest versions. So you should askdevelopers to build an app that is compatible with all the running versions of the OS. This will allowmore users to access and use your app.Hardware complexitiesMobile technologies are continuously changing. Mobile manufacturers keep adding new features withthe release of new mobile devices. Processing speed, memory, graphic processing, etc. are alsoincreased / changed time after time. This may affect a mobile application. The app may require an
  2. 2. optimization to run in improved hardware environments. The software should also faultlessly work onboth low and high-end hardware devices.The target audienceDo not assign your project to developers without knowing the target audience. If you fail to identifypotential users, your app will most likely fail. If you know the target audience, you would be able toplace your app more impeccably. The app will quickly become popular if it is visible to an audiencewhich really wants it.Handling these challenges wisely can deliver the businesses the best of the mobile apps.Article Author:These important pointers are brought to you by expert mobile application developers from activelygrowing iPhone apps development company.-=-=-=-=-=-=-===========================================================