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CloudOffice is a secure all-in-one solution set combining RapidScale’s four core products and services: Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS), Desktop as a Service (DaaS), and Hosted Microsoft Exchange.

We can package your business applications and add them to your CloudOffice. Your employees will be working in an enterprise-grade environment that is controlled and monitored 24x7x365. Additionally, all your data will be backed up in the cloud securely. With RapidScale's CloudOffice, you will have solutions that support collaboration and mobile workforces from any device, with any app, anywhere. It is the future of IT.

Microsoft Office 2010 offers flexible and powerful new ways to deliver your best work - at the office, at home, or at school.

Hosted Exchange enables you to communicate using business-grade email while eliminating the need to upgrade and maintain a physical Exchange server. Archiving and encryption services are available for compliance and security purposes. Tailor your solutions based on your unique needs and ensure that your communications are always available. You remain in control.

Unlike many competitive products, CloudOffice was built on a multi-tenanted Geo Load Balanced Active/Active architecture. This unique design offers several benefits to its end users but most importantly means that customers’ virtual environments are built redundantly upon one another creating the ultimate design in Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity.

RapidScale's consistent hardware refresh cycles ensure that customers’ applications are running on reliable maintained equipment at all times. Services are built in geographically redundant data centers, so if a primary site goes offline, the secondary site will initiate and users will be routed to that site. CloudOffice is a reliable and secure way to store data and clients will experience the latest technology with exceptional data protection.

RapidScale's CloudOffice product replaces a client’s physical IT infrastructure by moving all the customer applications to the Cloud. This eliminates the need for the client’s IT team to maintain and support the physical hardware. This will also minimize the workload on the customer’s finance department regarding the procurement of IT hardware and associated maintenance contracts.

At the infrastructure level, CloudOffice is fully backed by Active Directory architecture to simplify the deployment of user accounts. With our front-end control panel, even non-technical clerical and HR workers have the ability to easily spin up user accounts and provision users with a Desktop, Mailbox, Applications, and File Permissions in one fluid and smooth process using a “next, next, finish” procedure. Built on the same technology as our CloudDesktop platform, rich HD graphics and a seamless end user experience are just a few of the front facing benefits of our CloudOffice product offering.

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RapidScale CloudOffice

  1. 1. RapidScale CloudOffice Training Meet the Next Generation Computer 9/30/2014 CloudOffice Training 1
  2. 2. Desktop as a Service • DaaS, Hosted Desktop, Virtual Desktop, VDI • Virtualization of the Desktop Environment • Gaining popularity because of Mobility, “BYOD”, Cost Efficiency • End user receives a virtual PC that works just like their current PC • $1 billion Industry, $49 billion Industry in 2014- Gartner 2
  3. 3. Cost Savings: Desktop as a Service Benefits • Allows organizations to consolidate the number of servers supporting desktops • Central management and deployment of applications and updates • Move to a Zero Client/Thin Client Mobility: • Employees are able to work from anywhere on any device • Good for remote users • All your files are stored in one place BYOD “Bring Your Own Device” • Employees want to BYOD • Allows organizations to still have control over their data • Standardization 9/30/2014 CloudOffice Training 3
  4. 4. CloudOffice Zero Client: No O/S, Inexpensive, Long Lasting, Low Power Requirements, Easy to Replace (plug & play). Supports Multiple Monitors Thin Client: O/S (Linux or Windows Based). Supports Multiple Monitors, More Flexibility 9/30/2014 CloudOffice Training 4
  5. 5. • RapidScale’s Virtual Desktop Solution for SMB • All-Inclusive Solution • Multi-Tenant Platform • Cost-Effective • Eliminates Licensing Management • Access from Any Where on Any Device via Citrix Receiver CloudOffice 5
  6. 6. Solutions Business Presentation 6 CloudDesktop RapidScale is the global leader in Desktop as a Service. With RapidScale’s CloudDesktop your apps, any device, globally. Let our CloudIntelligence team design the right CloudDesktop solution for you. We are the next generation computer. CloudOffice RapidScale’s CloudOffice brings the best in technology and software applications to the SMB market. Get your core line of business applications like the latest versions of Office, Exchange, SharePoint, ShareFile, and QuickBooks all for one cost effective price. CloudServer Your servers, our cloud, and the best service in the industry. RapidScale gives you on-demand capacity with the best infrastructure tools and utilities in the industry. CloudServer is backed by vCloud hypervisor, NetApp storage, and Cisco UCS blade chassis. 9/30/2014
  7. 7. Solutions Business Presentation 7 CloudRecovery RapidScale’s CloudRecovery service is about planning and designing your businesses Recovery Time Objectives (RTO) around each application. We provide cost effective high density and low density storage and complete Disaster Recovery as a Service solutions for automatic failover. CloudCompliance RapidScale’s innovative CloudCompliance tool is a user-friendly web based portal software solution which offers its clients and easy, affordable way to prove they are in compliance with the standards and regulations of the industry they service. CloudMail RapidScale is an industry leader in the delivery, design, and support of Microsoft Exchange. Our Service Level Agreement for CloudMail is 100% uptime. All support is U.S. based as we take pride in providing world class service. 9/30/2014
  8. 8. Package Includes: • 1 CPU/4 GB RAM • Windows 7 • Microsoft Office 2010/13 • Exchange 2010/13 • *Microsoft Sharepoint (additional $10 per month) • *Wyse Zero or Thin Clients (additional $20- $50 per month) • *Microsoft Office Professional (additional $5 per month) • Unlimited Bandwidth • *Unlimited Document Storage • Additional Applications Available (customer brings licensing) $65.00 Per Month (3 Year Agreement) $75.00 Per Month (2 Year Agreement) $85.00 Per Month (1 Year Agreement) CloudOffice 9/30/2014 CloudOffice Training 8
  9. 9. Available Apps: • 8x8 Virtual Office Outlook Plugin • 8x8 Virtual Office Salesforce Plugin • Adobe Acrobat Reader XI • Adobe Acrobat X Professional • Adobe Acrobat X Standard • Avionte Outlook add-in • Axys 3.8.5 • Brosix x86 • Skyline 2013.1 • Collaborate MD • Crystal Reports Redistributables 2008 • Decision ERP • Dentrix G4 Client • eFax Messenger • FileMaker Pro 12 • GENBAND Personal Communicator • GIMP CloudOffice • Google Chrome • Goolge Talk • Intuit QuickBooks Enterprise 2013 • Intuit QuickBooks Enterprise 2012 • Intuit Quickbooks Premier 2013 • Intuit QuickBooks Premier 2012 • Intuit QuickBooks Premier 2011 • Intuit QuickBooks Pro 2014 • Intuit QuickBooks Pro 2013 • Intuit QuickBooks Pro 2012 • Intuit QuickBooks Pro 2011 • Intuit Quicken 2014 Deluxe • KeePass 2.23 • MAS90 • Microsoft Office 2010 Standard • Microsoft Visio 2010 Professional • Mozilla Firefox • MRES • NAPS2 • QuoteWerks 4.9 • Safari 5.1.7 • Sage Timeslips 2014 • Salesforce Chatter • Servant Keeper • TerminalWorks TSPrint Client • ThinkingCommunicator v2.3 • ThinkingConnector for IE • Unity Desktop 9/30/2014 CloudOffice Training 9
  10. 10. Additional Apps: • ADP Drive • ArcGIS Explorer Desktop • Broadsoft Unity • Catermate • CCH Tax • Compeat • Delphi Diagrams • Great Plains • Kaseya • LaserFische • Lightspeed Galaxy • Lite Depreciation • Makescents • Megapath Telephony Toolbar • Opera • Palmwyse / Healthwyse • PDATools CloudOffice • Philips SpeechExec • ProfitSage • ProSystems fx Engagement • Roboform • Sage Fixed Assets • Salesforce Chatter • Springbrook • Tax Interest • Time Matters • TimeSlips • WinFiler 2013 Workstation • WordPerfect • Worldocs 9/30/2014 CloudOffice Training 10
  11. 11. • Limited IT • SMB Market: 10 users-80 users • Standardization • Business Grade Environment • Control • BYOD CloudOffice- Ideal Customer 11
  12. 12. Increased productivity and innovation: Employees are more comfortable with a personal device and become expert using it — making them more productive. Personal devices tend to be more cutting-edge, so the enterprise benefits from the latest features. Also users upgrade to the latest hardware more frequently. Employee satisfaction: Your people use the devices they have chosen and invested in — rather than what was selected by IT. 83% of users considered their mobile device more important than their morning cup of coffee. Allowing employees to use personal devices also helps them avoid carrying multiple devices. BYOD Cost savings: BYOD programs sometimes save budget by shifting costs to the user, with employees paying for mobile devices and data services. However, this often results in little to no savings, so do not base your decision primarily on anticipated savings. 9/30/2014 CloudOffice Training 12
  13. 13. BYOD BYOD isn’t a new idea in the workplace Source: TechRepublic BYOD business Strategy Survey, 2013 9/30/2014 CloudOffice Training 13
  14. 14. 1. How many devices (desktops, laptops, zero clients, thin clients, tablets) need to be refreshed in the next 12-24 months? 2. How much of your time goes to maintaining devices (desktops, laptops, zero clients, thin clients, tablets)? 3. What applications are you running on your desktop today? 4. How would you handle the loss of company data, hard drive crash, lost laptop, or employee theft? 5. Do your employees want to BYOD? CloudOffice 9/30/2014 CloudOffice Training 14
  15. 15. Introduction/ Background: CloudOffice Success A shipping company located in Anaheim, CA with 25 employees of which, 20 are in the office on a daily basis, with a single IT manager supporting all users with occasional outside support from a VAR. Ongoing desktop support has tied up the IT Manager’s time most weeks. While deploying new desktops has helped relieve some of the time requirements it still takes up better than 50% of his time. Outside IT support cost ran $1,500 per month on average. Solution RapidScale’s CloudOffice solution allowed this client to outsource 80% of his IT, mainly desktop support for break fix. By virtualizing the desktops the IT Manager was able to set IT rules for the environment and easily manage them through the control panel. The client was also able to offset some of the additional CapEx slated for additional desktop replacement. Additionally, CloudOffice created the offsite data backup solution for the company and increased mobility by loading the VDI on additional devises such as I-Pads. Conclusion By moving to RapidScale’s CloudOffice platform, they were able to lower the outside IT support costs and create a simple access point to make adds, moves, and changes to the platform. The customer reallocated some of those savings to increasing the primary bandwidth at their location. The sales partner was pivotal in making these recommendations and providing the bandwidth solutions as well. 9/30/2014 CloudOffice Training 15
  16. 16. CloudOffice – Current Industry Success 9/30/2014 CloudOffice Training 16
  17. 17. CloudOffice – Where Else We Can Fit 9/30/2014 CloudOffice Training 17
  18. 18. rapidscale.net Contact Information RapidScale 100 Pacifica Suite 100 Irvine, CA 92618 (949) 236-7007