Rapid Influence Strategic Planning Product June 2009


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Product presentation for the RapidInfluence Strategic Planning solution.

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Rapid Influence Strategic Planning Product June 2009

  1. 1. RapidInfluence Strategic Planning Solutions CRM is NOT the number one business tool!
  2. 2. The Research on Strategic Planning • In 1993, Bain & Company launched a multi-year research project to get the facts about management tools and trends. Their objective was two-fold: • To provide managers with information they need to identify and integrate tools that would improve bottom-line results • To understand how global executives view their strategic challenges and priorities • Over the past 14 years, they have completed 11 surveys, assembling a database that now includes 8,504 respondents from more than 70 countries in North America, Europe, Asia, Africa, the Middle East and Latin America.
  3. 3. The facts on Strategic Planning • The striking outcome of this research is that despite a major focus on tools such as CRM and methodologies like benchmarking, Six-Sigma, Business Process Reengineering and Total Quality Management, it is actually Strategic Planning that has consistently come up as the leading tool since the survey began in 1993.
  4. 4. Strategic Planning Essentials Taking this into account and recognizing the lack of solutions dedicated to the implementation of strategic plans, RapidInfluence has developed an enterprise ready system for implementing strategic plans across corporate strategy, marketing strategy, and product strategy. The essentials include the ability to: • Define Initiatives • Apply SWOT • Identify Goals • Define the Elements • Task and Follow
  5. 5. RapidInfluence for Strategic Planning The system is comprehensive but straightforward and is based around the identification and completion of key Action Items ensuring that your strategic plans get implemented and are successful.
  6. 6. Efficient Implementation The RapidInfluence Strategic Planning solution is delivered using a Software as a Service (SaaS) business model: – No new hardware for you to install access via any Web browser – Regular updates and new features are provided as part of the service – Daily backups and security protocols are implemented and maintained by us
  7. 7. A Dashboard Start Easily navigate the key activities and search functions within the system right from the dashboard. Gain a sense of what is going on within the company via a range of visual prompts. See a list of recent action items that have been changed or updated.
  8. 8. Single Screen Navigation The system is driven by the tabs at the top, which allow you to move across the key functions of the system. Once you are inside an ‘appview’ you will see a list of all of the available items, such as all ‘Action Items’ or Financial Entries, as well when you select a particular item you will see all of the actions that can take place such as; viewing reports and moving the selected items through various work flow stages.
  9. 9. Activities - Initiatives Strategic Initiatives are created and managed and are displayed in the main appview. Initiatives are defined for the company and can include: start dates, completion dates, cost parameters and related documentation.
  10. 10. Activities – SWOT Analysis Standard SWOT items; Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats are organized in an easy to view format. A SWOT analysis can be completed for each Strategic Initiative.
  11. 11. Activities – Strategic Elements Strategic Elements can be fully detailed including , key dates, team members, notes and other forms of documentation. The Strategic Elements of each Initiative are broken down and defined so that it is easy to create Action Items and track their progress over time.
  12. 12. Activities – Action Items Action Items are connected to Strategic Elements and can be assigned to a specific person. You can also include notes and documentation relating to the Action Item. Action items are created for Strategic Elements and then tracked over time to measure the progress the organization is making.
  13. 13. Activities – Financial Entries Financial or Budget Entries are created to form a record of the costs allocated Financial Entries are connected to an initiative and a to the completion of an Initiative. Strategic Element and include their description and the amounts.
  14. 14. Strategic Reporting A range of standard reports covering any Strategic Initiative, SWOT Analysis, Strategic Element or Action Item is available within the system.
  15. 15. Searching and Data Export You can choose items to search on and display as well as exporting the results into a CSV format. Search results are displayed in a table and via links give access to the original entries as well as the available reports.
  16. 16. Configure to your organization Most aspects of the system can be configured without writing complex code making it easy to make changes and evolve the system as your needs grow.
  17. 17. Summary • The RapidInfluence Strategic Planning system makes it easy to effectively implement a range of strategic plan types. • It does so by organizing the completion of Strategic Initiatives around a series of Strategic Elements and Action Items that can be assigned and tracked. • The system is delivered under a software as a service model meaning you are up and running in minutes bringing your teams and plans together in record time.
  18. 18. Free Trial Account Sign for a Free Trial of The RapidInfluence Strategic Planning Solution Start implementing your company's strategic plans today; get your team aligned, collaborating and completing their goals of building a successful organization. Your free trial gives you access to all of RapidInfluence’s tools and customer-only resources. There's no risk, no obligation, and no credit card required. http://signup.stp.rapidinfluence.com
  19. 19. Contact RapidInfluence There are several ways to contact us if you have any questions about Strategic Planning Solutions: • Ring us in Boston, Massachusetts - 1-857-241-3827 • Tweet us on Twitter http://twitter.com/strategyview • Corporate Web site - www.rapidinfluence.com • Email – info@rapidinfluence.com