Peter Cheese webinar slides April 2013


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Peter Cheese addresses CIPD members about his vision for the future of HR and the CIPD

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Peter Cheese webinar slides April 2013

  1. 1. CPDfor the#CIPDLRNfor theLinkedIn members group
  2. 2. Mike MorrisonRapidBI.comTwitter @RapidBI#CIPDLRN
  3. 3. Type question hereMartin CouzinsEditorLearnpatch.comQ&A Support@learnpatch#CIPDLRN
  4. 4. Todays SpeakerPeter CheeseCEO#CIPDLRNCIPD
  5. 5. Webinar26 April 2013Peter CheeseCEO, CIPD
  6. 6. Why the need for changeWe are in a strong and positive position….but• Fast pace of change and demand in HR, learning and widerbusiness context driven by changes in the nature of work,the workforce, and the workplace• Need to innovate, become less ‘Wimbledon’ centric, better• Need to innovate, become less ‘Wimbledon’ centric, betterat partnering, more collaborative• Lack of clarity and alignment on our priorities and direction• Concerns about lack of progress in areas such asmembership offer, range and robustness of qualifications,need for clearer progression routes and CPD, impact onthe strategic agendas etc• Huge opportunity to provide more value and increaseimpact for our members and the profession
  7. 7. Purpose statementsOur purpose is“To champion better work and working lives,through improving people management anddevelopment practices for the benefit of individuals,development practices for the benefit of individuals,organisations, the economy and society.”
  8. 8. Our vision and aspirations• Being the hub of the network of our profession, facilitatingcommunities and networks• Supporting HR and learning professionals in to and through theircareers• Engaging and collaborating to share thinking, best practices,insights, and influencing direction8insights, and influencing direction• Raising standards – supporting the professionalisation of HR aswell as the practices of people management and development inall kinds of organisation• Raising the standing and positioning of the HR and learningprofession• Impacting policy, challenging on the key issues, helping build theworkforce and organisations of the future• Being connected and relevant locally, regionally, nationally andinternationally
  9. 9. Strategic framework – a framework forchange and growthClarify Purpose, Vision, ValuesProtect and Grow Focus and Exploit New AreasStrengthen Market and Brand Positioning• Research led with a clear framework• Magnified through strategic partnershipsBuildandSupportFlexandGrowAlignHorizon 1 Horizon 3Horizon 2Improve Infrastructure and Organisation• Integrated systems and digital capabilities• Aligned and simplified organisationProtect and GrowCore Business• Quals• Training and learning• Membership offersFocus andStrengthen GrowthAreas• Expand B2B• International strategyExploit New Areasof Opportunity• Support to SMEs• HR Practices andmetricsRefine and Extend Assets and Capabilities• Integrated content management• Portfolio of products, tools, frameworksBuildandSupportFlexandGrowAlign
  10. 10. Membersand affiliatesWhat we do – on a page!MediaoutreachQuals andAwardsCentres andlearnersMembershipservices andsupportB2C B2CTraining andlearningB2C Marketing and Sales – National and InternationalPolicy andpublicaffairsBranchesand RegionsAssessmentandDiagnosisDefine and Diagnose Build and Develop Engage and supportHR teams CorporatemembershipMember,marketdataCPD inclConferencesand EventsContentandProductsB2B Sales and Consulting – National and InternationalB2BEnabling functionsMarketInsight andPositioningResearchand ThoughtLeadership
  11. 11. Strategic prioritiesExtending impact and voiceExtending impact and voice•Research and policy focus, Big Themes, strategic partnershipsBroadening our reach, relevance and valueBroadening our reach, relevance and value•Working with organisations (B2B), support for SMEs, better focus on L&D and consultants, Centresand studentsDeveloping progression paths, career development and means of recognitionDeveloping progression paths, career development and means of recognition•Extending the Profession Map, CPD, certification, endorsements, supporting career developmentDeveloping the membership offerDeveloping the membership offer•Segmentation to reflect different groups, seniority, access to assets etcClarifying and extending our international presenceClarifying and extending our international presence•Focus on key regional markets, international businesses, evolving international standardsStrengthening branch networks and regionsStrengthening branch networks and regions•Establishing regions to better support branches, members, centres, engage with regional agendas
  12. 12. CAPABILITIESCO“Theme”HR and Learningpractices andcapabilitiesHR metrics andstandardsLeadershipandmanagementWorkChanging nature of workResearch and thought leadershipframework12ONTEXTChanging nature of workWorkforceThe changing workforceWorkplaceTransforming culture,developing organisations
  13. 13. Over to you...Your Questions....Your Questions....Peter CheeseCEOCIPDTwitter @Cheese_Peter
  14. 14. greatReasonsto fill out the exit survey
  15. 15. The exit survey will open afteryou leave the session.Thank you!If you miss this, one will be emailed to you later– only complete it once
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