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Multiply your potential by expanding your network.

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  • Do you have a twitter, Facebook, or your own verbal network that you can call on and they can call on you?
  • We want to experience life not only by our 5 senses but through others 5 senses as well. Do you want to know how to multiply.
  • Everyone is following somebody or something. Great pursuits only are achieved when 1 person multiplies his network. 1 person = 2 hands. 10 people =20 hands. 1 person = 1 location. 10 people = 10 possible locations. Multiply your potential, efforts, and focus by increasing your loyal network.
  • While college students prepare for their post graduation endeavors they can begin to multiply their potential by increasing their network. They should follow their teachers on twitter, contact information should be stored and some dialogue should begin. College students should collect business cards of prospected industry professional and introductions at the minimum should begin. If student sdoes not have a network they will not succeed. Family and friends should know what you are aspiring for and in need of.
  • I just came back from Portland, Oregon where I went out there only knowing my family. I sought artist to work with and found many artist, writers, producers, and music industry personal to work with. After working with many people 7 people became in my close professional networkIn the past two years in Portland I have released 4 albums that had 6 different people on it, it was inspired by friends and I sold more than 600 copies to the people in Portland, Oregon and performed about 7 times in a 7 month spand. I have proven that I know how to create an network that functions with a purpose to produce music and perform.
  • In the show power rangers each ranger had a zord. When they came together they formed a megazord and where drastically stronger. In the same way you can form your network and become stronger as you pursue your post graduation goals. Expand your network before you graduate college.
  • -As you form your network remember and implement these 3 statementsEven leaders follow their visionTaking turns from following and leading -A follower cannot follow a leader who is not in motion.
  • Leaders need a vision for their network. The vision allows for people, resources, and access to multiply. College students had a vision of going to college and most where able to find the money needed to fullfill that vision. The vision of going to college brought you into meeting new people. The vision of going to college gave you access to knowledge on your chosen field.
  • Disney had a vision of animated characters and created a whole world for them to live in. Walt Disney created movies, theme parks, and merchandise all from what was a vision of the famous mickey mouse. Walt Disney’s network reaches all over the world. He successfully multiplied his potential by having a vision.
  • Stephen Covey says, “Began with the end in mind.” Pre graduating college students should have some kind of vision for where they would like to be or achieve after graduation.
  • People in your network will be an extension of you being able to lead you AND follow you.
  • Great music bands switch between singers and instrumental solos. Jackson 5 have a song called “Thank You” were each member of the band takes turn doing their solo part. As you move towards your pursuits with your network, individuals will lead you to career opportunities, resources, and experiences. You will also lead individuals in your network to career opportunities, resources, experiences and more.
  • Tell story of my Dad and I driving from Portland to Florida. He said, “Driver rules.” So when he drove he was the leader and I helped with the navigation. When I drove he helped.
  • Two people standing still is not following or leading. To multiply your network you must be in motion.
  • If two people like each other its not until they go on a date, hang out or some move is made; that their relationship truly starts. In salsa dancing the women follows the man. Unless the man begins with the first step the women cannot follow. College students already took the first step by enrolling into to college and it expanded their network. Now they need to take another step towards their post graduation pursuits and use their network to get closer to their vision.
  • When president Obama moved to Chicago he increased his network by working with the community outreach centers. The people in the community got to know this upcoming politician and he got to know the needs of the inner city people. He always had a vision of serving the country and helping the poor and by him moving to Chicago he gained to resources, people, and experience he needed to get into the White House. He is now president of the United States.
  • Multiply yourself by reaching out to others and welcoming others into your network.
  • To achieve your post graduate pursuits you must have a vision for your network, be in motion to attract followers, and take turns following the people in your network.
  • Everyone is following somebody or something. Great pursuits only are achieved when 1 person multiplies their network. 1 person = 2 hands. 10 people =20 hands. 1 person = 1 location. 10 people = 10 possible locations. Multiply your potential, efforts, and focus by increasing your network.
  • After you multiply yourself by increasing your network you will be able to achieve anything you set your mind to. What is impossible for you to do will be possible through your network.
  • Polk raphael ignite_multiply_yournetwork

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    11. 11. Driver vs Helper You will drive your network as your network helps you. Your network will ALSO drive you as you help them in their pursuits.
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