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Aedes aegypti


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A description about Aedes aegypti, a primary vector for yellow fever and dengue fever. To know more about the mosquito in general, check out my "Mosquito" slide.

Aedes aegypti

  1. 1. Yellow fever mosquito<br />Egyptian tiger mosquito<br />Aedes Aegypti<br />
  2. 2. Notes<br />All contents have references listed at the end of this presentation.<br />All images are linked to their original webpage.<br />Some slides have notes for more explanation. Please check at the “Notes” tab below this window (not seen in full screen mode).<br />
  3. 3. Aedes aegypti<br />It is a medium-sized black-colored mosquito having a silvery-white “lyre-shaped” pattern on its scutum or shield<br />Like its cousin, Ae. albopictus, it also has banded white stripes on its legs<br />
  4. 4. Presence & Activity<br />Originally from Africa, Ae. aegypti is present in most tropical and sub-tropical regions.<br />It is an urban mosquito preferring households living close together.<br />Ae. aegypti never lives more than 90 meters from dwellings.<br />It prefers clean, shady, stagnant water.<br />The mosquito’s lifetime ranges from 8 to 16 days.<br />Dengue cases from mid-August to mid-September 2010<br />
  5. 5. Food and Blood<br />Like the albopictus and Anopheles mosquitoes, females need human blood for egg development.<br />Why do female Aedes need blood?<br />A study in 1977 reported that the human blood’s isoleucine is important for egg production.<br />There is a positive correlation between the level of isoleucine in blood and the number of eggs produced.<br />
  6. 6. Diseases<br />Ae. aegypti is a biological vector for transmitting:<br />Yellow fever<br />Viral hemorrhagic disease only found in Africa and South America.<br />Chikungunya<br />In the Makonde language, “that leans downward.”<br />Causes illness similar to dengue with prolonged joint pains that can last for years.<br />Present in Africa and Asia.<br />Dengue Fever<br />Aedes is the primary vector<br />Yellow fever virus<br />Dengue virus<br />Chikungunya virus<br />
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  8. 8. References<br />The Dengue Map by the Centers for Disease Control<br />“The role of isoleucine in differential egg production by the mosquito Aedes aegyptilinnaeus following feeding on human or guinea pig blood” by Chang and Judson, 1976.<br />“Characteristics of the spatial pattern of the dengue vector, Aedes aegypti, in Iquitos, Peru” by Getis, Morrison and Scott, 2003, American Journal of Tropical Medicine.<br />“Why some people attract more mosquitoes than others?” by Zannie10.<br />