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Apurebo (quiz sa wais r)

  1. 1. Direction: Read and analyze the following questions. Choose the best answer. 1. He was the author of WAIS. a. David Wechsler b. Ben Wechsler c. Ben Wais d. David Wais 2. WAIS-R stands for. a. Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale – Review b. Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale – Revised c. Whole Adult Intellectual Scale – Review d. Whole Adult Intellectual Scale – Revised 3. The position of the examinee and the examiner in the testing room. a. Face to face b. Far away from the examinee c. Outside of the room d. Back to back 4. A subtest that can reveal “Brain damage”. a. Digit Span b. Block Design c. Picture Completion d. Vocabulary 5. This subtest has cubes with 2 sides accompanied by the colors red and white. a. Block Design b. Object Assembly c. Picture Arrangement d. Picture Completion 6. It measures someone’s memory. a. Vocabulary b. Comprehension c. Picture Arrangement d. Digit Span 7. Measures the ability to classify and conceptualized skills of the subject’s learning performance. a. Comprehension b. Block Design c. Arithmetic d. Vocabulary 8. This test measures the intellectual ability of someone in terms of thinking and judgment. a. Comprehension b. Block Design c. Comprehension d. General Information 9. This test requires arranging of pictures. a. Picture Completion b. Words Arrangement c. Object Assembly d. Picture Arrangement
  2. 2. 10. WAIS-R is a type of want kind of test. a. Aptitude Test b. Psychological Test c. Intelligence Test d. Physical test 11. David Wechler was born on this date. a. January 12, 1896 b. February 16, 1981 c. May 2, 1981 d. March 6, 1985 12. The room setting should be a. Well lighted but small b. Well ventilated but dark c. Lighted and ventilated d. Dimmed and small 13. A subtest which forms a sensible story. a. Picture Arrangement b. General Information c. Similarities d. Digit Span 14. A test with numbers and symbols. a. Picture Completion b. Digit Symbol c. Vocabulary d. Block Design 15. The general scoring of WAIS-R. a. 2, 1, and 0 b. 5, 4, and 0 c. 2 and 0 d. 5 and 0 16. This subtest has good synonyms. a. Object Assembly b. Picture Completion c. Comprehension d. Similarities 17. This test is composed of 28 questions. a. Picture Completion b. General Information c. Similarities d. Digit Span 18. Composed of different pictures printed in twenty five cards. a. Picture Completion b. Picture Arrangement c. Object Assembly d. Vocabulary 19. This subtest has two parts: the forward and backward. a. Digit Symbol
  3. 3. b. Digit Span c. Comprehension d. Similarities 20. This consists of ten set of cards with pictures. a. Picture Arrangement b. Object Assembly c. Digit Symbol d. Picture Completion 21. This test is composed of thirty five words. a. Comprehension b. Similarities c. General Information d. Vocabulary 22. This performance test is consist of cubes. a. Block Design b. Object Assembly c. Picture Completion d. Picture Arrangement 23. A test in which the examinee uses mental math. a. Digit Span b. Digit Symbol c. Arithmetic d. Picture Completion 24. In this test the examiner is asks to explain to the examiner’s questions. a. Vocabulary b. Comprehension c. Similarities d. General Information 25. In this subtest symbols and numbers are involved. a. Digit Symbol b. Arithmetic c. Digit Symbol d. Comprehension 26. The first name given before WAIS-R. a. Wechsler Bellevue Intelligence Scale b. Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale-3rd Revision c. Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale for Children d. Wechsler Binet Intelligence Scale 27. The definition of intelligence according to Wechsler. a. “The global capacity of the individual to act purposefully, to think rationally, and to deal effectively with his environment.” b. “Judgment, otherwise called "good sense," "practical sense," "initiative," the faculty of adapting one's self to circumstances ... auto-critique.” c. “Innate general cognitive ability.” d. “The ability to deal with cognitive complexity.” 28. The following are the verbal subtests of WAIS-R except one. a. General Information
  4. 4. b. Comprehension c. Arithmetic d. Picture Arrangement 29. The following are the performance subtests of WAIS-R except one. a. Picture Completion b. Digit Span c. Block Design d. Object Assembly 30. The following are the directions for obtaining scaled scores and Intelligence Quotient in WAIS-R. Arrange them by choosing the correct order of sequence. 1. In determining raw scores on the test, check the addition for item points (Note in particular the two columns of item scores must be summed for Picture Arrangement and Arithmetic) 2. When time bonuses are awarded, use the tables printed on the Record Form and consult the corresponding tables in chapter of the manual. 3. Carefully transfer the raw score for each test to the appropriate space in the summary section on the cover of the Record Form. 4. For Information, Vocabulary, and Arithmetic, record points score for any of the easy items that were not administered. 5. Record the score accurately and legibly for each item administered on each test. a. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 b. 2, 4, 5, 3, 1 c. 5, 1, 2, 3, 4 d. 5, 4, 2, 1, 3