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WebCenter as a Cloud App on Exalogic


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A case study on deploying Oracle WebCenter as a cloud app on Oracle Exalogic engineered systems. Some of the challenges, compromises required, and benefits gained running these applications on shared hardware.

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WebCenter as a Cloud App on Exalogic

  1. 1. WebCenter as a Cloud App on Engineered Systems A Case Study on Virtualization and Performance Session ID# 661 Doug Thompson, Raoul Miller
  2. 2. Agenda • Why Cloud? • Oracle WebCenter • Oracle Engineered Systems & Virtual Machine • Testing Approach • Tips & Best Practices • Wrap-up and planning for the future
  3. 3. Why Cloud?  Fully Managed Infrastructure  A sound & scalable foundation using Oracle Engineered Systems and Oracle Virtual Machine  Certified WebCenter partner to support, train and enable you!  Monthly expense for infrastructure and support instead of all upfront costs allowing you to achieve faster ROI.  Rapid migration from existing infrastructure to TEAM Cloud
  4. 4. Oracle WebCenter Enterprise Portal Deployments Portal Portal Sites Composite Apps &Referencable customers Composite Apps & Mash-ups Mash-ups Web Experience Management Sites / UCM Connector in Production Sites Site Management Web Experience Management Self-Service Self-Service Enterprise Personalization Portals Mash-ups StellentPortals & Oracle ECM Social Content Enterprise Mash-ups partner for 13 years Enterprise Social Software Enterprise Content Management Social Mobile & Social Site Management Collaboration Enterprise Social Software Brand Presence Oracle Developing strategy for WebCenter Social Imaging Collaboration Enterprise Brand Presence Activity Streams Social Rich Media Enterprise Social Social Gadgets / Integration Gadgets / Integration Personalization Activity Streams Content Enterprise Content Management Desktop Mobile & Social Application Context Content Lifecycle Imaging Desktop Content Application Context Enterprise Social Software Site Studio Sunset Enterprise Content Management Rich Media Content Lifecycle Collaboration Activity Streams Imaging Desktop Enterprise Social Application Context Rich Media Content Lifecycle
  5. 5. Advantages to Running WC on Engineered Systems Exalogic Appliance TCP 7001 HTTP Enterprise Manager External Users TCP 16200 / 80 HTTP Client OVM Node Manager WLS Admin Server OPSS Internal Users, Contributors Editors, Approvers Data Stores Traffic Director TCP 16200 HTTP Application Admins WebCenter Content Node 1 Infiniband • Engineered for performance & scalability • Virtualization allows for hard partitioning for each customer • Advanced management tools for monitoring, support, etc. • Addresses issues of infrastructure, support cost, etc. WebCenter Content Node 2 WebCenter Conversion SAML Integration Optional BPM SAML Integration TCP 443 TLS / HTTPS OID / OVD Integrated Storage Client’s File Storage Exadata Appliance Client’s Database WCC Schema BPM Schema Full Text Index Schema Customer: Project: Optional Content Store Notes: ExaLogic Deployment Model Title: Content ID: EM Schema EXA deployment <> Author: Raoul Miller Revision: 1.0 Last Updated: 08/07/12 at 06:55 PM Page 2 of 2 !
  6. 6. Business Justification • Many legacy Stellent customers are running standalone J2SE versions • Exposure since 7.x and 10gR3 are EoL • Want to remain Oracle customers but skills / cost / management challenges for full FMW deployment • TEAM is already supporting these customers • Sensitivity of to “cloud” architecture
  7. 7. Private Cloud deployment addresses business concerns • Performance / security / stability dialed-in • Partitioning ensures segregation of content • Domain experts support infrastructure & applications • Very cost-competitive • Substantial extra gains in functionality
  8. 8. TEAM / Oracle best-practice WC on Exalogic Deployment • Database on standalone h/w (although experimenting on all-in-one) • Directory Services standalone VM (Oracle recommendation) • Deploy each customer environment on standalone VM • Challenges assigning compute node / VM affinity • We deployed OHS within Exalogic VM • Coherence not deployed (WIP) • ZFS storage assigned within VM (using infiniband) • What about Oracle Database Appliance?
  9. 9. Testing Approach Key Points: • Exalogic x2-2 ¼ rack • DB Server external • OID server separate from directory VM • Requires OVM and EECS v3 Work In Progress • DB on Exalogic • Coherence
  10. 10. Testing Approach contd. • Apache Jmeter used as testing tool – running on separate exalogic ¼ rack – 5 VMs @ 2core • Testing uses standard Oracle applications – no TEAM additions (yet) • Capacity test per compute node • WebCenter Content Scenario • WebCenter Spaces Scenario • Combined Content / Spaces Scenario
  11. 11. Findings from Tests • Hardware setup was challenging initially • Latest versions of EECS and VM required to support partitioning • Complex partitioning and inter-node communication not tested in this cycle • Compute Node / VM affinity not supported at present • Performance as good as expected
  12. 12. Takeaways from testing • Private cloud deployment is great option for SME looking for high performance / supported deployment • Oracle VM provides great segmentation of deployments • EECS and EM management tools are very useful • Compelling cost / support story for business • Licensing remains a challenge
  13. 13. Why Engineered Systems? • All advantages of engineering system • Massive scalability / throughput / DR w/ infiniband, ZFS storage, redundancy • Private cloud deployment easily supported • Oracle supported end-to-end • Deploy in different data centers as needs arise • Virtualization and hard partitioning supported • Remote management tools are great differentiator • Oracle Database Appliance
  14. 14. Multiple Configurations • • • • OVM, Exalogic, Exadata and Private Cloud OVM, Generic Hardware and Private Cloud ODA, Private Cloud ODA on Premise
  15. 15. Next Steps? • Add Coherence to testing • Explore database within VM and onboard compute nodes • Different external security scenarios • Similar deployments on database machine • Work with Oracle PM on other functionality • Complex WLS domain interactions • WebCenter in a box
  16. 16. Thank you! Doug Thompson m Raoul Miller @TEAMInformatics