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Steps for creating a report


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creation de report avec ssrs pour dynamis ax

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Steps for creating a report

  1. 1. Steps for creating an SSRS Report for Ax 1. Identify fields involved in the report 2. Create a temporary table for them 3. Create the contract class 4. Create the parm methods for parameters input 5. Create the RDP class 6. Bind the RDP class to the contract class 7. Create the processreport method 8. Create the gettemptable method 9. Go to Visual Studio and create the design 10. Build the project 11. Add the report to Ax 12. Deploy the report to SQL Server Reporting Services a. AOT  Reports  SSRS  Deploy element b. Avec Visual studio  solution  deploy c. Ax Management Shell 13. Create an output menu item
  2. 2. 0..1 0..* <<Temporary Table>> TmpAttestation - - - - - Name BirthDate HcmPersonnelNumberId HcmTitleId HcmEmploymentStartDateTime : String : DateTime : int : String : Decimal <<Class>> HReportAttestationDP - tmpattest : TmpAttestation + + getTmpAttestation () processReport () : TmpAttestation : void <<class>> SRSReportDataProviderBase SysOperationAutomaticUIBuilder AttestationParmUI Attesationcontract SRSReportDataProvider