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When SharePoint, Yammer or Custom solution uk


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Published in: Technology
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When SharePoint, Yammer or Custom solution uk

  1. 1. When to use SharePoint, Yammer or a custom solution? François Souyri
  2. 2. Social Features in by ENTERPRISESOCIAL
  3. 3.  Newsfeed: shows you updates on social activities for items and people you are following:  People posts  People profile changes  Changes on followed documents  Items tagged with followed tags  Mentions & Likes  Activities: all my activities  Site Feed activities  Company Feeds  I’m Following  Trending Tags ENTERPRISESOCIAL
  4. 4. Follow people, sites, hashtags, and documents Filter to see the company feed and mentions Share with everyone, or a smaller group See the pulse of the company with trending tags
  5. 5. Find out who follows you Discover people you should consider following Find out more about the people you’re following
  6. 6. Stay up-to-date on social activities inside Outlook One contact card accessible from anywhere in Office
  7. 7. Find out who already has access Simplified permissions Share with people from inside and outside the enterprise
  8. 8. 9 Find questions and answers in one place Search across communities
  9. 9. Find people based on the work they produce Search for people and expertise Presence and profile information in the teaser
  10. 10. Yammer by ENTERPRISESOCIAL
  12. 12. 100% Cloud ENTERPRISESOCIAL
  13. 13. Mobile Ready ENTERPRISESOCIAL
  14. 14. Based on Groups Join the group Participate Get Answers ENTERPRISESOCIAL
  15. 15. Share Documents Videos Links Notes ENTERPRISESOCIAL
  16. 16. Find Experts Documents Conversations Tags ENTERPRISESOCIAL
  17. 17. Administration and Security Easy to use Configurable Statistics ENTERPRISESOCIAL
  18. 18. Integration ENTERPRISESOCIAL
  19. 19. by ENTERPRISESOCIAL Custom Development
  20. 20. ENTERPRISESOCIAL Custom Development Any platform: SharePoint 2007, 2010, 2013, iPhone, iPad, Windows 8, etc. Based on specific business needs Custom Visualisation
  21. 21. ENTERPRISESOCIAL Raona CRM Raona Projects Raona Sales A new opportunity has been created by Carlos Salazar. Check it out Integrated with your Internal Systems
  23. 23.  Your data needs to sit with you – on Premises  You need your social feed integrated with your Intranet  You don't need to heavily extend its Out of the Box functionality  Lync and Outlook integration is a must  The SharePoint way of presenting data is good enough for you SharePoint if… ENTERPRISESOCIAL
  24. 24. Yammer if…  You want to set up a successful social network which is quick and easy to use  You don't need changes to its functionalities  Cloud storage is good for you  Paying per user is a good licensing method for your business  You want a PoC free, fully functional and easy to upgrade  You can wait for the future Office and SharePoint integration ENTERPRISESOCIAL
  25. 25.  You are still using SharePoint 2007 or 2010  You don't have SharePoint  You want a tool that is 100% personalised to your business  You have in-house resources to maintain and develop the solution  Integration through all kind of APIs or web services is a must  You want to embed some functionalities into legacy applications  You want to extend SharePoint or Yammer to your needs ENTERPRISESOCIAL Custom Solution if…
  26. 26. What do we recommend? ENTERPRISESOCIAL Where? On-premise Cloud On-premise or Cloud Strengths Structured Data Document Management Extensibility Users love it Easy to set up Mobile Ready Integration Control User Experience Customisation Possible but costly Very Limited 100% Bespoke Future Yammer + SharePoint Office Suite Depends on your business needs
  27. 27. THANK YOU!