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SharePoint Apps - SharePoint Day 2013


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Las Modern Apps. difuminan las fronteras que existían hasta ahora entre las aplicaciones web, cliente servidor y móviles. Son aplicaciones que tienen un moderno interfaz que las hace funcionales, claras, sencillas y fáciles de usar, e integradas con los sistemas internos de la compañía y el cloud

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SharePoint Apps - SharePoint Day 2013

  1. 1. The new Office Apps Jorge Ramo Project Director @Jorge_Ramo #spday2013
  2. 2. We need a new app model!!! We were so happy with our SharePoint… ….and then came The Cloud!
  3. 3. Remember The legacy model is still an option for OnPremise scenarios The new model (aka Office Apps) applies to OnPremise and Office 365 scenarios
  4. 4. New Office Apps Model
  5. 5. The SharePoint Apps scenario No custom code on SharePoint Server
  6. 6. Where my app lives?
  7. 7. Some samples  SharePoint Hosted App deployed from a package.   spx  SharePoint App from App Store
  8. 8. Raona Apps ShareNEXT LinkTiles Improve Navigation of your intranet with LinkTiles. Drag & Drop your most used sites and have your relevant info at a glance.
  9. 9. Raona Apps ShareNEXT Directories Enable users to fully organize content in SharePoint based on Directory spaces with some predefined templates (Project, Client, Event, Workspace,...). The component has multiple configuration options to fit on each client scenario
  10. 10. Raona Apps ShareNEXT ME Engage people by giving them a complete user profile, even on foundation versions of SharePoint: basic profile, social integrations, people directory…. And much more
  11. 11. Gracias ;) raona_es