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My company is already using Yammer, now what?


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My company is already using Yammer, now what?

  1. 1. My company uses Yammer already… Now What? The number of Yammer users will increase rapidly due to its ease of use and assimilation, on the other hand it will also decrease at the same rate if there is no strategy in place and a way of proving the business value it brings to your company. That´s why Raona offers you a set of actions that will allow you to squeeze Yammer to its maximum potential and extract all the value from its Enterprise version. What are the objectives of implementing an Enterprise social network and how are we going to achieve them? Yammer Juice. Yammer Juice is the name of the service designed by Raona to ensure that Yammer delivers measurable business value to your organisation. The service includes consultancy, training and coaching and it is based on the five steps of the ‘Social Journey’ methodology that Yammer has successfully applied to 85% of Fortune 500 companies. Integration with your corporate systems and applications. By integrating Yammer with your internal systems you achieve a better user experience as you are able to access your corporate social network via any of the applications that are in use on a daily basis (Intranet, CRM, etc.) Integration with SharePoint. Integrating Yammer with SharePoint brings the great social feature that comes with Yammer available to your employees in a seamless manner. Lets your users know who or what is successful in your Enterprise Social Network. Integration with Active Directory. By integrating Yammer with your company´s active directory, a considerable amount of time will be saved managing your network, ensuring you have full control over who is accessing your data and when they are accessing it. Automate the process of on boarding and off- boarding employees and prevent unwanted access to your network. Why integrate Yammer and SharePoint? To leverage the best functions from each of these two worlds: the conversations and unstructured data in Yammer and the documents and their metadata in SharePoint.
  2. 2. I am already using Yammer, Now what? Why integrate Yammer with SSO? To ease the login of users in Yammer to increase their participation and satisfaction Yammer administration Workshop As Yammer administrator you have access to a broad range of tools designed to help you manage and configure your Enterprise Social Network. With these two days of training you will learn how to:  Create the architecture of your Yammer network.  Customise its image and configure security policies.  Manage users and groups.  Configure apps and other specific features.  Monitor network activity. Single Sign On (SSO) integration. Integrating Yammer with the authentication SAML-Single Sign On of your company, users will log in automatically in Yammer, facilitating their participation and improving their satisfaction. Integration with other Social Networks. Have you thought about integrating Yammer with Twitter and LinkedIn updates? Would it be useful to incorporate some blog feeds into your wall? Integrating with external information sources will keep your network always updated with the latest information. Integration with custom applications. Integrate your Yammer with any corporate application that is being used within your company. Provides dynamic information relevant to the context of the application. Adding the Yammer timeline to your homepage will completely change the way your users consume information. Makes your existing application more social and keeps users up-to-date. This workshop is mainly practical and it is targeted for those who are going to be responsible for evolving and maintaining Yammer within their organisation Do you have any questions? Send us an e-mail to Why do I need a new way of accessing this data? Your Yammer Network may already be active and successful but may not be reaching all of your employees. This feature makes it easier to engage them.