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Construye tu portal web con Episerver


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EPiServer AB es una empresa multinacional especializada en ofrecer soluciones para la gestión eficiente de contenidos web, Web Content Management (WCM), apareciendo en el Magic Quadrant de Gartner para WCM como “ visionaria”.

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Construye tu portal web con Episerver

  1. 1. EPiServerDigital Marketing Platform
  2. 2. 2“With EPiServer CMS, we can be far more proactivewith our digital marketing.”“Since the launch on March 6, overall traffic hasincreased by 48.5 percent, while unique visitors andpage views are up 44 and 26.3 percent respectively”“It’s really streamlined the sales process and made usmuch more efficient and effective. Conversion rateshave shot up by 170% and pages visits and time spenton the site have also increased. ”"EPiServer was the only solution that gave us amix of flexibility and breadth of features, allowing usto provide engaging content that informs thepurchasing decision. Not only this but, byintegrating further ecommerce features, we canmove more transactions online and grow theentire business as a result."Katie Tyler,Head of CommunicationsLori Kleinerman,Director, Marketing andPublic RelationsElliott Pritchard,New Media Manager
  3. 3. 4 700CLIENTES20 000WEBSITES
  4. 4. 130.000 Editores17.000 Desarrolladores
  5. 5. Company History1994ElektroPost wasfounded inSweden1997First version ofEPiServer CMS2000Partner modelis launched2003EPiServerbecomes a productcompany2004UK office isopened2008Social is addedto the platform2010EPiServerCommerce islaunched2012EPiServer acquiresMediachase and200OK2012EPiServer 7 CMSis launched
  6. 6. Introducing EPiServer... innovative solutions for multichannel e-commerceand digital marketing
  7. 7. Marketers depend on data for just 11%of all customer-related decisions
  8. 8. User Journey
  9. 9. Goal oriented design1. Setup a goal1. Whitepaper download2. Create content variations1. Different teasers3. Personalize and contextualize1. Decide who should be targeted and what touchpoints4. Start=> Let EPiServer learn and optimize the customerexperience
  10. 10. “EPiServer 7 learns whatcontent works best withyour different visitorssegments, and displaysthat more often.”
  12. 12. * This is Robin Smith’s personal view of the market, not that of EPiServer’s. All logos and trademarks registered to their respective owners.
  13. 13. PS. Some people call it CEM, but nomatter the acronym it’s all about thecustomer in focus.
  14. 14. All about ExperiencesDeliverOptimizeCreate
  15. 15. CreateExperiencesContent lies at the heart of all marketing.
  16. 16. Create ExperiencesCreate onceUse everywhereInstant previewChannel supportResponsive designFast UI
  17. 17. Create Social ExperiencesAll channels, one placePersonalizeEngagement analysisSchedulingAvailable on page
  18. 18. DeliverExperiencesScreens, channels and touchpoints. Did someone saycontext is king?
  19. 19. Content TargetingBehaviorContextBusiness rulesCross-channelReal-timePersonalize blocks
  20. 20. AnalyzeExperiences
  21. 21. Data DrivenDetailed insightsOverviewAcross channelsConversion trackingEngagement analysis
  22. 22. Get to the topMeta dataKeyword analysisGA insightsPermanent links
  23. 23. OptimizeExperiencesTaking advantage of numbers and countingconversions.
  24. 24. OptimizeA/B testReal-time insightsSmart navigationMVTSelf optimized content
  25. 25. Bring it all togetherCXM is not a piece of software, but a practice and astrategy, in which WCM technology (among manyothers in your architecture stack) plays a crucial role.** Real Story Group
  26. 26. IntegrateContentAssetsRulesAnalyticsCRM/Sharepoint
  27. 27. Connect for SharePoint
  28. 28. Bring SharePoint assets to web experience
  29. 29. Connect for SharePoint features
  30. 30. Accounts ContactsRegistration Profile Card RolesConnect for CRM
  31. 31. ScaleMulti-lingualMulti-siteLoad balancingMirroringBig Data
  32. 32. ExtendEPiServer Add-on StoreOne click installCertified Add-onsEnterprise Store
  33. 33. Behind the scenesThe right tool for the right job.
  34. 34. PlatformStrongly typed modelsBlocksMultiple renderersMVC and Web FormsTestabilityVisual Studio plug-in
  35. 35. Web Solution ToolkitBest practice templatesHtml5Responsive DesignDeploymentSDKNuGet Add-ons
  36. 36. Your ExperienceDesign is the differentiating factor.
  37. 37. Leaders in UsabilitySimplicityUser centric designContent in focusAttention to details