7 Keys to Designing Successful Portals & Intranets


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At Raona we have been developing the best portals and intranets for top clients for many years. We have identified the keys to the success of all these projects and have distilled them into a presentation we hope you will enjoy.

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  • 7 Keys to Designing Successful Portals & Intranets

    1. 1. 7 Keys to Designing Successful Portals & Intranets Jorge Ramo
    2. 2. The homepage is the company’s most visited page, but not if it is used only as a background… Look for dynamic and interesting content: internal communication, information from your CRM, external news… Use a Communication Plan to highlight and prioritise what people want to know, who will publish it and who is the target. Communicate with your homepage HOME 1
    3. 3. Did you know that… …communicate news, announcements and organisational changes via the home page of their new intranet? …the Mataró Hospital and other centres from the more I want to know
    4. 4. Organise your content BOTTOM UP Start by analysing your main content and group it into levels of increasing importance (a maximum of 3). You will identify what is important in your organisation, facilitate collaboration and avoid the traditional departmentalised structure (TOP DOWN). And if you want avoid your portal deteriorating with use, ensure you apply a good Governance Plan. 2
    5. 5. … organises a vast amount of information thanks to a structure based on directories of spaces.? Did you know that… …the largest open-pit mine in Europe more I want to know
    6. 6. Differentiate yourself from other intranets by expressing your personality in the portal’s appearance. Dare to include ideas and suggestions from the most active users. Including them in the design and naming process will make them feel recognised and encourage engagement. Make it attractive USER EXPERIENCE 3
    7. 7. …for the corporate intranet of …a user experience workgroup was formed to decide which was the most interesting content to feature on the homepage? Did you know that… more I want to know
    8. 8. Expand and complement your organisation’s formal information with user feedback. Encourage and reward participation: Gamification strategies help to get potential users involved. Incorporate and adapt features of social networks (tags, Wall, likes…). Socialise your portal SOCIAL STRATEGY 4
    9. 9. Did you know that… … has implemented Raona’s social solution to invigorate communication between its 6,000+ employees? …one of the world’s leading infrastructure companies more I want to know
    10. 10. … has developed a portal to promote knowledge management between its various businesses and people? Did you know that… …the Telco company with 130,000+ employees more I want to know
    11. 11. Starting with navigation, offer users the possibility of organising their shortcuts to the intranet. You will improve usability by making access and consultation easier and quicker. Users will begin to enjoy navigating around the portal. Promote personalisation PROFILIN G 5
    12. 12. Did you know that… one of the components of the Raona intranet, the LINK TILES …incorporate the advantages of personalisation and navigation of the new MODERN UI from Windows 8 into your portal? more I want to know
    13. 13. RESPONSIV E DESIGN Adapt it for any device Allow your users to access from tablets, PCs, mobiles, Surfaces… Design your containers so that content adjusts to the size and structure of the screen. In this way you will create an intranet in which information can be accessed from a variety of sites. 6
    14. 14. Did you know that… organisations such as …adapt their developments for the new devices used by users? more I want to know
    15. 15. Publish relevant data Your business analysis systems have a lot to say, so why not let them talk via the company’s most visited page. Publish clear data about key points of the business – your users will appreciate it and will participate and offer feedback. INSIGHTS 7
    16. 16. Did you know that… …. the leading retailer of frozen food products …publishes its main sales data by sector and region on its new internal portal? more I want to know
    17. 17. Did you know that… … the packaging management company … publishes its eco-design best practice search engine via an advanced Business Intelligence component. more I want to know
    18. 18. Jorge Ramo Jorge Ramo is a Project Director at Raona where he designs and implements portals for a wide variety of companies.