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SharePoint Day 2012_Visual Workflows


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SharePoint Day 2012_Visual Workflows

  1. 1. © raona
  3. 3. WORKFLOWSPROCESSAUTOMATION How can we work more efficiently? Joan Guixà Ortínez SharePoint & BI Architect
  4. 4. WORKFLOWS Productivity If we think in…. Desig Productivit Information n y How can we increase productivity?
  5. 5. WORKFLOWS Productivity How can we increase productivity?  Model actual workflows.  Avoid Lack of time doing repetitive processes.  Automate not real value tasks.  Less people need to do more work. Move and centralize processes in the Intranet
  6. 6. WORKFLOWS How can we automate processes with SharePoint? Microsoft Third party
  7. 7. WORKFLOWS Who is who? Sharepoint Designer Nintex Visual Workflow Studio Ms Visio
  8. 8. WORKFLOWS SharePoint Designer 2010 Used for Customize and develop pages and sites of sharepoint and develop easy workflows Target users Trained end users and developers Licensing Free
  9. 9. WORKFLOWS Visio 2010 Used for Diagram business processes and other diagrams Target users Business Analysts Licensing Part of the Office suite
  10. 10. WORKFLOWS Visual Studio 2010 Used for Develop solutions to be deployed on SharePoint Target users Developers Licensing Licensing per user
  11. 11. WORKFLOWS Nintex Workflow 2010
  12. 12. WORKFLOWS Next Generation of Workflows
  13. 13. WORKFLOWS Nintex Workflow Workflow Designer with Lazy Approval drag & drop functionality Easy to learn & Use
  14. 14. WORKFLOWS Nintex Workflow User Defined Actions Analyze & Improve Easy to re-use & Analyze & Improve
  15. 15. WORKFLOWS Case Study - The Company
  16. 16. WORKFLOWS Case Study – A presentation video
  17. 17. WORKFLOWS Case Study - The benefits 1. The end user controls the process from start to finish 2. They always know which step of the process they’re in and what is left to be completed 3. No training required 4. Integrated with SharePoint & Nintex
  18. 18. WORKFLOWS Case Study - Reused solution 1. A company from the energy sector 2. HTML5 interface
  19. 19. WORKFLOWS Case Study - Summary 1. Who? Companies of all sizes and sectors who want to reduce costs associated with inefficiencies and increase productivity. 2. When? Any time is right, but it requires that the parties involved in the process are aware of the need to optimize it. Thus the crisis periods are adequate because everyone is aligned to that effect. 3. What? Replicable and predictable automated business processes to provide a high return on investment (ROI) 4. How? With top of the line workflows tools like Nintex Workflows 2010 and a highly customized and easy to use interface
  20. 20. WORKFLOWS Joan Guixà Ortínez SharePoint & BI Architect